Homes for sale locally

You can find a list of houses in the parish for sale with links to details and the Estate Agents handling the sale on this website.
Look on the menu for ‘Local Matters of interest’ and then ‘Homes for sale’ and follow the link
This page is updated approx each month. If you know of an error or omission (it happens) please contact the website.

Barleycorn Tenancy advertised.

Star pubs are advertising the Tenancy of The Barleycorn. The advert says that the pub, currently part of the Punch Taverns group, will transfer to Star Pubs & Bars operational control from 04/03/2018 . Star Pubs & Bars is owned by the Heineken Group. David Forde, UK Managing Director, said that Heineken welcomes new licensees to Star Pubs and Bars, and look forward to working with them to grow their businesses and create successful pubs in the heart of communities across the UK. More details here

The Lazi-lea Holiday Camp, Broad Road

Does anyone remember Lazi-lea Holiday Camp, that existed on the site in Broad Road that is now occupied by Hambrook Holiday Park? It is thought that the original holiday camp existed up to the early 1960s and was in existence during 1956 & 1957.
If you have any memories or information, please get in touch.