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The Village Website Party
Dec 2012
Call for witnesses
This man was seen making off with the cake. Maybe he won it in the raffle. If anybody who was there can remember anything.... well, you never know.. To jog your memory see the photos

Sunday 7 Oct
at West Ashling

Chidbrook Trophy 2012
Chidham won - by 18 runs
but Hambrook lead 4:3 overall.
see photos and scorecard
see also
Chidbrook history
21 March 2012
Chidham and Hambrook
Website Association AGM
The Barleycorn, 8pm

It's once again time to join your Village Website Committee for a drink, nibble and a chat; otherwise known as our AGM. A 'very' informal gathering to catch up on last years happenings and the year ahead.
Hope you can make The Barleycorn 8pm Wednesday 21st March. Steve Clark Chairman

Sun 25 Sept
West Ashling

Chidbrook Trophy Cricket
It's Chidham's turn to win
if any cricketers would like to play please get in touch with your captain
Posted Sept 8
Hambrook Captain –
Gareth Haskett
07885 057813
– Chidham Captain
Keith Davey 07798 600127
support your team!
Chidham School has got a new football strip, sponsored by Chidham and Hambrook website
Claire Murphy, head teacher said 'I think you will agree that it looks excellent!
Thank you very much to Chidham and Hambrook Website'
The 2011
'Duck Race at the Dell'
Easter Monday April 25th
The weather for the Annual PTFA / Website Duck race was 'Pimms', and the course was ...... damp.
see photos and report
Tuesday 25th Jan
Burns Night
see last years event,
Tickets in advance
(tel 573172
details shortly)
The 2011 Chidham and Hambrook
Village Calendar

Have you got yours?

A unique present for your friends and family. Raising funds for the website, and website sponsored community events
£5 each Posted Dec 13
Limited print run, going fast, don't be disappointed.
Cheques to Chidham and Hambrook Website Association
order by email or tel 572059
Wed 8th Dec

The Website 2010 Christmas Party at
The Barleycorn
All supporters, contributers, visitors and wellwishers welcome

Don't be shy
Everyone is invited

No Parrots, please
Oct 1st
On Friday October 1st 2010, the Website celebrated 5 years since its launch.
An excuse for a party? all invited - in the Barleycorn. Lots of fun for all, party games (with fantastic prizes) and cake!
10th October 2010
3rd Chidham and Hambrook
Village Garage Sale
from 2pm (till 4pm)
For details of participating resellers - see leaflet
This year there will be stalls in the Village Hall
On Sunday afternoon, have a stroll or bike around the village, meet your neighbours and pick up a bargain or two. Don't forget your money and a bag to put your bargains in.
If you haven't registered but want to sell stuff, just go to the Village Hall. Set up from 12 noon.
5th Sept

West Ashling
The Chidbrook Trophy 2010
Posted Sept 7
Great game, shame about the result. A good crowd came to support a closely fought contest (or were they just there for the Pimms?) Match report, Photos, Scorecard, Warmsley's blog .
see also Chidbrook Trophy 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Easter Monday Duck Race
posted Apr 6
Blue sky, white water....
Another great Duck Race - see the photos and report
A Chidham School PTFA fund raiser in association with Chidham and Hambrook Web Site Association
Monday 25th Jan
Burns Night
At last, the photos.
Sorry about the delay.
posted Feb 4

The 2010 Village Calendar

A3 size Calendar
Stunning images of our lovely village
sold out
A Chidham and Hambrook Website production
Committee Meetings - Barleycorn 8pm dates for 2010
The Website Christmas Party at the Barleycorn
Wed 9th Dec 2009
Mulled wine, mince pies, our traditional raffle, and an excellent turnout. Paul Walmsley made off with the star raffle prize, the cake, and your correspondent was so overcome with emotion that he didn't notice who won the champagne. Thanks to everyone who has supported the website through the year.

Preview Photos from the Chidham and Hambrook Website Village Calendar 2010

You are cordially invited

email June 1st - Hi Stephen,
Have to say you do a tremendous job with this website, One person looking to move into our area could not believe the information and what went on in our parish! With my time being dominated by the Village cricket team and of course Steve Clark's remarkable write ups life could not be better! Please publish this on the website because we have something very unique and it is thanks to you.
Kind Regards Carol Haskett

Dear Carol,
Thanks for your e mail and encouragement which I appreciate.

Village Garage sale
2nd Chidham and Hambrook re-cycle day

Sunday 11th October 2009
see photos
Sat 19th Sept
Chidham v Hambrook
The 4th Chidbrook Trophy match
A close run thing. On this occasion Hambrook had the edge. Well, it was a thick edge.
Report, Scorecard and photos
April 11
A Chidham School PTFA fund raiser in association with Chidham and Hambrook website Association
March 18th,
Annual General Meeting of the Website Association
Crowds flocked to the Barleycorn ....... in our dreams. The Chairman reported a successful year, and took the opportunity to remind us all that Hambrook won the Chiidbroke Cup Cricket match... The Secretary ensured all the formalities were dealt with before anybody had the opportunity to raise a 'point of order'. The Treasurer impressively demonstrated that less is more, except when it comes to cash. The webmaster presented some pretty dodgy looking statistics using impressive graphs as though he had some idea of what they all meant, but quickly resorted to cheap diversionary tactics. The Chairman concluded with an appeal to all residents to use the website and get involved with website sponsored activities. Food and drink was consumed, and a sociable time was had by all.
March 18th - Barleycorn 8pm

For one night only!
Annual General Meeting of the Website Association

Bored with your humdrum existence? We'll help you put it all in perspective. Come to your community website AGM !

