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Ms Sandra James - your local County Councillor for the Bourne Division
Address: Knapp House, Steels Lane, Chidham, West Sussex PO18 8TA
Telephone No: (WSCC Lync telephone): 0330 2224529

The Bourne Division covers
Southbourne, Prinsted, Thorney, Chidham, West Ashling, Hambrook, Westbourne, Woodmancote, Aldsworth, Stansted, Deanlane End, West Marden, Compton, North Marden, Upmarden, East Marden, Stoughton, Compton, Lordington, Racton
County Local Committees
Meeting Dates
Venue (All meetings start at 7pm.)
Cllr James' latest monthly report - October 2015
A Message from Cllr James
If you are concerned about the proposed cuts to Emsworth Fire Station (which serves all the way to Fishbourne as the Bosham fire station went not long ago) you can fill in a survey here to have your say.
Proposals are to remove the fire engine and provide a smaller fast response vehicle and also to reduce staffing.
Please take the time to complete the survey here to ensure your views are taken into account.

Have your say on the future of Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.
A public consultation is running for 12 weeks, from 14 September to 4 December.
Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority welcomes your views and will meet on 24 February 2016 after considering the proposals in the context of all the feedback from the public, organisations and staff.
Any decisions the Fire Authority may then take would be implemented over several years. All responses and feedback will be analysed and reported by an independent organisation and their report will be available on our website after the Fire Authority has considered it. You can find out more and tell us what you think by:
Completing the questionnaire online
Completing the questionnaire by requesting a paper copy
Coming to a public meeting

Where to join in the discussion
Have your say on the future of the fire service by attending a public meeting. These meetings will be at the following venues:
Winchester Public Meeting Wednesday 14 October, 6:30pm - 9pm
Level 10 Resource Church, Stanmore Lane, Winchester SO22 4BT
Basingstoke Public Meeting
Monday 19 October, 6:30pm - 9pm
Carnival Hall, Council Road, Basingstoke RG21 3DH
Southampton Public Meeting
Monday 9 November, 6:30pm - 9pm
St Deny’s Church Centre, Dundee Road, Southampton SO17 2ND
Portsmouth Public Meeting
Wednesday 11 November, 6:30pm - 9pm
John Pounds Centre, 23 Queen Street, Portsmouth PO1 3HN
Gosport Public Meeting
Wednesday 18 November, 6:30 - 9:30pm
Thorngate Halls, Bury Road, Gosport PO12 3PX
Contact Us
For more information, to request a paper copy of the questionnaire, or a copy in another language, large print, audio or Braille format contact us:
Call us on: 02380 644 000 ex. 2231
Write to us at:
Planning for a safer Hampshire
Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters
Leigh Road
SO50 9SJ

lJoint West Sussex Minerals Local Plan - August 2014

A new county-wide West Sussex Minerals Local Plan will be prepared to replace the adopted Minerals Local Plan (2003); this will enable the policies and proposals in the MLP to be formally reviewed. The Minerals Local Plan will be prepared jointly with the South Downs National Park Authority, which became responsible for minerals planning in the park area from 1 April 2011 .

The Minerals Local Plan, which will cover the period to 2031, will be prepared to be consistent with the NPPF. It must it must take account of the need to contribute appropriately to national, regional and local requirements at acceptable social, environmental and economic costs.

Accordingly, the Minerals Local Plan will clearly set out:

• a county-wide vision, strategic objectives, a spatial strategy for mineral planning, and a monitoring and implementation framework. A key diagram will illustrate the strategy in diagrammatic form;

• strategic mineral site allocations that are central to achieving the strategy;

• mineral safeguarding areas and safeguarded mineral infrastructure, such as wharves and railheads; and

• criteria-based policies that deal with specific types of mineral development; and

• generic development management policies.

The background to the strategy and policies will be set out in supporting text and, where appropriate, in a separate Background Document and other papers.

Following approval (scheduled for autumn 2015), the Proposed Submission Draft will replace the adopted West Sussex Minerals Local Plan (2003) as the most up-to–date statement of the County Council's land-use planning policy for minerals. At that time, it will also be approved for development management purposes and it will be one of many material considerations that will be used for decision-making.

The Plan will not form part of the statutory ‘development plan' for West Sussex until it is adopted (scheduled for 2017).

