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*Chairman MRS S FISKE (572991), Vice Chairman MRS J BOWKER (372654)
*Hon. Treasurer MR S COWANS (575614), Asst. Treasurer MRS J BOWKER (372654)
*Hon Secretary MRS R BRADLEY (576057), Asst. Secretary MRS H DEAN (574004)
*Show Secretary MRS KAY GRANT (574072)

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Dec 2015
The end of another very successful year for the Society. Our December meeting is always a time for having fun and our Christmas party was no exception. As our chairman, Steph, mentioned it's not just a group who meet to sit and listen to our monthly speakers, but also a social gathering of likeminded people who enjoying gardening. We have welcomed several new members to the Society over the course of this year. Our Christmas party proved her point with approximately forty members gathering together for a fun evening! The members provided a most amazing buffet (thank you so much!) and the funds supplied the wine. The raffle was inundated with great prizes and the Quiz provided much amusement.
There is no monthly meeting in January so you can put your feet up! – even Brian let us off his topical tips so we don't have to feel guilty! The programme for 2016 is available for members and is also on line if you were not able to pick it up at the party. Barbara has organised some great speakers for us! Of course you will get the usual reminders from me nearer the time for our February meeting! Maybe this is the right time to thank our local magazines for always publishing my articles and advertisements - even holding back the deadline so they can include them! My personal thanks to the Editors who check my articles as I have made some hilarious typos over the years! Every bit of publicity helps small organisations like this one.
The Committee would like to wish you all very happy and healthy 2016!
Rozie Bradley

October 2015
Our October meeting was disappointing from the monthly competitions point of view. This reinforces our decision that after the December meeting there will be no more formal monthly competitions. It was hard for the committee to make such a big change after so many decades of these competitions, but times are changing and few members have large gardens with vegetable patches and more important, time to work in them. Moreover we have very few qualified judges. We will instead run an informal competition each month for you to exhibit your best flower/ best vegetable. We have had a positive feedback from our members on this subject. No Topical Tips this month as Brian is on holiday – excuses, excuses!

Mr Ian Currie, the weather forecaster, entertained us with a talk and slides of extreme weather in Great Britain over the last few centuries. It certainly reinforced the point that the weather has always had extremes in this country and makes you ponder about the topical subject of the present climate change. He forecast a cold night following the meeting and this morning I woke up to an amazing view across to the Cathedral with low mist in the field coloured pink by the rising sun. I reflected how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful area.

Next month is the AGM (groan, groan!). To encourage you to come, Barbara (her of the amazing flower arrangements!) will give a demonstration on how to make a Christmas wreath for your door, and the rest of the committee will serve teas/coffees with homemade cakes! Date: 12 November at the usual time of 7.00 for 7.30.
Rozie Bradley

September 2015
Jacie Bowker, our vice chairman, welcomed the members to the meeting – sadly so many were away on holiday so the numbers were low. I say sad, because we had an excellent speaker – Ben Crossland from Crosslands Nurseries in Walberton. Alstroemerias are his passion and he took us through the growing season to despatch. Foremost in his talk was the topic of locally grown flowers as opposed to foreign imports sold in the supermarkets etc. Did you know that 95% of cut flowers that you buy in the supermarkets etc are imported. These are usually exported to Holland and then despatched to the UK for ease of transportation etc. When his great grandfather first started the nursery it was as part of the UK wide LSA Co-OP who came each week and took everything they had ready up to Covent Garden where florists etc. purchased them. Now that is no longer possible and the nursery arranges delivery themselves both to florists and via Moonpig and Amazon amongst others .
Like the farmers and their problems with the supermarkets, it is a struggle to be financially viable. So please support him - he supplies the alstroemerias to the Farm Shop Delling Lane Bosham, the Southbourne Farm Shop and other local outlets. He is anxious to get the message far and wide and that is why he is available to speak to groups and I would recommend him.

Brian’s topical tips: Lift main crop spuds – water ground well and plant out your spring cabbage seedlings – sow your winter variety lettuce eg Arctic Queen in greenhouse or under cloches for March next year – take Rosemary cuttings – and of course now is an ideal time to start planting your spring bulbs (I hate that job but guess it is worth the effort!)

Next month on 8th October we have a change from things horticultural with the return of Mr Ian Currie with a talk and slides entitled “Droughts, Deluges and Dust Devils”. Hope he forecasts something better for us! If you are new to Bosham, please come along and join us at 7 for 7.30 in the Village Hall. We are a very friendly group!
Rozie Bradley

Annual Show Report August 2015
What a day! Another great show! Every year we think that this year we won’t get any entries and that no one will come to view the exhibits in the afternoon and every year we are proved wrong! We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day which always help as the competitors have to prepare their entries outside the hall at 8am before putting them in the rightful place for the judges! The judges commented on the high standard of entries this year. It was amazing that from the moment the doors opened in the afternoon there was a steady stream of visitors right up until the cups and prizes were awarded and the raffle called. The committee would like to thank all those members who helped on the day too numerous to mention by name. We could not do it without you! Special thanks has to go to Kay and Stephanie who work throughout the year to prepare for this day to make it the success it is.
Our next monthly meeting is on Thursday September 10th when Mr Ben Cross of Crosslands Nursery, Walberton will be giving a talk entitled “Growing Alstroemerias”. 7.00 for 7.30 in the Village Hall. Look forward to seeing you all there including the new members who joined at the Show! Welcome!
Rozie Bradley, Secretary
Bosham Show Results 2015  
Award Won by
The Banksian Medal Stephen Arkle
The Southwood Cup Norman Geehan
The Society's Challenge Cup Norman Geehan
The Lady Worsely Cup Norman Geehan
The John Brinkman Cup Norman Geehan
The Wornum Rose Bowl Bridgette Elkins
The Society's Rose Bowl Roger Perks
The Marwood Trophy Rita Sandy
The Baxendale Challenge Cup Rita Sandy
The Chidmere Cup Barbara Cowans
The Battersby Challenge Cup Barbara Cowans
The Minature Cup Rita Sandy
The Olga Baldwin Domestic Cup Norman Geehan
The Myrrh Cup Stephen Arkle
The Handover Cup Hazel Dean
The Painting Cup Valerie Magill
The Photographic Cup Ann Page
The Woodman Challenge Cup Grace Frith
The Wood Cup Claudia Evans
2 pm Saturday 8th August 2015

