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Chidham and Hambrook Sustainability Network

June 2006

The informal network has been set up for those with an interest in climate change issues.
Links to climate change and sustainability

27 Oct
Village Hall

Chidham and Hambrook Sustainability Network
Litter Pick tidy up. Volunteers needed to help tidy up the village by removing litter.
Meet at the Village Hall - we have litter picking sticks and sacks.
Queries? please email or phone 572059
Oct 21
Sat Oct 19th
Apple Day event at Maybush Copse
What do you need to make apple juice?
A whole lot of apples ........
An excellent community event.
see the report and photos
posted Oct 20

Tuppenny Barn
Chidham & Hambrook Sustainability Group present
A talk about Bees

Ever thought about keeping bees, and wondered what's involved? Refreshments: tea and homemade cake. Donation of £3. All money raised goes to Tuppenny educational centre.
posted Oct 9
Thur April 18 3.15pm
Chidham School
Bike Maintenance session
Chidham School
with Paula of
Barreg Cycles,
Apr 14
Come and watch or bring your bike to get the once over. Learn how to maintain your bike and make sure it’s road worthy for the spring/summer.
Saturday Jan 5
Village Hall
C&H Sustainability Network
Swap shop and recycling event
For one hour only
Christmas Tree shredding
Unwanted presents
Card Recycling, Decorations
Good quality items,
Sorry, no clothes
posted Dec 28
Bring what you don't want .... take what you do want - no money changes hands
April 28

10.30am - 12 noon
Village Hall
Chidham and Hambrook Sustainability Network
Swap Shop
Bring what you don't want, take what you do want
Sorry, no clothing. (see poster)
April 23
21 April
C&H Sustainability Network
Children's Saturday Film Club
'Rango' see u tube clip
see poster
Entry by donation £2
Film finishes at 12
Children under 5 need parental supervision
posted Apr 16
Tuesday April 10
Village Hall
Grow Your Own Local Group
Love to grow veg?   Too little space?   Too much space? Come and join us at the village Hall and help set up a growing community
The inaugural meeting of Chidham Grow Your Own was held on March 8th at Chidham Village Hall. It is hoped that more local people might feel inspired to join this initiative which is designed to link those people who have a vegetable garden or plot but could do with some help (sharing the work and produce) with those people with no space to grow but a wish to do so.
Also a getting together of those who like to grow their own veg and would benefit from the sharing of expertise and advice, tools, seeds, surplus crops, bulk buying and best of all ....sharing of meals made from home grown fruit and veg.
Thur Mar 8
Village Hall
'Grow Your Own' Group
all welcome - help set up a growing community - see poster
Posted Feb 20
June 18

10 am to 12 noon
Village Hall

Chidham & Hambrook Sustainability Network
Swap Shop!
see poster
posted June 8
Bring what you don’t want .... ....take what you do want.
June 2nd

Assembly Room, North Street, Chichester,
at 7pm
Event about the use of wood-fuel - see details
New incentives for renewable heating now makes using local, sustainably grown wood an attractive option. Individual households and communities working together can all benefit.
posted May 18
May 11

The Barleycorn

Chidham & Hambrook Sustainability Network
GREEN DRINKS: Interested in sustainability? So are we.
Come to our first regular social evening and share ideas about local issues with like minded people. Hope to see you there…

Posted May 6
Solar Energy
Save the planet or investment? I have just had solar panels (PV) installed - if you are interested I am happy to share my experience.
me or phone on 572059
Mar 21
Watch out for cowboys, shading issues, what will it cost, will it save money, how can I find out etc ?
4 April

Village Hall
Chidham and Hambrook Sustainability Network
Bike Maintenance Workshop

Free - All ages welcome
Mar 15
Come and watch or bring your bike to get the once over. Learn how to maintain your bike and make sure it’s road worthy for the spring/summer.
Workshops run by Paula from Barreg Cycles of Fishbourne.
Chidham & Hambrook Sustainability Network in partnership with Chidham & Hambrook Film Society
Friday April 15th
Film shows at 8pm Chidham & Hambrook Village Hall
Presents a showing of the film
Tickets: £3
available from
01243 574074 / 572902
Licensed bar

In the past 200,000 years humans have upset the balance of Planet Earth. The price is too high.

Through visually stunning footage shot entirely from the air from over 50 countries, photographer Yann Arthus-Bernard shows us a view of the world most of us we have never seen. He shares with us his sense of awe about our planet and his concern for its health.

With this film Arthus- Bernard hopes to provide a stepping stone to further the call of action to care of our ‘Home'.

( All of the CO2 emissions caused by the making of the film have been calculated and offset by sums of money that are used to provide clean energy to those who don't have any.)

Jan 22

10am - 2pm
Transition Chichester
Swap Shop

The Old Court Room, Council House,
North Street (Assembly Rooms)
Unwanted xmas presents? Swap them!
(No money changes hands)
Sponsored by Chichester Community Development Trust and Chichester District Council
Mon 10th Jan 2011
at 7.30pm at the Bassil Shippam centre, Chichester
“Big Green Event” Feedback
Thank you to everybody who filled in the Big Green Event Questionnaire. The Chidham & Hambrook Sustainability Network Core team have now analysed the feedback and listed in order of preference are the top 5 projects:
1 Community energy generating project.
2 Commitment to saving 10% CO2 per year.
3 Information on water saving devices for home & garden.
4 Cycle promotion.
5 Information on local food.