March 2014 County Councillor Report – Chidham and Hambrook Parish Council

WSCC Operation Watershed

Operation Watershed funding is now kicked off again for the forthcoming financial year (2014/15) albeit with a much reduced budget of £1 million compared to £8.25 million (2013/14). I have asked for all new drainage projects to be appraised and sent through early to WSCC (via myself) to maximise the ability to tap into this severely reduced pot of funding.

I felt it important to remind the parish what funds have been provided to them either via WSCC or S106 – (please therefore excuse the repeat from last month's CC report).

•  Recent Finances made available from WSCC/CDC to C&H parish

0070 Chidham & Hambrook Ditch Improvement: application 11 June :  grant £3,456

0150 Chidham & Hambrook Ditch Improvement: application   4 Dec :  BBLP quote 6 Nov 13 for £36,874.98 incl. VAT – grant £30,729.15 excludes VAT

Community Flood Funding approved for Chidham & Hambrook £28,612.20

£39,685 of S106 available is from planning application CH/1013/10.
Uses of above have in the past included projects such as:

•       PROW Improvements
•        Pedestrian Crossings
•        Traffic Calming
•        Cycle Schemes
•        Footway Improvements
•        Safer Route to School Schemes
•        Signage to promote cycle/PROW Routes
•        Road Safety Improvements
•        Speed Reduction
•        Cycle racks
•        Public transport improvements (both service and infrastructure)

•  Suggested Projects in C&H from my perspective-residents feedback and concerns

Extending the ditch management work – Chidham Lane; Flatt Farm; top of Chidham Lane/The Dell.
Expanding on these thoughts - we have the ability during the months April-September 2014 to really get to grips with some longstanding water drainage issues. I hope this comes to fruition.

•  Gritting policy from the Main Road to the School

I raised this again at the South Chichester CLC (4/3/14) meeting to Cabinet member, Pieter Montyn and asked him to relook at this. The earlier reply from the officer from WSCC indicating that this small area of gritting from the main road to the school could not be included in the WSCC program is wholly unacceptable to me.

‘Chidham School – The road to the school has never been on the gritting routes and the size and numbers at the school means that it does not meet the County criteria to be added to the schedule' – WSCC officer
Neighbourhood Plan Preparation

This relevance of the N.P group working to formulate a N.P for C&H parish is still to be recognised by CDC officers in planning deliberations, and I find this wholly unacceptable. I have written on this concern and I am hopeful that in their CDC meeting in April 2014 that this will be addressed. When an area has embarked on a N.P there should be some weight attributed to this activity – this has after all been recognised in other planning decisions across the UK and I believe CDC should also be recognising this. Localism is a government led objective for communities and therefore the integration of an N.P into planning deliberations alongside the technical arguments is welcomed together with the weight from the emerging Local Plan.

Main Road, Chidham - Street Lighting

There have been some issues regarding puncture holes to drains and a need to reposition one- of the street lights. I have assurance and proof from the contractor involved that this is already remedied/will be remedied. I would encourage anyone who has any continuing issue with any of the new streets lights to continue to flag this complete with photographic and specific information so that it can be readily followed up.

My involvement with the EA, Ops consultants and WSCC Drainage Officers

I have initiated a regular working meeting with all of the above stakeholders, which is currently focused on the Western edge of the Division I am elected to serve. What I would like to remark is that this on-going regular interaction will equally pay dividends for the work needed in C&H parish.

WSCC Community funding

Can I please remind the parish of the available funds that can be applied for Community initiatives.

•  The Community initiative fund (CIF) has funds decided upon by the South Chichester County Local Committee to support local community needs, with previous payments averaging £2-2.5k.

•  Big Society Funding – this is a County Councillor presented application to County and can support local community work up-to £25k. This fund is traditionally oversubscribed, but does present an opportunity for obtaining a large amount of funding for a worthwhile project.

Unitary Council for West Sussex

You may have read in the Press that the main Oppositions recommendation to immediately embark on a program of working towards Unitary status in West Sussex was rejected at the recent Council meeting.

Inspectorate - Planning Appeal Land West of Broad Road

I intended the first day of this appeal on the 4/3/14, and made a statement to the Inspector on the Brownfield sites in C&H parish, the pressure on local infrastructure and the depth of feeling within the community in wishing to refuse this appeal. His decision will be made in due course. Thank you to residents who equally have contributed in this matter.