July 2015
Our July meeting was well attended and enjoyed by all. The speaker for the evening was Marcus Dancer, a clematis specialist, a great plantsman and an excellent speaker. He gave us a wonderful description of the garden shrubs and perennials that you can plant throughout the year to fill your garden with amazing scents. It was illustrated with photos of the plants which were handed around the members. This was a great idea as it gave the members time to write down the name of the plants. When we have slideshows this is always difficult as the lights have to be off!! I would thoroughly recommend Marcus to other garden clubs. He does not open to the public but attends various local markets and shows and I know that he is planning to be at the Emsworth Show on the 31 August – worth a visit. Search Marcus Dancer Plants which will give you all his details and planned visits.
Brian’s topical tips: Get busy sowing your spring onion, spring cabbage and winter carrot seeds in open ground – feed your dahlias and roses with potash to get them in excellent condition for our Show – you can plant some gladioli corms for late flowering and lastly now is the time to take cuttings from your pinks and carnations.
Our next big event is our ANNUAL FLOWER & VEGETABLE SHOW on the 8th August in the Village Hall at 2pm. If you have not been able to get a show schedule, email or call any member of the committee and we will get one to you. This is an open show and exhibits are encouraged from everyone. It is an important event in the Bosham Calendar and like all these events, we need your support to keep it going! There is also a children’s section, and photographic, domestic and craft sections so all the family can join in! If you are not an exhibitor, just come along as the hall will be filled with amazing flowers and vegetables and there will be a tombola, raffle, cake and produce stall and of course yours truly will don her pinny and serve you delicious tea and homemade cakes while you take the weight off your feet! SEE YOU THERE!!
Rozie Bradley

June 2015
On a balmy June evening, we were entertained by both John and June Baker on the magnificence of the Hosta plants. A very interesting and entertaining talk accompanied by some beautiful slides – from the subject of voracious slugs and snails and how to deter them from eating all the leaves, to the thirteen hundred different varieties of the plant, both miniature to gigantic! I would certainly recommend the Bakers to other horticultural societies and have lots of ideas for my own planting next year!

Stephanie thanked everyone present for all their help at the Coffee Morning and Plant Sale in May where the money we raised will go a long way to paying for our speakers. She reminded everyone that the Show Schedules for the August Flower and Vegetable Show on the 8 th August is now available at the normal outlets (Farm Shop, Hilliers and Tuppenny Barn etc). This is an open show when all in the area invited to exhibit, under the RHS rules. If you are having difficulty in locating a schedule in order to plan your exhibits, please contact any member of the committee. The schedule is also on our website for you to view or download.

Brian, our own gardening expert, gave us his topical tips: with sweet peas which should be about to flower, take off any sideshoots and tendrils – get out there in the veg patch and start sowing January cabbage, cauliflower, swedes and broccoli – likewise winter carrots (so they don't get the fly). Don't forget to plant your wallflowers for next year's blooms. Lastly, remove sideshoots and feed your tomatoes (Brian recommends rose fertilizer as it has more potash than regular tomato feed). Now Joanna Lumley was on the TV during Chelsea Flower show and said she puts Tomorite on all her plants including her roses! That's gardening for you and I know whom I would take more notice of!!!

Next month, Marcus Dancer will be giving an illustrated talk entitled “Scented Plants throughout the year”. That should be nice and relaxing! See you there – July 9 th at the Bosham Village Hall from 6.30 onwards. Please bring along visitors as well!
We do not have a monthly meeting in May because we are busy holding our Annual Coffee Morning and Plant Sale. The Committee would like to thank all those members who worked so hard on the day and everyone who kindly donated plants to sell. The morning was a great success and will go a long way to covering the cost of our speakers throughout the year! It was wonderful to see our President, Bud Cooper, attend the sale and take the money at the door!
Our next monthly meeting is on Thursday 11th June 2015 when Mr & Mrs John Baker will give us a talk with a power point presentation and will include some hostas for sale. A chance for someone like me, who missed out buying a hosta at the Coffee morning! 7.00 for 7.30 in the Village Hall as usual.
Rozie Bradley

April 2015

Our April meeting came during the best week of the year so far, with plenty of sunshine to bring on the plants and to encourage everyone into the garden! The talk, by Mrs Patricia Elkington, could not have come at a more appropriate time, encouraging us to take a good look at the planting and colours of our gardens – what colours are harmonious and what looked awful, illustrated by some beautiful slides. Don't be afraid to take plants out if they are not right (and pot them up for our plant sale next month!). The next morning I was out viewing my design and planting through different eyes – my husband nearby with a look of horror on his face defending his patch of precious lawn in case it comes in for the chop!

Stephanie informed the members that the Show Schedule for 8 th August is on our website ( ) in case you need to know what to plant now. If you do have a problem with online documents, you can email me and I will help you. As I am sure you are all aware our Coffee Morning and Plant Sale is on Saturday 9th May from 10am to 12 noon. If any non members have any plants that they would be willing to donate to the sale, just let me know and I can collect if you are not able to deliver on the morning. Printed copies will be with us mid-May. Lastly but definitely not least, Brian's topical tips: Sow parsnips in open ground and a very good tip is to also plant radishes as they come up first and will show you where the parsnips will be – also sow carrots and onion sets – if you have not done so already prune, feed and spray roses – Plant your tomatoes and cucumbers indoors or in the greenhouse – then if this wonderful sunshine continues you can sit out on the newly mown lawn and admire all your hard work !

There is no monthly meeting in May as we have the coffee morning and plant sale as mentioned above. At the sale there will also be a book and jigsaw stall, cake and produce stall, raffle, and a craft stall by those wonderful Gick sisters!
Happy Gardening! Rozie Bradley

March 2015

After a week of spring like weatherand starting on our gardens, we were all ready for an enjoyable evening's entertainment and we were not disappointed! It was good to see so many members and even three new ones! Our membership is creeping up which always pleases the committee! Stephanie was away on holiday so Jackie Bowker, our vice chairman, took over. She reminded the members that when potting up any plants this spring, please remember to put some by for our Annual Coffee Morning and Plant Sale on the 9 th May (and of course any readers who may have plants to spare!). The takings from the sale goes towards the cost of our speakers at each monthly meeting – so it is a very important occasion! The Annual Show Schedule for the 8 th August is up on our website for gardeners/exhibitors who need to decide what to enter and what to plant .Our monthly competitions brought some spring cheer to the evening and thanks must go to the Judges on the night, Suzanne Holroyd, Ivy Linkhorn and Barbara Cowans. Our meetings are always a team effort and what a great team we have! Brian gave us his topical tips in the hopes that the good weather continues – plant out your broad beans and round peas in the open ground – plant out your sweet peas (sticks first and then the peas) - sow your tomatoes, radish and potatoes in open ground at the end of March.

