The Background to the The Neighbourhood Plan Revision

The Parish Council has been informed by Chichester District Council that the area of the parish (Chidham, Hambrook and Nutbourne East), in their preferred approach will be required to take by 2035 a minimum of 500 dwellings and a two-form entry primary school with supporting facilities and infrastructure.

  • The parish council was further informed that if the parish council did not take decisions as to where these dwellings and other facilities should be placed, then the District Council would take the decision for us.

While we can object, and will possibly do so, the advice we have received is that any objection will simply fail. On this assumption, the parish council has decided to review the existing neighbourhood plan through establishing a steering group made up of volunteers from the community.

Please volunteer.  On the parish council news page on the village web site, the relevant section of the District Council’s Local Plan review, which informs our own Local Neighbourhood Plan Review, is given. In so placing this information on the website, it will hopefully keep everyone in the loop as to exactly what is being required of our ‘semi-rural’ parish.

Philip MacDougall
Chair – Chidham & Hambrook Parish Council

See details about the proposals for more housing in Chidham & Hambrook from the ‘Chichester Local Plan Review 2035 preferred approach’ published by  Chichester District Council.

For whole document published on the CDC website, see here

Situation update – June 2019

Situation update – June 2020