Come along and irritate the Chairman with your 'points of order' or baffle him with your references to 'the rule book', or floor him by quoting verbatim from the minutes of the meeting before last .....

  ...... be dazzled by our Secretary, who is not just a pretty face....

  ....... quiz the Treasurer as to why she invested the website beer money on the Icelandic Pickled Herring Futures Exchange. (and what she plans to do with all that pickled herring....)

All supporters and wellwishers welcome.... please, please, please come.
Best to turn up promptly. You might get elected to the committee in your absence.

Health and Safety Warning:
It's a pub. There will be alcohol on the premises, and its rumoured, pork scratchings.
Wednesday March 18th
Annual General Meeting of the Website Association
All supporters and wellwishers welcome.... (no riffraff !)
Be there just to the heckle the Chairman, hassle the Secretary, or have a beer or two, and even join the committee (it can happen ....after a beer or two)
Jan 25th
The 250th Anniversary of the poets birth
2009 Burns Night at the Barleycorn
The Piper, the Haggis, Poetry, a glass or two of conviviality and .... dancing. (no, really!)
and of course the Photos
Wed Dec 10th
Chidham and Hambrook Website Association Christmas Party 2008
Thanks to all of you came, to Tris Snuggs, Sandra and Keith Davey for the wonderful cake, and to the Barleycorn for their hospitality - photos

Sun 12th October

Village Garage Sale
- photos and comments

Over 20 households participating
Chiidbroke Trophy Cricket Shock Result -
See the photos

The Chidham v Hambrook match took place at West Ashling on Sunday afternoon. It was a perfect occasion, apart from the result. Hambrook were deserved winners on the day and have the honour of holding the trophy for the next 12 months.
Hopefully they will get it repaired before they have to hand it back.

Sun 14th Sept
Rain stopped play - Chidbrook Cup falls foul of the weather.
The annual village cricket match to be played on Sunday 7th has had to be postponed. Following a pitch inspection today and lengthy consultation with the Met. office, Steve Clark and the West Ashling groundsman reluctantly have decided to postpone the event by one week.
The two captains Robin Yeld and Gareth Haskett have been informed, and will be contacting the players as soon as possible to reschedule for 1.30 Sunday the 14th at West Ashling. If you are unavailable to play please advise asap to allow a replacement time to get match fit - both captains would like to keep the same times if possible. Mr. Yeld said "Well at least it'll give me an extra week to fix the trophy", and Mr. Haskett hoped "..the extensive training we have put in this year doesn't make us peak too soon". Steve Clark was quoted as saying "It's going to be dry, but only in between the downpours"! Hope to see you all there.
March 22
Brilliant event, fantastic support, balmy weather, Choc Egg and Wine raffle, bother, I didn't win the cake, none of the ducks escaped, excellent fundraiser for the PTFA, absolutely quackers idea, must do it again.
see the photos
A Chidham School PTFA fund raiser in association with Chidham and Hambrook website Association

Website sponsored events -
Chidham v Hambrook Cricket Match
Website Party - photos

An Association has been formed to manage the affairs of the website. The Association is run by its members. Its activities are governed by a Constitution.

The membership subscription, paid on a voluntary basis, is £5 pa.
Membership is open to any individual living within the community or active in village affairs.

To join, contact
Steve Clark 574129
Stephen Johnson 572059
Mitch Woods 574715

Day to day management is in the hands of the committee.

Committee members Meeting Dates
Key Topics for the website Website purpose and constraints

Committee members include
Steve Clark


Tel. 574129

Mandy Rodgers Treasurer
Mitch Woods


Tel. 574715

Stephen Johnson

Tel 572059

Barry Davis  
David Rodgers  
Philip MacDougall  
Stephanie Cecil  
Alastair Woolley  

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Website Committee Meetings for 2012

Date Time place
Wednesday 8pm,
In The Barleycorn unless otherwise mentioned
January 11    
February 8    
March 21  
April 11    
May 9    
June 13    
July 11    
August 10  
(usually cancelled due to holidays)
September 12    
October 10    
November 14    
December 12  
Christmas party!


The following topics/areas are seen as key aspects of the development of the website.
Current affairs/Issues
A platform for village organisations
Useful information and sources
Young people
(Village) people
Small ads

The purpose of the website is to encourage the development of the community of Chidham and Hambrook.
It is an independent and non profit making organisation.
There is no charge for adverts or content.
The website will accept 'no strings' donations from individuals or organisations.
Membership is open to any individual living within the community or active in village affairs.

Nutbourne Station Centenary Fun Day (photos)

The whole event was a great success as a result of the tremendous support from across the community, and funds were raised for several village organisations that participated in the Event.

The overall income, before deduction of costs, was £1345

Costs were defrayed by generous donations and help and backing from businesses, individuals and the Parish Council. In particular, special thanks to Marshalls plc who gave us such magnificent support.

Some of the takings were directly related to particular organisations, but the raffle, beer tent, Chidham WI tent and Bouncy Castle were considered as common events and the proceeds shared out equally to the School (PTFA and School funds), the Church (Youth Group and Sunday Club), the Chidham WI, and the Chidham and Hambrook Website association.

Overall net funds raised were

School (PTFA and School) £ 497
Church (Youth Group and Sunday Club) £ 171
C and H Website Association £ 282
Chidham WI £ 112

Total £1063

Thanks to everyone who came, or supported the event, and to all those who worked so hard to make it a success.

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