In order to take these projects forward the CHSN Core Team intend to organise a series of social evenings held either in a local pub or members houses where we will provide information and promote discussion in a relaxed and informal environment.The themed evenings will start early in the New Year and it is hoped that they will form the basis for action groups and a wider participation from members of our community.
If you wish to contact a member of the CHSN core team with suggestions or comments please telephone or Email either
Stephen Morley 01243 572855, morleyparents @
or Nicky Bell 01243 576746
Big Green Event
• Fabulous Children’s Fashion Show using recycled materials
• Eco inspired story
told by Hazel Bradley
• Stalls and displays
• Speakers and Open Forum
posted 10/10/10
Sunday 10th October 2010
3rd Chidham and Hambrook
Village Garage Sale

photos and report

Chichester Garden Share website goes live!
Chichester Garden Share is a scheme linking people who want to grow their own veggies but do not have access to land, with people who have large gardens they would like to see put to better use.

Posted Sept 21
AGM Monday Oct 11th at 7.30 at the Bassil Shippam Centre. Please bring a plate of finger foods to share.

About 10:10

one simple idea: cutting our carbon emissions by 10% in 2010

posted July 20
Have you signed up for the 1010 campaign?
July 7th. Bees at Runcton
Have you ever thought it would be nice to keep Bees? Some members recently had a closeup view of what is involved. Fortunately no one was stung. There is a fair bit to learn, and experience counts a great deal. It is a very rewarding activity (not just in terms of jars of honey) but also requires a certain commitment. If you are interested, make sure you speak to an expert.
Tues 13th July 6pm
Tuppenny Barn Open Evening
Come & see how organic fruit, veg, herbs & cut flowers are grown & how sustainable gardening can be achieved.
Main Rd Southbourne
( next to Tuppenny lane
access from Main Road)

Ring 07977 536684 for more info
Plant sales & soft fruit sales

£3 to include tour & refreshment,
Fri Oct 8th
Chidham School Hall
Chidham and Hambrook Sustainability Network
Big Green Event
Fashion Show, Story Telling, Speakers, Stalls, Refreshments
Portsmouth Green Fair 2010 is on Sat 17th July from  11 - 4 in Portsmouth Guildhall Square and Victoria Park
Fri 21st May
Chidham and Hambrook Sustainability Network
Bat Walk: with a bat expert and bat detector.
assemble at the Cobnor Amenity car park, Chidham Lane
Led by Ed Rowsell from Chichester Harbour Conservancy
posted 18 May
Friday 14th May

Chidham School on Friday night at
6pm (to 8.30pm)
Chidham and Hambrook Sustainability Network
posted 13 May

Wild Life Film Night
There will be a Wild Life Film Night. A selection of short films - see poster attached.

Tickets £4 Adults, £2 Childrem, £10 Family ticket.
Tickets available on the door.
Have you signed up for the 1010 campaign? visit
10:10 Tip of the month. Creating your workplace travel plan A workplace travel plan focuses on commuter and business travel and is an easy starting point to encourage staff to use alternatives to single occupancy cars. Many of these measures promote a happier, healthier workplace. Here are some top ideas:
  • Adopt flexible working practices
  • Set up car sharing schemes – 85% of car trips for work are single occupancy!
  • Consider restricted car parking
  • Sign post information on local public transport
  • Promote a cycle to work scheme
  • Incentivise those who make the effort to avoid their car. As one pioneering 10:10 organisation is doing, you could offer 5 minutes of extra holiday for every day that someone cycles.
  • Ensure that your office can support cyclists or runners by providing the right facilities – a safe place to store bikes and showers for freshening up. If your office doesn't have these then ask the organisation next door if they wouldn't mind sharing.
The 1010 campaign
The Chidham & Hambrook Sustainabilty Group has had a great start since it's inception last year, however, following the disappointing Copenhagen Conference on climate change we all need to do more, but how?
The CHSG core group believe that the 10:10 initiative is a great way forward.
Everyone is looking for something to do about climate change. What's needed
is something straightforward, immediate and meaningful. We think we've found
Today we're joining thousands of individuals and organisations from across the country to unite behind one simple idea: a 10% cut in carbon emissions during 2010. It's called 10:10, and we want you to be a part of it. Read on to find out
more, or visit to sign up now.
Cutting 10% in one year is a bold target, but for most of us it's an achievable
one, and is in line with what scientists say we need right now. By signing up to
10:10 we're not just promising to reduce our own emissions – we're becoming
part of a national drive to hit this ambitious goal in every sector of society.
The success of 10:10 depends on getting everyone involved in making it
happen, and the 10:10 website has all the tools you need to pass the message
on far and wide. We need to start spreading the word to every corner of the
country, inviting our friends, family, colleagues, customers, competitors –
everyone we know – to take part.
It's easy to feel powerless in the face of a huge problem like climate change, but
by bringing everyone together to take action collectively, 10:10 enables all of us
to make a meaningful difference. It's the perfect opportunity to find out what's
possible when we work together.
10:10 is an idea whose time has come. Let's get on with it!
Saturday 27 March 2010 at 8.30pm