Our excellent speaker for the evening was Mr Nick Gilbert from Gilberts Nursery and Tearoom in Sherfield English near Romsey. This is a family business with Nick in the Nursery and his wife in the tea room! They are a nursery selling all manner of plants, but his particular speciality is dahlias and with his beautiful slides he took us through the garden year of the dahlia and he also brought some for sale and planting in our gardens. His nursery is just off the A27 Junction 2 and I think would be definitely worth a visit. You can look up all the nursery details on the internet:

Our next meeting is on the 9 th April when Mrs Patricia Pilkington will be entertaining us with a talk and slides entitiled “The Harmonious Garden” – Related and Complementery Colour. Hope to see you there and happy garden
Rozie Bradley

February 2015

Our first meeting of the year and it was a delight to catch up with so many members on a rather miserable February evening. At the start of the meeting Stephanie welcomed everyone and especially three new members – that is always good! There were not too many entries for the competitions as I am not sure there is a lot to show from our gardens! As we are always trying to persuade more people to enter the competitions, I thought I had better give it a go – I mean how difficult can flapjacks be to make?! Yes, you’ve guessed – mine looked great in the tin but once cut and taken out, they turned into toasted oats and only fit for the hungry birds! Oh well, better luck next time! The best news of the evening was to hear that Bud, our President, who was in hospital over Christmas, is a little better and had visited his greenhouse (a very good sign!). Let’s hope he might make it to the March meeting! The Show Schedule for August 8th 2015 will be on our website within the next couple of weeks for those who need to plan their entries. Shortly after that it will be sent to the printers. Brian’s topical tips list is always short at this time of year: Plant broad beans in pots – Put your seed potatoes in trays in the warm (Brian has his on the landing – that Ivy is a saint!) – harden off your sweet peas in a cold frame - cut your Autumn Bliss raspberries right down to the bottom and feed with fish, blood and bone meal – tidy up your strawberries and also feed with the fish, blood and bone which is a slow release fertiliser.
Our speaker, Hilary Gilson, is a very supportive member of the Society and she entertained us with a delightful vignette of time spent on Bird Island, Seychelles. A real bounty bar island and a must for bird, turtle and tropical plant lovers. She inspired many of us and at the end most of the questions were about how to get there!
Our next meeting is on Thursday 12th March and is specially for you dahlia lovers and growers, when Mr Nick Gilbert from Gilberts Nursery Romsey will be giving a talk with slides entitled “Dahlias”. 7.00 for 7.30 in Bosham Village Hall. Visitors and new members welcome!
Rozie Bradley

Newsletter - Jan 2015

We do not have a society meeting in January, but the committee is already busy organising the programme for the Annual Show on 8 th August this year. Last year's was a great success and I am sure it will be the same this year. If you are new to the area we hope you will be able to come along and visit it for the first time. You may also like to know that we hold monthly meetings with a guest speaker, competitions, both domestic, vegetables and flowers.
To get more details of our meetings etc. visit our website on We are a friendly group of local gardeners who share a passion for our gardens. We are lucky that we have some great experts amongst our members who are always there to answer any problems or quandaries of the gardening type! The evening is very relaxed with a cuppa and a biscuit on arrival and time to have a chat, and of course there is a raffle. We have monthly competitions both of the flower/vegetable sort and also domestic.
In May we hold a Plant Sale and Coffee morning which helps boost our funds and this is always very well supported by the local community. I hope that this has given you an insight into the Society and that you may wish to come along on Thursday February 12 th at 7.00 for 7.30 in the Bosham Village Hall which is our first meeting of 2015. One of our members, Mrs Hilary Gilson will be brightening up this gloomy time of year, with a talk entitled ‘A Day in Paradise' all about the flora and Fauna of Bird Island in the Seychelles. Sounds like the tonic will all need! Visitors most welcome.

Dec 2014
As another very successful year draws to a close we, as a committee, look forward to welcoming you all back on 12th February to our monthly meetings. Of course this invitation is extended to all in our local area to come and join us. Why not come along to one of our meetings as a visitor and see if you think it is for you. Barbara has arranged a super programme of speakers for the year and we hope you will be able to join in the monthly competitions at the same time, both culinary and horticultural. Notices of the meetings are kindly published free of charge in the local magazines.
Our December meeting is our annual Christmas Party and is always a fun evening. Being a highly intelligent group of members, the quiz was a doddle (well I thought it was as I set it and knew the answers!). There was certainly lots of laughter in the hall that night! The members brought along a magnificent buffet and some wine was supplied by the society. Thanks go to all who brought the delicious food and donated to the raffle.
REMEMBER – no meeting in January 2015.
Rozie Bradley, Secretary

Nov 2014 - AGM

Thirty members of the Society braved the wild weather to attend our Annual General Meeting! Medals all round! Our President, Bud Cooper, was not able to attend but sent the society his very best wishes. Stephanie Fiske welcomed everyone present to the evening. This year had been very successful and Stephanie thanked everyone for all their support throughout the year but especially at the Plant Sale and the Annual Show.
Brian gave us his topical tips: Sow broad beans in pots, ready to plant out when the weather is better – put grease bands round your fruit trees to ensure good fruit next year and start to prune the early fruiting apple trees – now is also the time to plant any new apple trees whether free rooting or container grown. Halve your rose stems to prevent root damage from strong winds – dig up your rhubarb crowns and split them and replant to improve next year's crop, and if you are planning to buy new rhubarb crowns, now is the timeto plant them! Hope you have planted all your tulips by now – then you can relax or start the Christmas shopping and cards!!

While the members were given tea and cakes supplied by the committee, yours truly did her best to entertain them with a talk and slide show of a wonderful posting to Belize. You will be glad to read it is a one off!

Next month is our CHRISTMAS PARTY on Thursday 11 th December 7.00 for 7.30. If you have not put your name down then just email/phone me or a committee member and at the same time let us know what you are able to bring to the buffet!
Rozie Bradley - Secretary

Oct 2014
What a wild night we had for our October meeting and I am amazed how many loyal members turned up and I hope enjoyed their evening. Unfortunately our promised speaker (the dahlia man!) was unable to come because he had flu – panic all round but don’t worry you dahlia lovers he has promised to come and speak to us at our March meeting year!
Luckily for us all Maggie Haynes very kindly stepped into the breach and gave us all a fascinating update of her work and the development of Tuppeny Barn in Southbourne. She really is an inspiration to us all – full of energy, determination and dedication to a cause she believes in.
After she left the army and a short time in security, she decided to develop her passion. At that time she had no experience with horticulture at all but just a desire to set up an organic smallholding with sustainable working practices to encourage others to work with nature, especially the young children.
Realising that the smallholding would not be enough to pay for this way of life, she then started to develop work on the education side and is in the process of completing a sustainable building which has been built with all natural and recycled materials. This will be their education centre for the future. This is already being used by school children on visits, community groups, and for courses. I expect you have seen the beautiful cedar shingled tiled roof of this round building as you drive down the road from Bosham into Southbourne on the righthand side.
The smallholding grows an enormous selection of organic fruit and vegetables and a visit to the farmshop is a must. Maggie works there tirelessly and is supported mainly by a group of dedicated volunteers who come each week to help. The whole project is quite amazing and we could not believe how much it has all progressed since she first came to our society in 2010. So I urge members to go along to Tuppeny Barn and give her our support too. Visit her website which will give you more detailed information than I have space for.
No topical tips this month, as Brian and Ivy are on holiday!
Next month’s meeting will not be so exciting as it is our AGM! Can we entice you to attend by serving tea and cakes along with a short piece of entertainment after the business side is complete?! Thursday 13th November 2014 in the Village Hall.
Rozie Bradley