CDC Planning Application – Wakeford Fields

I spoke before the CDC's planning committee 5/3/14 on this application alongside other councillors/residents representing the area. This application has been refused.

Sandra James 5/2/14 e-mail: Direct Line 0330 222 4529

May 2, 2013
West Sussex County Council Election Result:

Bourne Division
(includes Chidham and Hambrook, Nutbourne, Prinsted, Thorney, Southbourne, Westbourne)
May 3
Candidate Name
Votes Polled
Jonathan Andrew Brown
Liberal Democrat
Theodore Andrew (Theo) Child
Labour Party Candidate
Thomas Mark Evelyn (Mark) Dunn
The Conservative Party Candidate
Sandra James
Number of registered voters: 9591 Total votes cast: 3054 Turnout: 31.84%
Sandra James (elected) lives in Chidham and is a Parish Councillor on Chidham & Hambrook Parish Council
May 2, 2013
West Sussex County Council
Election Result:

Chichester West Division
(includes Bosham, Fishbourne, Funtington)
May 3
Candidate Name
Votes Polled
John Charles Bennett
Labour Party Candidate
Douglas Denny
Andrew Emerson

Mary Louise (Louise) Goldsmith

The Conservative Party Candidate
Jonathan Raymond (Jon) Stevens
Liberal Democrat
Number of registered voters: 9635 Total votes cast: 3098 Turnout: 32.15%
Mary Louise (Louise) Goldsmith (elected)

June 4th 2009 Votes cast in the County Council Election
Candidates in the Bourne Division    


Thomas Mark Evelyn (Mark) The Conservative Party Candidate
MACDOUGALL Philip Charles Liberal Democrat
MILLER Janet Cynthia The Labour Party Candidate
Turnout 37.06%      
Thomas Mark Evelyn (Mark) DUNN was elected
Candidates in the Chichester West Division    
BENNETT John Charles The Labour Party Candidate
EMERSON Andrew British National Party
GOLDSMITH Mary Louise (Louise)

The Conservative Party Candidate

HENRY Alix Barbara (Barbara) Liberal Democrat
LANCHESTER Richard Andrew Green Party
MCCULLOCH James UK Independence Party
Turnout 43.01%      
Mary Louise (Louise) GOLDSMITH was elected

The Heat Is On
(Chimney fires - safety advice from West Sussex Fire and Rescue)

As the nights draw in and the weather turns colder West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service are urging people to be aware of the dangers of chimney fires.
Open fires and wood burning stoves are a comforting way to keep the winter chill at bay but they can become a serious safety hazard if simple guidelines are not followed.
The warning comes as a result of chimney fires being the most frequently attended incident types in winter. West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service alone, attended over 200 chimney fire incidents in the winter of 2009/10 with many properties having lost the roof, first floor or in some cases been completely destroyed.
Community Fire Safety Officer Jackie Boyle explains: "Most chimney fires are preventable. It is very important that anyone planning to light their fire gets their chimney checked and swept regularly. The consequence of a chimney fire isn't just the damage caused by the fire, there's the dirt and smell from the soot and smoke, which can affect all of your personal property."
"We recommend that people follow our simple guidelines on Chimney Fire Safety to help reduce their chances of a fire."

Safety Tips;

- Have your chimney swept at least once a year, twice a year if burning wood.

- When burning wood, use dry, seasoned woods only.

- Build smaller, hotter fires that burn completely and produce less smoke.

- Never burn cardboard boxes or waste paper.

- NEVER use petrol or paraffin to light your fire.

- Do not overload the grate or appliance.

- Use a fire or spark guard to prevent accidental fires.

- Inspect your chimney breast, particularly in the roof space. Make sure that it is sound and that the sparks or fumes cannot escape through cracks or broken bricks.

- Ensure the fire is fully extinguished before going to bed or leaving the house.

- Make sure wood burners and other fire appliances are installed and maintained in accordance with the manufaturer's instructions.

- Make sure your smoke alarm is working properly, early detection can save lives.

Fire safety advice is free and easy to access from West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service's Community Safety Team on 01243 642878 or

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