From the Chidham and Hambrook Sustainability Network Core Group
Get involved in WWF's Earth Hour
Earth Hour 2010 aims to bring together over one billion people to switch off lights for one symbolic hour on 27 March. Let's all switch off to show we care about people and wildlife threatened by climate change.
Birdbox making at St Wilfrid's
Tue Feb 16th
It might have been wet and miserable out side, but inside we were going at it 'hammer and tongs'. Not sure about the tongs, but someone would have been putting them to good use.
Manufacturing output reached record levels when we all got together in St Wilfrid's fully equipped with screwdrivers and birdbox kits (made by the Appledram centre).
22 boxes were made, with the expectation that a variety of small birds will be raising their broods in luxury accommodation this Spring.
Thanks to Stephen Morley who organised it, and to Carla who provided refreshments.
Jan 31st 2010: Sustainability Network visit to 'Terre a Terre', Brighton
A great Sunday trip to 'Terre a Terre', the famous vegetarian restaurant in Brighton. The direct train journey (bargain train tickets organised by Nicky) from Nutbourne to Brighton was excellent, the meal out of this world, and of course the company was great.
Thanks so much to Philip and Diana for setting it all up.
And the sea front was ... bracing.  
Saturday Dec 5th 2009 CHSN at the 'Wave'
A group of us from the Chidham and Hambrook Sustainability Network decided that it was time to join the march in London to press for a strong world-wide deal at the Copenhagen summit, to stop the escalating calamity of climate change ... so off we went to the big city on December 5th, to join "the Wave" - the biggest day ever of environmental protest. 40,000 people dressed in blue, marched through London and surrounded the houses of Parliament.  It was epic!
Such a throng, and a huge range of people there
The CHSN contingent joins the thousands at Grosvenor Square
We didn't expect to find kids throwing snowballs!
We marched alongside banners and balloons of Trade Unions, Churches, the RSPB, Oxfam, the Co-operative, the Green Party etc etc
Young and old together, dressed in blue
There were so many thousands that it took a long time to get everyone marching on the way to parliament - quite a crush...
A couple of the great characters we met on the way
Through Mayfair we passed several posh car showrooms ... how green is a Rolls Royce??
These wonderful women sang in harmony a lot of the way!
A women's choir on the way...
The amazing "silver balloon Xmas tree at the Royal Academy
A fantastic day ... and Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband met with the leaders of the march and pledged their commitment to fight for a strong deal at Copenhagen and reduce carbon emissions to safer levels
Finally at Parliament Square...
Have you swapped your conventional Tungsten Filament bulbs for low energy ('compact fluorescent') bulbs? You will certainly save energy if you do, this from the BBC
Tuesday Dec 1st

MAYBUSH COPSE - work party

Thanks to everyone who came out for the working party of scrub-bashing and clearing! There were over 30 volunteers including Friends of Chichester Harbour. A large skip was filled with all sorts of rubbish. It's great to see the progress the group made.
PS If you haven't joined up as a Maybush Copse Friend yet, we will be delighted to sign you up - It is a way of raising the starter funds necessary to get the improvement of the site underway. There is a voluntary (you don't have to pay, but we hope people will) subscription of £5. Cheques payable to ‘Maybush Copse Friends'. Ask for a membership forms at the work party or phone Stephen Johnson on 572059
The Chidham and Hambrook Film Society presents


Starring Pete Postlethwaite
Friday 27 November 2009
Chidham & Hambrook Village Hall
The Age of Stupid is the new four-year epic from McLibel director Franny Armstrong. Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite stars as a man living alone in the devastated world of 2055, looking at old footage from 2008 and asking: why didn't we stop climate change when we had the chance?
With a fresh approach, this documentary combines a series of global warming-related stories with a linking device that's both clever and gimmicky. But it also proves the difficulty of making a film on this important topic that's not depressing.
In 2055, the remnants of humanity are being preserved by an archivist (Postlethwaite) who looks back at the events leading up to the global climate tipping point 40 years earlier. He shows us six stories: a Mumbai businessman (Wadia) is setting up India's first low-cost airline; a British developer (Guy) battles protesters to install a wind farm; a New Orleans oil company scientist (Duvernay) rescues people after Hurricane Katrina; a Nigerian medical student (Malemi) struggles against oil company pollution; an 82-year-old French mountain guide (Pareau) watches as an Alpine glacier melts away; and an 8-year-old Iraqi girl (Bayyoud) yearns for her brother to join her as a refugee in Jordan.
Each of these stories is lively and fascinating, and filmmaker Armstrong includes current news footage, clever effects work, terrific animated segments and a wealth of information that's often quite scary. The key question is why we're not stopping climate change while we still can. Individually, none of the stories seem particularly devastating, but by intercutting between them, the cumulative effect highlights our individual responsibility to take care of the planet and do what we can.
On the other hand, as with other climate change docs (including Al Gore's more entertaining An Inconvenient Truth), the ultimate feeling is one of helplessness. While we can make key individual choices, it's the world's leaders who must push for significant changes. And we know that's not likely to happen in a world where oil is such a key player both economically and politically.
The oil companies are the villains in this film, with evidence of greed and injustice that's often overpowering. Oil profits rarely benefit residents of the countries where it's found, and lobbyists make sure alternative energy sources can never find equal footing. But the filmmakers also go after consumer culture, in which we throw out anything we're tired of and believe the capitalism myth that economic growth can continue forever. It's this attitude that has made us afraid of taking direct action to find a balance of equity and sustainability. And that's pretty stupid.

If you are interested, email the Parish Council.