Sept 2014
It was great to see so many members at our first meeting since the Annual Show in August. Stephanie, our chairman, thanked everyone who put in so much effort to make the show a success and was pleased to announce that we had survived financially – putting on a show involves a great deal of expense and so we are grateful to our sponsors, those who donated raffle prizes, and to those who organised and manned the stalls on the day. We had some good entries for our monthly competitions but could do with more – why not check the schedule for September and give it a go! Be warned I will email all members with the competitions for each month in good time for you to put in an entry! Brian's topical tips included: remove all leaves from your tomato plants as the plants cannot support both fruit and leaves at this time of year – plant your alliums, wallflowers and sweet williams – when you have lifted your main crop of potatoes from the veg patch, sow some tares and in January when they grown dig them in as green manure - dead head the roses and check for mildew and black fly.
We were treated to an amazing talk on Gertrude Jekyll by Marion Emory. This was not the usual talk about the gardens she designed but more about Gertrude the person and her life as an eminent Victorian. She changed the face of Victorian gardening, straying from the formality and clashing colours and was greatly influenced by designs she saw on her travels in North Africa. She was multi talented as a gardener, musician, singer, artist and craftswoman. Of coursed her teamwork with Lutyens is legendary. I would highly recommend this talk to anyone in the area who organises speakers for a group.
Next month we go back to things horticultural when our speaker will be Mr Nick Gilbert from Gilberts Nursery in Romsey, entitled ‘Dahlias' – a talk with slides. See you there on the 9 th October at 7pm in the Village Hall. We love having visitors, so do come along and share the evening with us. There's always a cup of tea and biscuits and a raffle! All programme details are on our website
Rozie Bradley Secretary

Annual Show 2014
We had amazing show this year! The village hall was filled with beautiful exhibits, which once judged by our professional judges, were enjoyed by all and sundry who visited from far and wide! There were not quite so many entries as last year but this was largely due to the wet winter followed by the hot summer – this meant that a lot of the flowers and vegetables that could have been exhibited were already over. We would like to thank our sponsors and raffle donors, without whom we would not be able to put on the show each year. And lastly thanks to all those members who worked so hard not only on the day but also during the months leading up to the Show.
Show results

Our next monthly meeting is on Thursday 11 th September 2014 when Mrs Marion Emery will be giving a talk with slides entitled “Gertrude Jekyll – artist, craftswoman and gardener” Should be a fascinating evening's entertainment. Look forward to seeing you there! Visitors always welcome!
July 2014
We had a great turn out of members and visitors at our July meeting. The beautiful floral exhibits for the monthly competitions filled the hall with the delicious scent of sweet peas and roses. What a fantastic summer so far. Appropriately, our speaker Mrs Jane Walker of Blooms Florists of Chichester, demonstrated how to arrange many of our garden flowers, wild flowers and foliage in so many different ways. Her informal demonstration of flower arranging was a delight to watch and to listen to. It certainly inspired me to have a go! All six arrangements were so entirely different and beautiful in their own right. She made it look so easy but I think I know different.....! Six members were lucky enough to win an arrangement in the raffle! She told us her favourite flower arranging duty was for weddings – so if you have a wedding in the near future why not go and visit the shop at 3a Little London, Chichester.
On a more practical level, Brian gave us his topical tips for the month ahead: cut down your spiraea - sow pansies and violas, carrots, spinach and turnips, all in open ground – dead head roses. Not too onerous but there is always lots of watering to do if you are bored! Our outing to Ann Moss’s garden in Prinsted was a great success and the rain held off until it was time for us to go anyway! Thanks to Ann and all the team who set the evening up.
We only have four weeks until our ANNUAL FLOWER AND VEGETABLE SHOW on 9TH AUGUST 2014 in Bosham Village Hall. If you haven’t got your schedule, let me know – we need as many entries as possible to make the Show a success! We also invite all the village and surrounding area to come and visit the exhibits in the afternoon from 2pm. They really are quite spectacular. We have a tombola, cake and produce stall, fantastic raffle and will be serving teas and cakes while you rest your weary legs! A great afternoon out in our beautiful village! Hope to see you there, dear readers!

