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  • Mr and Mrs Horner

    This land would serve best as a nature reserve for the local community; it is already well populated with a rich diversity of flora and fauna, many of which have been driven out of other areas on broad road. Over the past eight weeks alone we have spotted herds of deer, hedgehogs, woodpeckers and owls. It would be a great tragedy were these animals to be driven further north on to the A27.

  • carol haskett

    They are just taking advantage at a time when we are all in a situation where we do not know what will happen next.
    All planning should be put on hold until this country sorts out Covid 19 and the implications to society.

    The last thing we need is more people in the area, we have no infrastructure as it is. Schools are over subscribed, doctors are only doing video or phone calls, dentists for emergencies do I have to say more.

  • Andrew Wild

    I’ve written to the Planning Committee in advance of their meeting on 20th August, as follows:

    Re: Chidham and Hambrook Parish Council Planning meeting,Thursday 20th August 2020

    I note that the matter of two medium/large planning proposals* will be discussed at the above meeting (*1. 118 homes ‘Land Adjoining A27 Scant Road West Hambrook’
    2. 37 affordable homes (entry-level exception site) outline application , Land Off Broad Road Hambrook PO18 8RF).

    The agenda for the meeting is foreworded by a statement that invites members of the public to “…submit any questions you wish to be raised at the meeting by email by 5:00pm the day before the meeting.”

    I respectfully submit five questions to be considered at the Planning Committee meeting:

    1. I understand that the current public consultation (re neighbourhood plan questionnaire) is yet to be completed – yes/no?
    2. Do the Planning Committee members agree that the timing of said proposals undermines the consultation process; and that further discussion/consideration causes unnecessary public concern – particularly with regard to the apparent uncoordinated approach that is resulting from different developers making singular proposals with little or no understanding of other proposals that are being submitted at the same/similar time period.
    3. In light of 2. above, do the Planning Committee members agree that the collateral damage caused by such ‘uncoordinated approaches’ does little or nothing to reassure the general public that matters pertaining to ecology, utility capacity, road safety, school numbers, doctors capacity etc… etc… are being strategically considered.
    4. Do the Planning Committee members agree that it seems wholly reasonable to request that any definitive decision regarding the 2 proposals should be deferred until the results of the questionnaire are known and are made public?
    5. Do the Planning Committee members agree that in light of their conversation/further questions arising from points 1-4 above, the Committee should at the very least (and in light of the amount of building in the Parish in the past 10 years), formally object to any such proposals proceeding to the next stage until such time that the general public have been fully appraised of the situation regarding local opinion (arising from the results of the neighbourhood questionnaire) and their observation of strategically agreed building projections for the future.

    I look forward to noting the minutes of your meeting.

    With thanks and kind regards,
    Andrew Wild

    (1 Conifer Drive, Hambrook, PO18 8TU. 07765 552448)

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