How many people want allotments in Chidham and Hambrook? The Parish Council wants to know.
read more


Maybush Copse revealed


MAYBUSH COPSE - work party Sat Oct 31st

More about Maybush Copse

Excellent Saturday 'party' - 43 people turned up, despite the damp start.  Gosh, didn't everybody work hard! It's certainly made a big difference. Thanks to Diana and Carla - great baked potatoes, cheese and coleslaw. Robin Yeld has taken the bath away and will attempt to sell it on ebay.....
Report and photos

Found: Someone left a pair of green, well used, gardening gloves behind at the work party. I have them so email me if they're yours.
The next work party will be on Tuesday December 1st, 10am till 12 noon
Ever thought about Solar Power for your home? Useful information(1.2Mb) from Transition Chichester

Tuesday December 1st, 10am till 12 noon

MAYBUSH COPSE - work party

More about Maybush Copse
Come and join us for another working party of scrub-bashing and clearing! And this time we will have volunteers from the Friends of Chichester Harbour joining in.  Coffee and biscuits will be provided by the rangers
Sat Dec 5th 2009
Join the Climate Change March in London "The Wave"
CLIMATE CHANGE ALERT!  TIME FOR ACTION..... It is only a few weeks now till the world leaders gather at Copenhagen.  This could be the last chance to get a real global deal to stop catastrophic climate change.  We are members of the Chidham and Hambrook Sustainability Network, and we want to get active now and join with the thousands and millions worldwide campaigning for a strong and positive agreement at the Copenhagen summit. On Saturday December 5th there will be a march in London ... shall we all go?  will you join us?  It's called "The Wave" and you can check out the details at     
This  really seems to be the best (and possibly last) chance to exert influence and make a difference, and obviously the more people the better!   There should be thousands there on Dec 5th all wearing blue encircling Parliament at 3pm.  It should be a fantastic event .... So if, like us, you are really worried about escalating climate change, do get in touch and we will share ideas, make a plan to go to London for The Wave, and/or look at what action we can take locally. Jane Towers and Diana Beale Contact Jane on 01243 576580 Or email :
And don't forget to come to Chidham Village Hall for the showing of the film "The Age of Stupid"  on Friday 27th November at 7pm - a great feature film that tackles the issues head on... Tickets from David Rodgers 01243 574074
Wed Oct 21st
Dell Work Party
There were 23 people at the work party including Friends of Chichester Harbour and local residents. As well as clearing undergrowth and the stream, 500 bluebells were planted and boards for a nature trail were put up.
22 October 2009
Gas and Electricity
- Costly for you and the Planet

Vicars' Hall, Chichester Cathedral

Doors and bar open from 7:00pm
FREE impartial presentations on:
How to save energy in your home
  • Installing alternative energy sources:
    • Solar energy
    • Wind turbines
    • Biomass
    • Micro CHP
    • Ground/air source heat pumps
  • Choosing an installer
  • Significant grants from local and central Government
Try this website
Eat the seasons aims to promote an understanding of food seasons. Each week it focuses on one food, which is currently in season, with facts, useful tips and recipe ideas.
See also our links page
EU launches “Click a Tree” campaign - the campaign aims to encourage young Europeans to take individual action against climate change. Details - and website link
" Strawberries and inspiration for the Core Group"
A lovely sociable evening for the Core Group (who organise the events and campaigns for the CHSN) was held on Tuesday June 30th. We celebrated the summer with a gorgeous cake made by Stephen Morley and an enormous tray of the best possible local organic strawberries from Maggie of Tuppenny Barn.
After food for the body, it was food for the mind, with inspiring ideas on the future of food-production as we watched the DVD of "Farm for the future". 
This enjoyable, easy-to-watch documentary explores the almost total dependence on oil of current food production, and looks for the way forward, especially once oil supplies start to fail.  And it tells the story of Rebecca Hoskings, who inherits her family farm in Devon, and wants to find a genuinely sustainable way of producing food on it.  Fascinating stuff, some beautiful footage, and packed with ideas and thoughts to expand the mind.
"Farm for the future" 
  Then why not borrow the DVD and watch it with family and friends.  An hour well spent, we assure you! 

To book the DVD, ring Diana Beale on 572321 or email
Tuesday June 23rd 2009
Tuppenny Barn Open Evening
An enthusiastic group came to see what is going on at Maggies Tuppenny Barn Organic Smallholding, to buy plants and enjoy refreshments after the tour. see photos

Sat June 27th
Would you like to help clean up the village and join the
The daring and ingenious plan is to meet at the Village Hall carpark at 2pm, for communal chanting, breast beating and battle cries, and then to fan out across the village like a marauding army of barbarian .... litter pickers.......
If you haven't done it before, aptitude tests and intensive training are not part of the programme, but I can let you have a picking stick, which makes it all possible.
Please let me know if you can come along. Also if you know of areas that need special attention.

28th June

Come on the Great Green Garden Trail!
Sustainable gardening in Chichester
March 12th at Cobnor
A very enjoyable, interesting and entertaining evening at Cobnor with
David Wilson who is responsible for the farm management on Prince Charles' organic farm 'Duchy Home Farm' at Tetbury in Gloucestershire. He told us about the crops grown, the crop rotation system used and some of the differences between organic farming and the more normal chemical and fertiliser intensive farming methods. In addition he showed us some of the more unusual breeds of animals on the farm.
David Wilson
pictured with Maggie Haynes, Diana Beale and Nicky Bell
March 11th 
Dell Work Party (directed by Harbour Conservancy Rangers) - Help improve the Dell for families and for wildlife ......or just take out your frustrations on the brambles ....
Meet at Hamstead Meadows for a 10am start, working until midday. Refreshments will be provided.
Friday 27th Feb, 6.30 to 8.30pm
Wildlife Film Night at Chidham School
- see details
in association with the Chidham and Hambrook Sustainability Network
The bells ..... the bells.
The fire alarm, inspired by the entirely blameless popcorn, summoned the faithful who enjoyed a wonderful evening with films about whale sharks, dolphin heroes, and some unique footage of manta rays.
Thanks to Sarah Chadwick and Big Wave Productions for a great evening and Carla and all her helpers for the very popular refreshments, and to Lynda Aplin for making the school available.
Sarah Chadwick
David Rogers "Bells? What bells?"
Have you sent back your form?
The community carbon foot print reduction project is underway. A second leaflet is being delivered to every household in the parish.
What's this all about?

Conflict in Northern Kenya - A Conservation Opportunity?