Rozie Bradley
June 2014
Since I last wrote an article, we held our very successful Coffee Morning & Plant Sale when we raised well over £600.0.0. Our thanks go to all who helped on the day and all the people who supported the Society and bought so many of the plants etc. The plants should be thriving in all this lovely hot and moist weather!
Our June meeting was held on a balmy evening and was enjoyed by all. There were some beautiful roses in our competitions this month. Stephanie announced that our Annual Show Schedule for August 9th this year is now available at Hilliers and the Farm Shop in Delling Lane. We do hope there will be a lot of entries this year and if you want us to arrange for a programme to be sent to you, please let me know. The schedule is also on our website ( Brian gave us his topical tips: sow your wallflower seeds for next spring’s flowers – sow winter carrots for Jan/Feb next year and likewise turnips and swede – transplant your leeks – and lastly when watering your French beans, do it from the top downwards as this helps wash off any aphids and helps set the flowers.
Our speaker was Mrs Liddy Davison from the Women’s Farm and Garden Association. This was a charity set up in 1899 to support women of the day who wanted to farm and become gardeners in their own right. It has evolved over the years and is now principally for anyone interested in gardening (both men and women). Their project that Liddy came to talk to us about is called WRAGS (Work and Retrain As a Gardener Scheme) and works like an apprenticeship. The trainee gardener works for 15 hours a week for a year, in a carefully sourced garden, under the instruction of the garden owner or head gardener. If you might be interested or know someone who might be, it really is worth looking at the website ( for all the details. The talk was very entertaining and I would thoroughly recommend Liddy as a speaker to any other clubs in the area.
Lots to look forward to in July! On Friday 4th Ann Moss has very kindly invited us to an evening visit at her amazing garden in Prinsted (if you haven’t put your name down, please contact me). Our next monthly meeting is on Thursday 10th July when our speaker will be Jane Walker of Blooms Florist entitled “A Flower Demonstration to Inspire Ideas”. Her arrangement will be raffled at the end of the evening. This may well be of interest to you local flower arrangers who are not members, and we would be delighted to see you at the meeting. 7 for 7.30 in the Village Hall.
Now into the garden to deadhead the roses and water the vegetables! Such a joy after that awful wet winter!
Rozie Bradley
April 2014
A very enjoyable spring meeting was held on 10th April. In the absence of our chairman and vice chairman, I chaired the evening (albeit slightly chaotically!) and welcomed the members, visitors and the speaker for the evening. I was pleased to report that our President, Bud Cooper, is now back home following such a long spell in hospital and making progress towards full fitness – we so look forward to welcoming him back to our meetings!
Important Notices: COFFEE MORNING & PLANT SALE will be on the 17th May starting at 10am in the Village Hall. We do hope all members will be able to support this fund raising event, by bringing plants, cakes, books etc. to the hall from 8.30 onwards. If you are able to help on the stalls etc please contact me if you have not already signed up! We have an OUTING planned for Friday 4th July at 6pm to our member Ann Moss’s garden in Prinsted. Please let me know if you wish to join us. The plan is to bring your own picnic if you wish, but there will be light refreshments for sale and any money generated from this will go to the Tuppeny Barn project.
There is a CHANGE OF SPEAKER for our next monthly meeting on the 12th June as Mr John Baker is unable to attend. Our speaker will now be Mrs Liddy Davidson who will give a talk entitled “The Women’s (& men’s) Farm & Gardening Association - training and other opportunities related to gardening”. This should be a very interesting talk and may be of interest to non members too who wish to take up gardening as a career. We always welcome visitors to our meetings. Following the results of the monthly competitions, Brian gave us his topical tips: divide snowdrops and replant – cut down penstemons – plant out your potatoes – sow French beans and peas and when shoots appear cover with fleece – prune lavender if you did not do so at the end of summer – sow marrows and cucumbers in the greenhouse/cold frame.
Our speaker, Doris Smallwood, gave us a wonderful talk on the fun of growing and showing. It was so interesting to hear from a judge’s point of view what they look for as they judge the exhibits. She went through our show schedule and gave us lots of handy tips on when to plant your exhibits in order for them to be at their best on the day. Remember whatever sneaky trick you have up your sleeve to make the exhibits to look their best, she will spot it every time!! Doris is a great speaker and I would recommend her highly to other societies.
Please remember there is no monthly meeting in May and we look forward to seeing you all at the Coffee Morning and Plant Sale.
Rozie Bradley, Secretary
Mar 2014
Stephanie was pleased to report that Bud Cooper is now back in St. Richards following his operation at Southampton. Hopefully he will be home soon with Beryl and the family and return to the Horti. We have all missed him at the monthly meetings and wish him a speedy recovery.
0ur speaker, Mr. Peter Rocchiccioli, drove through thick fog from Hayling Island to give us an entertaining evening of beautiful photos of his trip to the tulips of Keukenhof Gardens. He also showed us some of is amazing exhibition photos and gave the photographers present lots of tips to improve their technology of the art. Not sure it will make a difference to my happy snaps of the grandchildren with my simple point and press camera! No time to compose a picture with them!
Brian gave us his topical tips for the month ahead. No slacking now the rain seems to be behind us at last and the weather has warmed up! Now is the time to plant your early spuds, sow your radish, leek, lettuce and spring onions. The apple and pear trees should have been pruned by now and if not do it asap or you won't get any decent fruit this year! Plant any lily corms now and remember to mark the spot. And lastly prune your sedum down to the lowest bud.
Date & Time: Thursday 10 th April 2014 at 7.00 for 7.30
Venue: Bosham village Hall
Speaker: Mrs Doris Smallwood
Talk entitled: The fun of Growing and Showing - a talk to inspire and encourage

Look forward to seeing you all at the Meeting and bring some friends along too! We do have some wonderful gardeners amongst our members who are always happy to give advice etc. And of course there is the raffle and a cup of tea on arrival
Rozie Bradley, Secretary
Feb 2014
On a blustery night Stephanie welcomed members and several visitors to our first meeting of 2014. She was pleased to report that, Bud Cooper, our president, has had his heart operation and is on a high dependency unit at Southampton Hospital. We look forward to welcoming him back to Bosham as soon as possible. Over the past nine weeks our thoughts have been with Beryl and the family. Stephanie reminded members of our Coffee Morning and Plant Sale in May and that when potting up plants for their garden to do a few extra for the sale! Many thanks to those who brought some beautiful plants for our sales table. Anything horticultural can be sold on the night with 20% of the sale price going to the Society. The competitions were a welcome sight at this drab time of year. Brian’s topical tips for the month ahead are few because, yes you’ve guessed, of the atrocious weather of the past two months. However to keep you busy why not plant your broad beans, onion sets, shallots etc. in 2” – 3” pots (or yogurt pots) and put them in a greenhouse or cold frame.
I think everyone enjoyed the talk “A world of Sweet Peas” by Roger Parsons of Bracklesham Bay. Roger has been growing sweet peas as a hobby since 1985 and from 1993 has been the custodian of the National Collection. His knowledge of everything to do with sweet peas is second to none. His slides were a colourful delight and I am sure he inspired us to start growing sweet peas with confidence. In addition he brought along a selection of his seeds which members snapped up! I recommend you visit his website You can buy the seeds by mail order. Hurry, as they should be sown in their pots by the end of February!
Next month Mr Peter Rocchiccioli, who judges the photography section at our Annual Show, will be giving us a talk on what a judge looks for in a photograph. Even if you are not a member but enter the photographic section at the Show I recommend you come along and get some tips from the expert! This meeting will be on Thursday 13th March at 7.00 for 7.30 in Bosham Village Hall.
Rozie Bradley, Secretary
Jan 2014
As we do not have a meeting in January, I have nothing to report except that the Committee are really looking forward to welcoming everyone to our first meeting of 2014. In case you are new to the area, we are a horticultural society affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society. This makes us sound rather posh but believe me we are a wonderful group of local gardeners who share a passion for our gardens. We are lucky that we have some great experts amongst our members who are always there to answer any problems or quandaries of the gardening type! The evening is always very relaxed with a cuppa and a biscuit on arrival and time to have a chat, and of course there is a raffle. We have monthly competitions both of the flower/vegetable sort and also domestic. At each monthly meeting we have a speaker and the subjects are very varied and interesting. In May we hold a Plant Sale and Coffee morning which helps boost our funds and this is always very well supported by the local community. In August we hold our Annual Flower and Vegetable Show with professional judges and this is really the highlight of the year, and competitors come from a wide area. An annual village event not to be missed!
I hope that this has given you an insight into the Society and that you may wish to come along on Thursday February 13th at 7.00 for 7.30 in the Bosham Village Hall which is our first meeting of 2014. Mr Roger Parsons will be speaking on his passion for Sweet Peas with his talk entitled “A World of Sweet Peas” illustrated by his slides. In addition there will be some seeds for sale. It should be a talk that will brighten up a rather gloomy time of the gardening year!
Christmas Party
Coming towards the end of the year, I am happy to report that it has been a very successful one for our Society. We have had great support from our members throughout the year and at our Christmas Party we had over 40 members attending. The members’ contributions to the buffet was amazing and with the addition of the wine supplied by the Society a jolly evening was had by all! Everyone joined in the spirit of the occasion, and puzzled over the lighthearted quiz!
A reminder that we do not have a monthly meeting in January, so the next meeting will be on the 13th February 2014. Our annual programme is out now and if you were not at the party and have not got one please contact any member of the committee.
A happy New Year to all our members and readers!
Rozie Bradley, Secretary
November Meeting
It was so good to see 40 members of the Society attending our Annual General Meeting. Our President, Bud Cooper, opened the AGM and said how happy he was that the Society is still going strong and how proud he was that our Annual Show was such a success when so many other smaller Societies no longer put one on. This is largely due to the hard work of Kay Grant, getting the sponsors and organising the judges etc. It is a tough job and she does it so well. He also commented on how hard the Committee work throughout the year to make every meeting successful. His one plea was to the members to put in more competition entries at the monthly meetings!
Following the business side of the AGM, Brian gave us his topical tips: Sow broad beans in open ground – Plant autumn garlic – Put grease bands round your fruit trees to ensure good fruit next year – Halve your rose stems to prevent root damage from strong winds – harvest all your tomatoes and dig over the ground – carry on with autumn digging. Then you can do your Christmas Shopping!
While the members were given tea and cakes supplied by the committee, Mike Rogers and Lucy Watson handed around their amazing collection of old implements. The members had to guess what 20 of them were used for. Not easy and the scores were very low!! I think we all had fun though!
Next month is our CHRISTMAS PARTY on Thursday 12th December 7.00 for 7.30. If you have not put your name down then just email/phone me or a committee member and at the same time let us know what you are able to bring to the buffet!

