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The Hamblin Trust
Registered charity no.1061672 

The Hamblin trust offers talks and events addressing mind-body and spirit. It continues the work started by the Sussex philosopher and writer HT Hamblin, who advocated pure and positive thought. The Trust produces a bi monthly magazine. There is a library available to members and the Hamblin Hall (made from beautiful home grown wood) is available for hire. The Trust is set in a sanctuary of some 3 acres.
Everyone is welcome to visit and enjoy the Peace. 

Contact : Pat Smith Tel.No. 01243 572109 

Map showing the location of Hamblin Hall

Hamblin Hall and consultancy room
Why not come and rent our splendid hall or consultancy room.   We have received some very positive feedback on the wonderful atmosphere in the Hall and the fact that it is so 'user friendly' as well as being aesthetically beautiful.  Set in three acres of lovely grounds, there is also good parking and the opportunity to take workshops etc into the grounds. 
Please telephone the office for further details 01243 572109.
HT Hamblin Hamblin Hall

2014 events coming up soon at Hamblin Hall:

Saturday 18th January             10.30 – 3.30pm       Intro to Mindfulness            
Barbara Boxhall will facilitate an opportunity to learn more about this way of being, to reduce stress and bring peace + wellbeing. Please bring comfortable, warm clothes + a vegetarian lunch to share.  Cost:  £20  (£15 Members)                                   

Sunday 19 th January     2.30 – 4.30   Yoga Cocktail   
4 different teachers come together to offer a unique yoga mix
Donation of £10+ (to fundraise .
To book call 07904160954 or email

Saturday 25 th January    2 – 4pm     The Wounded Healer                        
Dr Peter Martin will talk on ‘How can I help you when I can't always help myself'.  He will look at the ups and downs of trying to be for others what we also need for ourselves.  £!5 (£10 members)     

Saturday 8 th February    10.30 – 1pm    Yoga – ‘Aligning The Spine'           
Jenny Beeken will facilitate the practice of asanas (postures), breathing, and meditation to bring life, awareness and restore balance, to the vertebral colum, deep spinal muscles and diaphragm.  This will help with any backache, breathing, standing and sitting.  Individual help + practice will be given.
Cost - £25 for more info call Jenny on 01730 302958                                             

Saturday 8 th February       2 – 4pm  The Significance of the 7 Rays'       
Talk with Debbie Sellwood.  According to ancient tradition there are 7 bands of light which each carry a different energy.  Which rays most relate s to you?   Understanding can assist in our awareness and connection our spiritual being.
Cost - £10 (members £7)

                   For more information on any of the above, please call 01243 572109.

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