Ian Craig, founder of the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT), and a man with an unrivalled passion for Kenya and its people will, with Jonathan 'Kip' Nteere, give the 15th Tusk American Express Conservation Lecture. They will explain how the foundations of this unique organization are based on the mitigation of conflict through conservation.
There is a quiet revolution happening in northern Kenya, where over 60,000 people have decided to dedicate 1.6 million acres of their community land to wildlife conservation. This is a 'first' in East Africa, if not across the whole continent. Through NRT and its council of elders, communities of diverse ethnicity have come together to form community-led conservation institutions. The long-term implications are exciting and far-reaching in terms of peace, stability and poverty alleviation across this vast landscape. There is now a very real future for the wildlife and people of this region who have a relationship so closely linked that wildlife and livestock are considered one from the community's perspective.
Where and when? Wed Nov 19th at the Royal Geographical Society, London
For more information and tickets for this lecture, please contact .
Thanks to Vivienne Giacobino-Simon for the message
The community carbon foot print reduction project is underway with over 600 flyers delivered to every household in the parish

The flyers contain information about the need to reduce our carbon footprint and also what the Sustainability Group would like each of  us to do about it. The first stage is to have every household in the parish work out  their Carbon Footprint - full details are in the flyer but  this can be done online using the web site or you can call one of the  numbers on the flyer and have a paper questionnaire  dropped off to  you or one of the  Sustainability Group volunteers can pay a visit  and help you.
The project has been set up to help everyone reduce their energy use,  so an hour spent now could help save our beautiful environment and  save you a load of your hard earned cash.  The sooner the flyers are  completed and returned the sooner the real work can start so don't  delay, start counting  those light bulbs

Sun 12th October

Village Garage Sale
- photos and comments

Over 20 households participating
Sat 11th October
Hate Litter? This is your chance to do something about it..
Litter Blitz - Sunday Sept 21 'The Big Push'. Meet at the Village Hall at 2pm
If you think you have what it takes to wield a litter picking stick let me know.
  Note on the same day there is a Sea shore litter clean up that starts at 10.30am
Wed 16th July: A Fun Seashore Walk
Led by Judy Darley of the Chichester Harbour Conservancy
A small group met at the Cobnor Amenity Carpark and on a still grey evening that hinted at rain we enjoyed a walk around part of the Cobnor peninsula shore. Judy Darley pointed out important aspects of the harbour ecology, and explained the background to how the harbour environment is managed. Eventually we took the hint and enjoyed very welcome refreshment in the kitchen of Cobnor House.
June 15th
Transport Group Walk
A great Father's day midsummer walk around the village in company, enjoying our beautiful countryside...and ending in 'The Old House at Home'.
Lucky with the weather, too.
I came across a stag beetle crossing the road near Harbour Way.
I helped it across the road .....and didn't think to take a photo!

Kicked myself all the way back to 'The Old House at Home'
Charlotte (ex Chidham Primary School) came over for the day and came on the walk.
Isn't Father's day great!

Thanks to Clare Smith and Nicky Bell for the idea, and for arranging it all.
June 15th
Come for a Walk around Chidham starting from and ending outside
'The Old House at Home.'
Enjoy a stroll on a summer's afternoon in company. How long? - perhaps an hour and a quarter, but a short cut is possible.
Sponsored by the
Transport Group
of the
Sustainability Network.
Why not car share, walk or cycle to The Old House at Home?
Cot Lane Land for Sale: 8 acres, for sale by informal tender on June 26
Wed June 11th 7.30pm
Public Meeting St Wilfrid's Church Hall, Broad Road

to discuss purchase of the land for the benefit of the environment and the community.

Also attending
Chichester Harbour Trust

Chichester Harbour Conservancy
Parish Councillors - Southbourne, and Chidham & Hambrook
Chidham and Hambrook Sustainability Network.
This is a rare opportunity for the community.
Please come along - Find out more - support the project

Want to know more? Whatever your thoughts - e mail me

May 6th, 2008 (Postponed from May 5th) Astronomy Evening
On a wonderful cloudless Tuesday night, members of the Sustainability Network enjoyed a fascinating evening of astronomy, thanks to Wim Amir.
Wim, an enthusiastic amateur astronomer, has recently bought a 50cm reflector telescope (see picture).
Wim explained some of the basics of astronomy and then demonstrated what could be observed.

The group were able to see Saturn complete with rings viewed at 140x magnification, as well as Mars looking distinctly red, the Pole star which could be seen to be a binary star, together with several far distant galaxies.

Thanks to Wim for a fascinating evening of hands on astronomy, and Tracey for entertaining us (great cakes!)

Do your own audit

Follow the story of a migrating Osprey from Africa to Scotland
(via Heathrow!)
Osprey's also pass through Chichester Harbour on their migration

Launch Sat April 19th - report
Despite rather dismal weather over sixty people came. If you weren't there you can still join in.
Go to the 'Act on CO2' website
and do your own audit.

The plan is to make an assessment of the Carbon Dioxide emissions for which our community is responsible, and then help people to make their own reductions. Everybody needs to play their part.
You can assess your carbon footprint on line.  
Progress will be displayed on a giant indicator designed with help from the children at Chidham School.  
It was a good turnout on a less than Spring like day. Diana Beale and John Wyatt covered the 'what' 'why' and 'how' of the audit  
The timetable for the audit programme is
April to July 2008 - the Audit
August to October 2008 - Collate the data
November to February 2009 - Feedback to Households
March 09 to Mar 2010 - Practical Help
Wild Life Film Night - Chidham School Hall
Friday 29th Feb
The School hall was packed with close to a hundred people - and Sarah Chadwick (Cunliffe), Director of Big Wave Productions treated us to clips from some of the award winning films produced for televison and film by her wildlife film company. These included films still in production.