Rozie Bradley Secretary
October Meeting
Our October meeting was held on the coldest day so far this autumn and it felt as though winter had arrived! This did not seem to put off our members who flocked to hear Barry Newman give us his talk on The Modern Kitchen Garden. I am sure his ideas, tips and wonderful slides will have inspired anyone at the meeting, who did not already grow vegetables, to take up their spade! He is definitely a “container and raised bed gardener” and the benefits of this type of vegetable garden are huge – no slugs, snails or other creepy crawlies in the soil, ease of weeding, and no soil compaction to name but a few! Did you know that 50% of our vegetables and 95% of our fruit in the shops come from overseas! So the message is start growing your own!
Brian gave us his topical tips for this busy time of year for gardeners as we wind down for winter – first sort and thoroughly clean and sterilise your greenhouse for next year's season - bring your Christmas cactus indoors – you should have finished planting your daffs and narcissi so now you can start panting your tulips – You can sow your autumn lettuce, salad onions, radish ready to eat for next spring – sow autumn onion sets – lift your strawberry plants and separate the runners and replant.
Stephanie announced that next month's meeting (14 November) is our AGM – and no it won't be boring!! The official business should not take long and following an open forum for members who might like to share their ideas for the way ahead for the Society, new speakers, outings etc., the committee will serve tea/coffee and cakes. As a committee we are there to make sure the meetings run smoothly and you have fun and we welcome your input – so do come along! Mike Rogers has kindly agreed to bring along some of his collection of old garden implements and will entertain us with a quiz about them! We have enrolled quite a few new members in the last few months which is so encouraging – they are welcomed with open arms!
Rozie Bradley Secretary
September Meeting
Our first autumn meeting after such a wonderful summer and it was good to catch up with the members, old and new! It’s great to have new members joining at almost every monthly meeting!
Stephanie was sad to report that Peggy Flint, one of our long standing members and such a supportive one, had died recently. We shall miss her and our sympathy goes out to her family. Stephanie informed the members that the Annual Show had been a great success and thanked all who attended and helped on the day. In our monthly competitions, Stephanie won best in show domestic and Gwen won best in show floral. Brian gave us his topical tips – have you bought your spring bulbs yet and planned where to plant them? If you have fallow ground in your veg plot why not think about sowing green tares (available from garden centres) - just broadcast them on the soil and then put a thin layer of soil on top, and then in the spring dig in the plants – Brian assures me it is less work than digging in manure and works really well! – prune out old wood from your July raspberries – sow autumn spinach – lift the spuds - and finally put grease bands round your apple trees.
Our speaker, Mark Saunders, who is the Head Gardener at Fittleworth House, gave us a brilliant talk with slides about photography in the garden. He has a passion for gardening and photography and his photos were outstanding. If he took the art further he would go professional but then he would have to give up gardening - what a dilemma, but I think gardening will win! We have a lot of amateur photographers amongst our members and I am sure his excellent tips were useful. The main one being, never be without your camera – and in this respect the Iphone has revolutionised the art – that and Photoshop. Mark gives talks on a range of gardening themes and I would highly recommend him to other clubs and societies.
Our next monthly meeting is on Thursday 10th October in the Village Hall at 7.00 for 7.30 when the speaker will be Mr Barry Newman with a talk entitled The Modern Kitchen Garden. This will be a talk in three parts – traditional – container and raised beds – planting the modern way. Barbara Cowans is amazing that each year she finds such a variety of speakers for our meetings!
Happy gardening!
Rozie Bradley, Secretary


This is the best event in our calendar each year! Work starts in January to organise the sponsors and the judges, stewards etc and then the final week leading to the actual day is pretty frantic! We would like to thank all the members who helped on the day and everyone who entered the competitions. To see the wonderful array of over 400 exhibits as you entered the hall made all the hard work worthwhile. We hope that everyone who visited the show in the afternoon enjoyed themselves, and thanks to them for their support. Of course, last but not least, we have to thank our sponsors and generous raffle donors without whom we would not be able to put on the show each year.
See the list of Trophy winners

Our next monthly meeting is on Thursday 12th September when our speaker, Mr Mark Saunders, Head Gardener at Fittleworth House, will give us a talk with slides entitled ‘Garden Photographs to Inspire’. If you are new to the area, why not join us at 7.00 for 7.30pm in the Village Hall, Bosham! We are a friendly bunch, and if you come early you can have a cuppa and a biscuit and of course a natter, before the entertainment begins!
Rozie Bradley, Secretary

Meeting July 2013
Quoting from July's report last year “another wet and blustery night” – what a difference a year makes! After such a horrid spring and wet early summer, July 2013's meeting was held on a beautiful summer's evening and we had all the doors open throughout! If your garden is anything like mine it is ablaze with colour with the roses that should have been out a month ago flowering with all the plants that should be out at this time of year!

We had a good turn out, including four visitors, and some wonderfully colourful competition entries with some beautifully scented sweetpeas! They were a joy to look at. Stephanie welcomed everyone and we were all especially glad to see Don Hall return after making such a good recovery from his recent illness.

