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June 2013
Biodiversity -
' .. you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone'

Your help identifying birds, bats and other wildlife in the area, could put Southbourne, Nutbourne and Chidham, on the nationwide ‘map' and make it possible for building developments to steer clear of our precious wildlife.   

In order to work more effectively with planners, and to keep future housing confined to areas which do not impinge on important biodiversity, we are very much in need of your help in recording wildlife in the area.  This can be educational and fun for children too, so why not get the whole family involved.

Recording can of course be done in your own back garden but also when you are out walking your dog, running, walking or cycling.  It would be very helpful if you could email/write to us with

The Date
The name of the species
A photograph
(especially if you are not sure what the species is)
The location or grid reference
(This website makes finding the grid ref dead easy - just enter your post code, hold down left click to move around the map and then right click on the map to get the grid ref.)

There are some particularly important ‘key' species, like bats, owls and certain other birds and reptiles, which are protected.  We are very keen to receiving sightings of any of these birds, mammals and reptiles. 

When you have identified species, please email your findings/individual sightings to either Cllr. Philip MacDougall and they will ensure that these are officially registered.  Alternatively, you can write to Philip

Dr Philip MacDougall 
62 Maybush Drive
PO18 8SS

Summer 2013

Photos sent in from Maybush Drive - Turtle Doves, a Green woodpecker and a Slow worm. Slow worms are a protected species and Turtle Doves are on the RSPB Red list for species under threat.
Fly tipping in the Church car park.
On Friday or Saturday someone dumped (probably after dark) a lorry load of garden rubbish - vegetation, pots, bricks etc in the car park of St Wilfrid's.
This is fly tipping. It is illegal. The fly tipper is breaking the law. Did you see anything suspicious? Have you had someone do some garden clearance for you who might have been the tipper? Photos to follow.
July 8th
Next phase of work starts at Cobnor
see background
Work starts on the final phase of the habitat creation scheme at Cobnor Point. This involves a number of lorry movements through Chidham. To find out more, come to a briefing on Weds July 10th at 5.30pm by Cobnor House. Email if you would like to attend.
Cobnor Footpath to be closed for the duration of the works.
Dec 09
Creating new ponds at Cobnor Point - work begins and it's muddy!
The next stage of habitat creation at Cobnor Point has now started, with diggers and dumper trucks moving in for about 4 weeks. The conditions are somewhat damp and muddy, with some incredible squalls to contend with, but it could all be much worse, given the battering in other parts of the country recently!
New ponds are being created, mainly for water-voles, but a whole diversity of wildlife will benefit at the same time. In 2010 the ponds will settle down and all the plants will colonise around.  There will be a guided tour in the summer with Charlie Smith, the Environment's Agency's water vole expert (details to come later) when we'll be able to report on progress.
from l to r. 1 'New pond takes shape: 2 Greg, the archaeologist, liaises with the contractors and looks for more signs of bronze age settlements: 3 Interpretation boards are now in place on the footpath.
top: The diggers roll in ...
above : Preparing for a pond at the South end of the site

June 15th
Transport Group Walk
A great Father's day midsummer walk around the village in company, enjoying our beautiful countryside...and ending in 'The Old House at Home'.
Lucky with the weather, too.

I came across a stag beetle crossing the road near Harbour Way. I helped it across the road .....and didn't think to take a photo!

Kicked myself all the way back to 'The Old House at Home'
Charlotte (ex Chidham Primary School) came over for the day and came on the walk.
Isn't Father's day great!
Thanks to Clare Smith and Nicky Bell for the idea, and for arranging it all.
Sustainability Network
Astronomy Evening - report.
'Lambs at Cobnor'  
see more Photos
April 6th - (Snow Sunday) Lambs at Cobnor:

Could there be Otters in Chidham?
From Lynda (18/8/07)
Hi there, re your country diary this month, John makes a comment about otters being extinct in Sussex (to his knowledge). I felt I must tell you that, a good few years ago, must be at least 4-5 years ago, driving along the main road at cut mill, opposite Newells  Lane, my husband and I stopped our car to allow what we were gobsmacked to see, was an Otter crossing the road! We sat and watched and waited for it, got a real good look, and it was definitely an Otter, sure as eggs is eggs, I'd stake my life on it.
Where it had come from, and where it was going to, is still a mystery. But it was there, large as life, moving like it had a purpose. I will never forget it, it was such a strange sight.

Advice about Fireblight (From Robin Yeld)
I had a visit from Paul Barnett recently. Paul is a tree grower and very knowledgeable person on all aspects of tree breeding, growing and pruning. He showed me the poster he received this week and also went on to show me the infection in my own garden. Fireblight is a bacterial disease that has been made a serious  problem this year by the unusual weather.
Initially he has recommended pruning each infected piece off and  burning the waste. Secateurs MUST be cleaned thoroughly inbetween  each cut.
Link to RHS advice on Fireblight

4000 trees to be planted in Chidham by the Chichester Harbour Conservancy over the winter.

2000 trees will be planted in the Chidham west tidebank area over the weekend Dec 9/10, with the rest in January. part of a 10,000 tree planting project..

Full story

Rangers Richard Townsley and Alastair Hearmon getting ready to plant thousands of new trees in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The Harbour Conservancy, the Harbour Trust, the District Council, local residents and the Parish Council have worked together to secure a scheme for the improvement of the Dell to return it to a state where it is a important environmental habitat and a valuable leisure amenity for residents.


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