Sarah (left) with Diana Beale  
Sarah explained some of the secrets of making these films, and some of the difficulties. A highlight was clips from a documentary following the magical 20 year journey of a loggerhead turtle, due for completion by the end of the year. There was also stunning film of Whalesharks. I can't wait to see the film on Manta rays, graceful giants, and with the largest and most developed brain of any fish. Thjere was a poignant moment with clips from Death on the Amazon, about the death of Peter Blake, murdered by pirates on the amazon. The evening ended with clips from Sarah's favourite documentary about rescuing Orang-utans in Borneo.
If you would like to be on the Chidham and Hambrook Sustainability e mail list, or for more info e mail the postmaster. Link to Save the Orangutang
Feb 2008: Greening Campaign

West Sussex County Council have selected Chidham and Hambrook to be one of five villages to participate in a Greening campaign. The Greening campaign is a response to the threat of global warming. It is an innovative idea to help motivate people to reduce their energy consumption and therefore lower their personal and community carbon footprint.

From Left to right: Carla Allen, Siobhan Walker of WSCC,Terena Plowright (Greening Campaign Leader), Maggie Haynes, Emma Livett (Chi DC), Richard Weavis (Hartings Greening Campaign)

In the first stage of the campaign, households in the Greening Campaign area will be given a card that lists simple ways to save energy in the home.  They would make a pledge to undertake a number of these measures, and then display the card in their front window to show their commitment to the campaign.  see more about the Greening Campaign
Feb 21st
About 35 people turned up on Thursday morning to make Bat Boxes in St Wilfrid's Hall. Dave Molloy, a Chichester Harbour Conservancy Ranger, showed us how.

C&H Sustainability Network

Another great event
'Solar Power Information Evening'
Wed 14th Nov  at Cobnor House,
30 people gathered at Cobnor House for presentations about Solar Power. Clearly this is a technology making great strides from a relatively low base, and with the current and expected rise in fuel prices, something all homeowners should look into. It could make a radical difference to monthly heating bills, as well as reduce the nations carbon footprint. As with any home improvement investment getting the best advice from experienced and reputable suppliers is crucial. This is an investment with a high capital cost, but one with the potential to pay you back for many years to come.

Diana Beale chaired the evening
Thirty people attended
Many thanks for interesting and informative presentations from Mike Mckeown of Worcester Bosch and Tom Cartwright of Greenheart Installations giving a fascinating explanation of solar power systems and related technologies, as well as really useful background information. Follow the links for more information about these companies. Thanks also to Worcester Bosch for sponsoring refreshments for the evening, and to Diana Beale for welcoming us all into her home.
My arty photo of a high efficiency solar glass tube panel. From left to right - John Wyatt, Douglas Pattison and Tom Cartwright of Greenheart installations, Mick McKeown of Worcester Bosch, Dave Ball (Dave Ball Plumbing and Heating) and Diana Beale.

Farmers' markets certified as the real thing -

Sat 10th Nov - Chidham & Hambrook Local Produce & Craft Fair photos and report

Sept 12th - The Great Chidham Bat Hunt!
There was a great turnout of eager bat hunters on Wednesday night for a bat hunt (walk) organised by the Chidham and Hambrook Sustainability Network.
Around 65 people gathered at St Mary's Church at 7pm for a wander through the lanes of Chidham in the dusk . 
The Bat Hunt juggernaut made it's way down Chidham lane to Belfrey Cottage (of course there are going to be bats in the Belfrey!) and then along Steels Lane to Harbour Way and then down Cot lane to Chidmere.

Ed Rowsell, our new Conservation Officer at the Harbour Conservancy, was our guide and with the use of bat detectors and bat recorders we were able to hear the bat activity and detect at least four different kinds of bats. 
Thanks to Ed Rowsell for leading the tour, to Diana Beale for arranging it, and to Jackie Russell for allowing 65 different kinds of human beings into Chidmere looking for bats flying over the lake.
Diana Beale and Ed Rowsell
Brown long eared bat photographed by Steve Tanner

Can you spot the bat?

You have to be ever so quiet, and look very very carefully!
Aug 07: New carton recycling scheme for Chichester District     

Saturday 28th July -
The Big Yellow Eco Bus meets Chidfest

Report on the visit to Roll Royce (by our very special correspondent)

Weds June 20th 7pm: MidSummer Guided Tour of Cobnor Estate
We met at Cobnor House for a magical midsummer guided tour of Cobnor Estate. We were given a wonderful view of the diversity of life and habitat on the Cobnor peninsula, an insight into some of the history of this beautiful area, and what needs to be done to maintain it for the generations to come.
Yes, the sheep did seem to be paying attention.
Our thanks to Diana Beale

June 18, 2007: Drawing up an Energy Strategy for the village - First Meeting: Notes (PDF)