We bade a fond farewell (in her absence) to Pat Montague who is off to Bristol – she has been a wonderful supporter of the Society both on the Committee and as the co-ordinator of the newsletter distribution. We wish her all the best in her new home.
Stephanie reminded everyone about the


If you would like to put in an exhibit and do not have a schedule you can download the entry form from our website ( ) or contact a committee member who can send you one by snail mail! We will need plenty of help on the day, please, and as many cakes as possible for the cake stall!! We shall be setting up in the hall early on Friday evening where any strong members would be welcomed and of course likewise after the show at about 4.30!
If you have never visited the Show before, do come along – it is really worth viewing all the exhibits that come from far and wide – a beautiful spectacle. There will be an amazing raffle, cake stall, tombola and of course a welcome tea and slice of cake! A big thanks to our sponsors who enable us to hold this event.

Brian gave us his topical tips and apart from all the watering and dead heading, and spraying for blackfly (runner and broad beans!) and other aphids, you should have planted out your wallflowers and can sow your winter pansies for planting out in September – You can sow your Spring cabbage, plant out your sweetcorn.

Our speaker, Mrs Lesley Chamberlain, entertained us with a fascinating talk on the history and plants of Highdown Gardens in Worthing. Mr Frederick Stern's life was almost as colourful as the beautiful gardens he designed and planted! He got plant hunters to scour the chalk band all over the world for plants for this garden and the result is amazing. The garden is open to the public and free to enter and well worth a visit.

A reminder that there is no monthly meeting in August but SEE YOU AT THE SHOW!!! Doors open at 2pm.

Rozie Bradley Secretary

Meeting June 2013

This was our first meeting following the Coffee Morning and Plant Sale, and Stephanie, our chairman, announced the good news that we had net takings of £475.00 and she thanked all those members who had helped make the day such a success. Our next big event will of course be the Annual Show in August and preparations for that day have been ongoing since January. The Show Schedules are now available at the usual outlets (Farm Shop, Hilliers etc.). A plea that all cups won at last year's show be returned to the Society by the July meeting! Competition entries were slightly down as everything seems to be about a month behind this year. Best in Show Floral was awarded to Gwen Ambrose. Brian gave us his monthly topical tips: now is the time to plant out your marrows and courgettes, and also your sprouts, savoy cabbages, cauliflowers and calabrese for harvesting in the winter. Sow your winter veg seeds in open beds such as carrots, suede and turnips. Make sure you dead head your roses and as there seems to be a lot of black and green fly on them at present, spray them as soon as possible.

Our speaker for the evening, Monica Lucas, entertained us with a talk and beautiful slides entitled the Bee and Butterfly Garden. We learnt all about beekeeping and which flowers we should grow to keep them happy and busy with honey making – starting with the snowdrops first right through to the michaelmas daisies in the autumn.

We do have some very keen gardeners amongst our group and it is interesting to note how many have opened their gardens to the public this summer – not only in the Bosham Open Gardens, but also with the NGS and individually – all make such a great contribution towards worthwhile charities and give great pleasure to those who visit. If you share this interest in gardening, do come and join us at one of our meetings – we have some really knowledgeable gardeners who are always happy to share their wealth of information with us. Visit our website for all the details of forthcoming events etc.

Our next meeting is on the 11 th July when Mrs Lesley Chamberlain will be talking to us about the hidden history of Highdown Gardens, showing the greatest collection of chalk loving plants collected over the last century. Should be good!!

Enjoy your gardening!!

Rozie Bradley
May 2013
We held our annual fund raising event this month. Despite there being numerous plant sales, art trails, and garden markets held on the same morning locally, we had a steady trail of visitors to the Coffee Morning and Plant sale and will hopefully have raised enough money to boost our funds for the year! Many thanks to all those members who potted up all those plants, baked all those delicious cakes, donated books, raffle prizes and puzzles and of course to all those who came on the day, set up the hall and worked on the stalls. (And then dismantled it all afterwards!). I am sure you all felt it was worth the hardwork!
Brian still had time to give me his topical tips in between selling his plants!! Now is the time to sow sweetcorn, wallflowers and sweet williams. You can now plant out your dahlias, runner bean plants and plant some more runner bean seeds for cropping well into the autumn. Ring support and feed your sweet peas, harden off your marrows and feed the tomatoes in the greenhouse.
In June we have one of our favourite speakers, Miss Monica Lucas from Sidlesham, coming to give us her talk entitled ‘The Bee and Butterfly Garden’. She is a very amusing speaker and along with the talk and slides she also brings some of her unusual plants for sale. Not a meeting to be missed! THURSDAY 13 JUNE 7.00 FOR 7.30 BOSHAM VILLAGE HALL.
Each time the Society meet we seem to enrol new members which is wonderful and we look forward to welcoming you to the next meeting!
Rozie Bradley
April 2013
Jackie, our vice chairman, welcomed everyone to the April meeting and reminded us all that the COFFEE MORNING AND PLANT SALE will be held on the 11TH MAY - lots of help will be needed on the day with the plants, cakes, and books stalls and the serving of the tea and coffee. If you have any donations for the sale that need collecting please contact me on 01243 576057. We do hope that as many people as possible from the village and surrounding area will be able to attend – a great way to get really good flower and vegetable plants for your garden.
There was shortage of entries in our monthly competitions as so many plants are not in bloom yet due to the ghastly weather conditions of late. Best in Show were Gwen Ambrose (Domestic) and Linda Banting (Floral). Brian announced to us that SPRING IS HERE but just remember that everything is almost a month behind!! So his topical tips included: Start your lawn mower and check it over ready for the first cut – deadhead the daffodils to ensure fantastic blooms next spring – Plant your onion sets – when wallflowers have finished remove and prepare the ground for sweet williams etc. – sow parsnip seeds (TIP: as these take up to three weeks to germinate, plant some radish seeds in between so you know exactly where the parsnips are) – still be sparing in your rhubarb picking to ensure a healthy crop when the weather warms up.

Our speaker was Mrs Frances Farrer-Brown who entertained us with an excellent virtual walking tour of Chichester. She is a blue badge guide and so knows every detail of Chichester. Her key tip was to walk through Chichester looking upwards so as not to miss the wonderful architecture of the City. I realised that I have lived here for six years and missed so much while dashing to the shops!! She also mentioned that on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings Green Badge guides (trained by Frances!) take walking tours around the City.
A reminder that we do not have a monthly meeting in May and hope that everyone will come to the Coffee Morning and Plant Sale instead!! It is always a good idea to check our website for any changes to the programme etc. (
March 2013
Our March meeting was held very close to the first day of Spring but you would not have thought so. Snow, sleet and frosts had been the order of the day for the past week! This of course did affect our competition entry numbers but we still had some delicious domestic entries and some beautiful floral ones. Jackie, our deputy chairwoman, welcomed over 40 members including several new ones. It’s so good to see our numbers increasing and we have room for plenty more. If you have an interest in gardening and horticulture we are the society for you - check us out on our website
Members should check the site for details of forthcoming events and outings etc as space is limited in this publication to give this information in full. For your immediate diary Coffee morning & Plant sale 11th May.
Jackie thanked Bud, our president, for his excellent rose pruning demonstration which was well attended and very informative. Jackie informed the members that Don Hall, an ex committee member, and great supporter of the Society is in St.Richards Hospital and we all wish him a speedy recovery. We were glad to hear that Janet Phillips is now home from hospital.

