Our new website goes live today. It’s been a big job to move all the content over to the new site (after 12 years) and we are still working on many areas of the design. We know it is not perfect, but it will be!

Some pages are waiting to be populated with information by their respective organisations, whilst other parts which we’ve dusted off may contain information that is out of date. Please help us during this transition period by emailing us to tell us if you find errors (though give us a short period of grace!) and by being patient as we remedy them.

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  • Vivien Gowlett

    I am sorry to say the Red new notice board opposite our house is an absolute eyesore. Who decided on the colour. Why is it not in keeping with the colours of the play area and environmentally dark green. Which planning committee made the decision. It is not a pleasant sight to see every day.

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