Green & ethical phone company 19/6/07
I thought that the wider group might like to be aware that the Phone Co-operative www.thephonecoop - a green & ethical phone company that has its own sustainability fund & donates some of its profits to the Centre of Technology, has now taken on residential lines so you can transfer from BT.  Their rental line service is maintained on their behalf by BT Openreach so there's no change in the quality of service & they provide all the same call features such as 1571 & 1471.  More importantly they handle all issues themselves regarding line faults, new lines etc.
As BT are charging customers £1 a month for their 1571 service if you are not using them for at least 2 chargeable calls per month along with a charge for customers who fail to pay by direct debit & a charge from £5 - £7.50 for all late bills - it might be worth looking at the Phone Co-op.  They charge £11.90 a month for line rental with BT being £12.50. Line rental switches can be done free of charge up till 31 August & can be done online or by calling 0845 4589000.  They also offer a good broadband service.  I have used their service for about 3 years & have had no complaints.
Energy efficiency and renewable energy meeting: Cobnor House at 8pm on Monday June 18th
At the end of the consultation meeting held earlier this year several people indicated that "energy" was an area they were interested in. Sorry that it has taken us a while to get moving on this, but we are meeting shortly to look at the best way of taking things forward re energy efficiency and renewable energy.  If you would like to play a part in this, then do come to a meeting to be held at Cobnor House at 8pm on Monday June 18th ... and please let Diana know if you intend to come.  We intend to stay focussed on actions rather than be a "talk-shop", and to finish before 9.30pm!
Transport group May 15th
Clare Smith, Nicky Clark, Nicky Bell, John Keynes, Sue Bramwell Smith, Stephen Johnson and Diana Beale (part time) got together at Clare's house to discuss what we could do locally on transport issues.
Main problem areas were vehicles speeding through the village, how to reduce car journeys, and make the village more friendly to cyclists and walkers. It was felt that better information and publicity about public transport would also help. One difficulty was taking bikes on trains. It was agreed that there was no need for traffic to exceed 30mph in the village. The School was to be congratulated on the walking bus project. Stephen Johnson thought it would be difficult to get lower speed limits without a residents campaign. The campaign on speeding by Steve Clark was very much welcomed. Better facilities for cycles - cycle lanes, smoother surfaces, and more cyclists on the road - would have the effect of slowing traffic down, something of a chicken and egg situation.
The group plan to meet again on July 3rd
Bike Week - Can you Get Involved?

Bike Week, the UK's annual ‘celebration of cycling', takes place on the 16th - 24th June this year. Bike Week includes the Bike2Work promotion that encourages car owners to try commuting by bike.
West Sussex Sustainability Forum is keen to encourage all organisations in West Sussex to get involved in Bike Week and Bike2Work week and promote cycling within their organisations.

Tuppenny Barn Open Evening - Wednesday 23rd May
In fact quite a few people turned up after I had taken the photo, so there must have been about twenty people who enjoyed the open evening at Tuppenny
Barn to see first hand the workings of a Soil Association Organic smallholding.
Thanks very much to Maggie Haynes for a very interesting evening.

A Spring walk and El Nino
A floral extravaganza with wonderful photograpy

From Robin Yeld of the Country Diary Team: see the photos

Look out for an article by Sue Gilson in the Chichester Observer about the Chidham and Hambrook Sustainability Group. Sue came down to Tuppeny Barn (Maggie's organic farm in Southbourne, to interview Maggie Haynes, Diana Beale and Stephen Johnson about community action on climate change inititiated by the Chidham and Hambrook Sustainability Group.
from left to right: Stephen (trainee reporter) Diana Beale, Maggie Haynes, and Sue Gilson (reporter for the Chichester Observer)
Chichester District Council launches revised Local Biodiversity Action Plan - Residents encouraged to get involved in protecting their local wildlife - CDC news
Information from West Sussex County Council
Feedback from the meeting : The next steps

We've had a lot of positive responses from the meeting and from the feedback forms, and as a result we (the Chidham and Hambrook sustainability group) are considering setting up teams to look at some of the different areas.
These are not set in stone but currently we're looking at food, energy (building-related renewable energy and energy efficiency), school, church and possibly waste.
If there is sufficient interest in other areas, these too will be considered. We feel that it is important for now to ensure we get some early actions agreed (alongside some longer-term plans). The groups will be open to all those who are interested and are not intended to be exclusive or rigid in their make-up.

We hope to be able to send you an outline of the planned approach in the next 2 weeks as well as all the possible ideas compiled from the workshop group. In the meantime, if you have any thoughts or comments, please contact Diana Beale at or the Impetus team (Dave, Julie and Flo) via

Wed 28th Feb 2007
Around 70 people, interested in seeing what we can do as a community about our environment and 'Global Warming' attended the Village Sustainability
Consultation Meeting at St Wilfrid's
Following the selection of Chidham as one of three villages in West Sussex to be part of a project to help rural communities reduce their impact on the environment and climate change, St Wilfrid's was packed for a Consultation Meeting initiated by the ChidHam Sustainability Network and Impetus Consulting

After an introduction form Dave Barton and Julie Robinson of Impetus Consulting, and Diana Beale and Robin Yeld, the meeting split up into groups to discuss the areas of concern where it was felt that, as a Community, we could make a difference. These areas were Transport, Renewable Energy, Food, Waste, and Domestic Energy Use.