Topical tips from Brian included: Rhubarb – when picking from a new crown only pick half of the sticks and remember to put a bucket over any crown that you want to bring on quickly. Feed your strawberry plants with blood fish and bone fertilizer or similar product, likewise your apple and pear trees. Check your dahlia tubers are sound and break off rotten pieces. At the end of March you can (a) plant a row of early potatoes, (b) sow asters in the greenhouse, (c) plant sweet peas in the ground and (d) sow parsnips with maybe radishes in between in open ground BUT all these plantings are subject to the WEATHER! Bud recommended an excellent on line weather forecasting site called It was certainly spot on for our rose pruning session! You should try it.
We had an excellent speaker this month – Nigel Budgen from our local Hilliers Garden Centre. He had some beautiful slides and had brought along some plants from the Centre to accompany them. His talk was very entertaining to listen to and had answers for all our questions!
Next month’s speaker (April 11th) Mrs Frances Farrer-Brown will ring the changes from the garden theme and will give a talk with slides entitled “Chichester” – our enchanting City”. Come any time after 6.45 and have a cuppa and a chat before the entertainment begins! Visitors welcome!
Rozie Bradley
February 2013

February 14th was the first meeting of 2013 and 40 members attended, (three joined on the night!) full of enthusiasm for the year ahead! In our competitions we had some beautiful Valentine's Day floral arrangements and some delicious looking rock cakes! It was with sadness that Stephanie announced that Angela Bromley-Martin had died – she had been a member of the Society for many years.
We were entertained by Mrs Hilary Gilson with slides and a talk about her beautiful award winning garden in Prinsted from its conception in 2003 to the present date. Hilary is now a member of the Society and her knowledge of garden design and plants will be a great asset to us all. She gave us lots of tips for entering your garden in garden competitions and opening them to the public. She opens her garden once a year in aid of St.Wilfrid's Hospice – this year it will be opened on the SUNDAY 19th MAY from 2-5pm. Definitely worth a visit and a great cause – so put this date in your diary.

TOPICAL TIPS: Here are few to keep you busy as the weather improves!
RHUBARB - Lightly fork the ground with a border fork around your plants and add some gromore – If you want early rhubarb cover the crown with a bucket.
AUTUMN BLISS RASPBERRIES – you should have pruned these by now.
BROAD BEANS, ONION SETS, GARLIC – due to the very wet soil conditions, plant them in 2” – 3” pots (or yogurt pots) and put them in a cold frame or greenhouse.
GOOSEBERRIES – lightly prune them and apply fish, blood and bonemeal and spray with fungicide to stop the mildew.
SEED POTATOES - buy them now and lay them out on trays ready for planting out in early April.
CLEMATIS – prune them now and feed.
FRUIT TREES - these should have been pruned and fertilizer applied by now.


TUESDAY 5th MARCH 2 – 4pm: Rose pruning demonstration by Bud Cooper at Alongside, Taylors Lane, Bosham. Open to members and non members. Tea and cakes will be served! Please give me a call (01243 576057) or email so I bake enough cakes! Yes, it is my house and I know you think it is just a way for me to get my roses pruned by an expert! Seriously, the committee feel that some practical gardening, and visits to members' gardens this summer will add to the enjoyment of the Society's members. We can swop ideas and plants and have time to socialise.

THURSDAY 14th MARCH – Our next monthly meeting in the Village Hall at 7.00 for 7.30. when Nigel Budgen of our local Hilliers Garden Centre is coming to give us a presentation “Spring Sensation” – A presentation to inspire spring planting. This should be a great evening and I hope all members will be able to attend and hopefully potential new members as well! We always welcome visitors.

Happy Gardening and a prayer for some better weather!
Rozie Bradley

Message From the Chairman
Do you have a garden, or a patio, or just a window box?

If you have any of these we would love to see you at the monthly meetings of the Bosham and District Horticultural Society. If it sounds like we are all experts I can assure you this is certainly not the case, most of us are just people who love our gardens (of all shapes and sizes) who want to learn more both from our monthly speakers and from our amazing long term members, who do indeed have a wealth of knowledge. We want our group to thrive and grow, we welcome new faces and our meetings have a friendly, informal feeling so please come and give us a try.

To tempt you, our February speaker is Mrs Hilary Gilson who is talking on ‘ Winning Ways with your Garden.' In addition, towards the end of February our President Mr Bud Cooper has kindly offered to hold a rose pruning demonstration at ‘Alongside', Taylors Lane ; date and time to be advised.

We meet on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30pm at Bosham Village Hall, if you want to find out more please ring me on 01243 572991, or check out our website .

Stephanie Fiske Chair

August 8th, 2009

Bosham, Chidham & District Horticultural Society

Bosham Village Hall

I am sure that everyone who attended our special show this year would agree that it was a resounding success. It is the first time that I have been involved with the setting up and running of the show on the day. It is a huge job for our members and a special debt of gratitude is owed to Marie Gilby, our show secretary, who made all the arrangements from start to finish, and got so many of us involved on the day. To have everything up and running in time for the judges by 10.30am takes great effort both on the night before and from 8am on the day. Not to mention the ladies that provided a delicious lunch for the judges and stewards before the doors opened.
We had over 400 entries (100 more than last year!) from the under fives upwards! Once the doors had opened it was a steady stream of visitors and members who came to view the wonderful exhibits, have a cup of tea, buy raffle and tombola tickets and goods from our cake and produce stall. The Society would like to thank all our sponsors of the Show , and everyone who donated the amazing array of raffle and tombola prizes. We hope the Show was enjoyed by all and hopefully it will encourage not only new members to our Society, but also new exhibitors for next year's show. There were certainly lots of happy faces who went home with their cups and prize money, not to mention the wonderful raffle prizes.

Rozie Bradley and Hazel Dean
Floral Exhibits
Peter Chivers Judge and Roy Retallick Steward
Ann Dove Judge and Margaret Coward Steward
Class 47 Exhibit
Jean Wren with her winning piece of hand knitting August 2009

Now that the excitement of the Show is over for another year, we can look forward to the monthly meetings resuming after the summer break. On Thursday 10th September we have Mr Chris Howkins coming to give us a talk on poisonous plants (7.30 in the Village Hall). If you enjoyed the Show, why not come along as a visitor to one of our meetings and then maybe you will be inspired to join us!! If you want any further information please call me on 01243 576057.

Rozie Bradley

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