CONTACT with the Parish Council
Clerk and RFO: Bambi Jones, Tel: 07986 395253 and email:

Philip MacDougall, Chairman

62, Maybush Drive, Chidham PO18 8SS
01243 573782
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Cliff Archer

‘Mardon’, Chidham Lane, Chidham PO18 8TQ
01243 572839
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Sue Bramwell Smith

6, Maybush Drive, Chidham PO18 8SS
Tel: 01243 573707
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Roger Gowlett

‘Firs Platt’ Broad Rd, Hambrook PO18 8RF
Tel: 01243 573868
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Rachel Perri

Holly House, Priors Leaze Lane, Hambrook PO18 8RQ
01243 926885
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Jacky Sheppard

‘Blue Hayes’ Main Rd Nutbourne, PO18 8RN
01243 573467
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Jane Towers

3, Hamstead Meadow, Chidham, PO18 8TJ
01243 576580
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Peter Bolton

The Willows, Hambrook Hill South
Hambrook, PO18 8UJ
Tel: 07367 489172
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Bruce Garrett

Eastlands, Chidham Lane, Chidham PO18 8TF
01243 574683
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Geoffrey Hyde

2, Old Manor Farm Cottages, Cot Lane, Chidham PO18 8SX
01243 575133
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Committees and Advisory  Groups 2019/20
Membership: Cllrs Garrett/Towers/Bramwell Smith/Gowlett/Sheppard Chair: Cllr Gowlett
Finance Committee 
Membership: Cllrs Hyde/Sheppard/MacDougall/Garrett/Bolton
Chair Cllr MacDougall
Public & Open Spaces Advisory Committee (POSAC)
Membership: Cllrs Towers/MacDougall/Perri/Bolton/Sheppard/Bramwell Smith
Chair: Cllr MacDougall
Complaints Committee
Membership: Cllrs MacDougall and Towers
Environment Working Group
Membership: Cllrs C Archer, P Bolton, R Gowlett, G Hyde, P MacDougall, J Sheppard and J Towers.
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
Membership: Cllrs Bramwell-Smith, Bolton, MacDougall, Perri and Towers (Chairman: Mr P MacDougall)
Staffing Committee
Membership: Cllrs Sheppard/Hyde/Perri/Bolton
Chair: Cllr Sheppard
Representative : Chichester District Association of Local Councils: Cllr Sheppard
Representative on the Village Hall Management Committee: Cllr Towers
Representative on Maybush Copse Management Committee
Cllr MacDougall
Editor of Parish Council Newsletter
Cllr MacDougall
Responsible Financial Officer
The Parish Clerk
Councillors with special responsibility:

Open spaces, bus shelters and benches annual review: Cllr P MacDougall
Roads and transport, travel, school liaison, footways: Cllr J Towers
Drainage and sea defence, tree councillor: Cllr C Archer
Rights of way, Youth Council, play areas: Cllr R Perri
Finance, accounts and insurance: Cllr G Hyde
Staffing and HR issues: Cllr J Sheppard  
CHEMROUTE – The Chichester to Emsworth Cycle Route – Cllr P MacDougall as facilitator
CDC All Parishes Meeting – dependent upon topic and up to 3 councillors may attend
CDC Bournes Forum – Cllr P MacDougall / dependent upon topic and up to 2 councillors may attend

Parish Council meetings are held in Chidham & Hambrook Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month.

During the pandemic emergency special arrangements will apply