Maybush Copse Work Party Saturday July 6th, 10am

Maybush Copse needs your TLC! Come along on Saturday and help tidy up. all welcome. Wear gloves, stout footwear and appropriate clothing – hat? it may be hot. Bring tools for cutting vegetation if you can. We specially need individuals like me with a manic desire to rid the grassy areas of creeping thistle. Bring a weeding tool!

Maybush Copse Big Picnic Sunday June 9th, 12noon – 3pm May 8, 2019

Bring your own picnic and, we suggest, something to sit on/blanket. Bring your friends – it is a FREE event. We will provide gentle entertainment and community games. There will be real live Owls, KTROO, rides, Tug’o’war, the Ukulele band and more. And the sun will shine. We are celebrating Maybush Copse – 10 years of community effort and pleasure (with nature doing the really difficult stuff).