The revised Local Development Plan for Chichester which might have reduced the new housing numbers allocation for the parish, has been delayed. Developers are not waiting for the new plan. The following Planning Applications have been launched recently

118 Homes North of Scant Rd. West, Hambrook ref 20/01826/FUL
35 Homes Land off Broad Rd, Hambrook (Flat Farm), ref 20/00412/OUT
19 Homes Land north of Main Rd Chidham (Chas Wood Nursery) 20/01854/OUT
39 Homes Land West of Broad Rd, Hambrook (North of Aviary Close) 20/01687/OUT

The following requests for EIA screening opinions have been made. We expect these to be followed by associated planning applications within days.

70 homes North of Main Rd, ?Chidham? (west of Drift Lane) ref 20/02360/EIA
150 homes North of Main Rd, Nutbourne (East of Broad Rd) ref 20/02358/EIA
100 homes North of Main Rd, Nutbourne (Pottery Field) ref 20/02357/EIA

Over 530 houses …. For more details click the links.
You can comment on the individual planning applications by emailing

Whether or not you think this amount of development is good for the parish, let your elected representatives know what you think. email the Parish Council or your Harbour Villages District Councillors.

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  • Jonathan PAUL Keynes

    It is outrageous Stephen. Thank you for your work, let us know if we can help. I make this point as a complaint in the Sunley homes application.

  • graham salmon

    Pottery fields has been recognised by government inspectors as very important in maintaining the gap between NUTBOURNE and Southbourne. Also development was stated as being detrimental to the views from the harbour ANOB to the Downs.
    Development of pottery Fields should not take place as is would contravene the rules regarding development in close proximity to the AONB.
    Traffic is already a serious pollution problem along the main coast road and access at the Tesco roundabout becomeing impossible,and dangerous. At the other end the same problem exists at Emsworth.
    Excessive development and overcrowding is already affecting the quality of life for so many residents. Developers greed is killing all the reasons people wanted to live here in the first place. We look to our elected representatives to protect our environment,and care for its residents.

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