Travel and Transport

Domestic Energy Use

Local Food
Renewable Energy
The group that discussed Travel and Transport felt that there should be better provision for cycles eg cycle lanes, and that car speeds should be reduced to improve safety for both cyclists and pedestrians. Improvements were needed to public transport to recognise that many people lived away from the main public transport routes. Also the provision of specialist services should be looked at so that these were available locally and thus car journeys could be reduced. The idea of a walking bus was raised. Linda Aplin said that Chidham School was in the process of seeking funding to get such a scheme off the ground. The Domestic Energy group felt that more information about products and their performance was needed. eg Low energy bulbs. Also information about local sources and prices would be helpful. The suggestion was made that the community might be able to buy these in bulk, and thus bring the priice down. The group also felt it was important to improve standards of insulation and draft proofing. Ground source heating could make a contribution to reducing the impact of some domestic energy requirements. people should not forget the implest and quickest way of tak9ng action which was to put on warmer clothes and turn the heating down.
The Waste group felt that more garden waste could be composted. Every garden should have a compost heap. Otherwise the council could improve arrangements for the disposal of garden waste. Food waste could be composted with proper precautions against vermin, or put in a wormery. We could all use consumer power to persuade manufacturers to use less packaging. Shops could be pressed to retain unwanted packaging materials. Litter is not a global warming problem, but is an indicator of peoples concern or otherwise for the environment, and this was very much a topic where local community action could and was making a difference. Renewable energy was a diverse and rapidly developing area. The group felt that we badly needed reliable information about the different systems so that anyone investing their money in these products could be sure that they would work as claimed. There were doubts about the domestic application of wind power and solar photovoltaic systems, and the grants available. Ground source heat exchange systems had a part to play, but were better suited to larger projects. For this reason it might make sense for the community to cooperate on certain projects. Biofuels were an attractive possibility, but again more information was needed. The possibility of such a fuel being sold from a local garage was mentioned.
The Food group felt there was a demand for locally produced fruit and vegetables. These could be better advertised on the website. The possibility of a local market, possibly at the school could be investigated. There was a possibility that a local farmer would sell fruit and veg from his farm on Saturday mornings.

Areas of interest to group members :
Efficient use of energy, materials, water. Sources of information and suppliers. Ground Source Heat Exchange systems (Heat pumps). Community action, education and advice on environmental matters, global warming, waste and litter minimisation, bio-diversity and habitat, woodland and green spaces.
Chidham moves to being a ' Low Impact Village Environment'
Chidham has been selected as one of three villages in West Sussex to be part of the LIVE 'Low impact village environment' project. Impetus Consulting, based in Bognor, have won funding from the Pilkington Energy Efficiency Trust to assist selected communities to promote the issues of climate change and saving energy - in effect a 'green makeover' .

Jan 2007 Meeting notes
Dave Barton and Julie Robinson came to the meeting to tell us about the LIVE! project (Low Impact Village Environment) which their environmental consulting group is involved in, with funding from the Pilkington energy efficiency Trust. Chidham, along with South Harting and Angmering, has been chosen to have a "green make-over" with their help .... to look at how to reduce out "carbon footprint" as a village. More info on Impetus from
The next big step is to have a get-together for as many interested people in the village as possible - we're looking at this taking place at St Wilfreds hall on Wed Feb 28th in the evening.  There will be presentations (Impetus can do much of this), pooling of ideas, small groups looking at particular areas (e.g. local food, transport, energy efficiency in the home...) .... generally setting our priorities for what we can achieve this year with the help of LIVE!
Next Tuesday, Feb 6th, at 7.45pm there will be a short and very focussed (!) meeting in the pub for those wanting to plan the consultation evening on 28th - doing poster, publicity etc
Then, on Tues Feb 20th at 8pm , Robin Yeld is hosting the next meeting of the network at his house, Manor Cottage, Cot Lane (first house North of the Old House at Home) - focussing on final planning for the 28th - do come if you can.

September meeting report
The September meeting of the Chidham and Hambrook Sustainability Group
was to discuss Ground Source Heating. However we had a quick round of
points raised by each person present. The first general point was what
to call the group as sustainability although informative is not a great
word. We vowed to think of an alternative before the next meeting. Each
person present was asked to flag up a subject that they were interested

They were:

A minimal car use week would be a great idea to get people thinking
about the alternatives to the car.

To work towards Chichester DC gaining Green Council status. Many
initiatives would be needed and targets would have to be met. It was
felt that as well as focusing on the community the wider and bigger
picture should not be forgotten.

An initiative to highlight the pollution and the costs incurred by
leaving things turned on, heating, lights and electrical items on
standby, such as TVs and phone chargers.

More practical advice on composting, vastly simplifying the present
advice on what and what not to compost.

A wish was to try and find a source of factual and accurate information
on energy saving products, particularly when it comes to cost benefits.

Improving the personal community through improving the environmental
status of the community.

A wish to look carefully into micro-generation of power and how it
could apply to the village

To look into the idea of appointing 'Green Doctors' to help people with
practical advice on green issues

Ground Source Heat Exchange systems
John Wyatt then gave a talk about a heat pump installation that was
installed 18 months ago in a property that comprised of a Tudor
building fitted with radiators and a barn with underfloor heating.

  The principal is that the pump makes it possible to harvest the solar
energy that is stored in our soil. The soil in this area will remain at
around 9° -12°c all year round, and this heat can be extracted and
concentrated to heat a house and provide hot water. The pump works in a
similar fashion to a refrigerator and can be reversed to cool a house
in summer. The energy in the soil is extracted via a large coil of
black pipe buried in a metre deep trench. The liquid (antifreeze)
contained in the pipe is pumped out from the pump very cold and it is
heated up by the heat stored in the soil. This heat is returned to the
pump, extracted into a collector thus cooling the liquid which returns
to the soil again. Energy is needed to power the pump, and most people
would use electricity from the national grid, but alternatives could be
wind or water power. Typically for every 1Kw of energy input you can
get 3-4 Kw out in heat.

  The heat is constant and gradual and stays on all the time, day and
night, unlike oil or gas systems that use large amounts of energy to
push the heat up very rapidly, and when off the house cools very

  The installation described cost £11000, the household is saving £1500
per year on a fuel bill of £2200. The estimated life span of the unit
is 25 years with no servicing required, giving as pay-back time of
around 5 years at todays fuel prices.

  Larger installations are more costs efficient i.e.. groups of houses
or institutions such as care homes or schools.

  A meeting to discuss further the possible applications for  heat pump
installations in the village will be announced shortly.

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