Work to start in June on the final phase of the habitat creation scheme at Cobnor Point
May 28, 2013
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While the work is being carried out it will be necessary to close the footpath along the tidebank round to Cobnor Point.
(see notice of closure)

As well as making new ponds, creeks and rifes, there will be two breaches made in the sea bank and bridges will be constructed across.

This scheme has been many years in the planning! The goals are to:
1. Create new inter-tidal habitat (salt-marsh and mudflats) inside the sea-bank. So much valuable salt-marsh habitat is being lost at present and we need to reverse the trend. The land inside the seabank will revert to much how it was before the sea defences were built some 200 years ago

2. Extend the life of the wonderful wheelchair accessible seabank path, which is loved by so many. It is always under threat from erosion, storms and high tides, and recent accelerating sea-level rise and climate change is not helping.

3. Provide more and better habitat for our precious colony of water voles, Britain’s most endangered mammal. Recently a specialist team came to Cobnor and successfully trapped 13 voles in order to protect them while the work is done. They will be looked after in 5* accommodation in Devon, and young ones will be brought back here once the ponds, creeks and vegetation are all perfect for them!

While the work is happening the footpath along the wall will be closed and a temporary path (but not wheelchair accessible, I’m afraid) will take walkers along field edges to Cobnor Point. We do still hope to maintain foot and wheelchair access on to the first few yards of the wall, as a viewing point on to the harbour.

Diana Beale, Cobnor Estate/Canute Cottages