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This is a page where you can tell us something about your pet, and have a photo.

Send us an email with what you want to say about your pet, and attach the photo as an image file. If you can't do this for some reason, send us an e mail and we will see if we can help.

This is Roly, he is eleven years old and enjoying a special treat.
It's a dog's life....
Had to send you this pic of Scrappy relaxing on the canopy on one of our extremely rare Summer days..

Speak to the paw!


This is Eddie, he belongs to Martin and Trish at Flat Farm.

The new kid with Murphy is Scrapp - turned up last Thursday looking for a home, and found one, of course. He's a Jack Russell/Border Terrier cross and a real cutie, as well as a lunatic!
This is Flash. He arrived in our household too late for the pets service last sunday. He's about nine weeks old.
He's very good at climbing trousered legs, but has a tendency to leap before he looks, or look and then leap anyway.
Here's a picture of my dog, Bear, looking particularly
endearing. He's a lot bigger now but he was quite good at persuading me he
belonged on the sofa even at 8 weeks.
Thought you might like to see a picture of Elly, or as we usually refer to her, The Little Madam! Believe me she's not as sweet as she looks. Can't you just tell by her eyes what she'd really like to do with those horns?!
Ralph and Andy O' enjoying a quick one in the Old House.
Meet Tilly, she lives in Nutbourne with her family. Tilly can be seen here on a walk around Stansted just before Christmas 2005
Murphy - all dressed up and waiting to be asked out - belongs to Lynny Hughes
Lucy C and Sophie F with Whisper and Storm in festive tack
Bertie, a visitor who belongs to Annie
Sophie L's Guinea Pig
Daisy, with Maureen Lloyd
Maddy W and her dog - Murphy
Charlotte's cat 'Pickles'
Chicken in a basket - Kate and Rosa

Dream, Rosa & Holly, our three Beagles.
Which is which?
Dream takes life sitting down. Rosa does have a tail but you can't see it. Holly knows how to pose for a photograph.

Bella and Fizz

Having a cat nap! Bella and Fizz are adorable and lovable. They belong to Mollie, Katy and Lucy who got them from the ‘cat and rabbit’ rescue centre in Sidlesham

See for details of other animals if you feel able to help.
Remember “a cat is for life, not just for Christmas”

This is Smog. (What sort of cat is she? She's a moggie) Is she waiting for a bath? No, she's just into everything.

Gemma taking off

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