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Chidmere House, Farm and Gardens
Chidmere, viewed from the far side of the lake

Map showing location

October 2010
New seasons apples
(Cox, Bramley and many other new and old varieties) and our latest batch of pure apple juice (made from our own Cox's apples) are available from the Farm, now.
For more info Contact Rob Wakeford 07970036967
Chidmere Gardens
First open in 1935, the garden is reopening after 4yrs refurbishment.The house (not open) is excitingly situated next to Chidmere Pond, so much so that the well-filled greenhouse which borders the mere feels almost like a houseboat. Divided by tall yew and hornbeam hedges, the garden has fine flowering treees, roses and well-stocked herbaceous borders. Recent projects incl wildflower meadow, alpine greenhouse, fruit and vegetable garden and orchards with over 150 varieties of apples used to produce Chidmere Farm apple juice.

Chidmere Gardens
To learn more about Chidmere Gardens, their public opening dates or to arrange a private tour, please contact us

Chidmere Gardens first opened under the National Garden Scheme (NGS), a registered Charity, in 1935 -see Sussex Gardens 2006 yellow bookYellow booklet) - under Chidmere House . We are one of the oldest gardens in the program (a tree to commemorate 60 years of participation was planted by the NGS a few years ago). As you may well know all proceeds are given to charity and children visiting the garden have free entry.

The garden has featured in a number of publications over the years and we have copies (some hard to photocopy due to their size) if you are interested.

Chidmere Farm
We are a small family run orchard in Chidham producing apple juice. We decided not to pull out the orchards but rather extend them to 10 acres in total. It is a long haul as we are grafting trees which take years to bear fruit which in itself is interesting to understand. We have over 150 varieties of apples growing as well as a range of other soft fruit (we believe that to be the largest number of varieties grown privately in Sussex). We have just over 3 acres in production now and sell our juice at Chidmere Farm, and at local farm shops.

Chidmere Farm at the Emsworth Food Fair

Ken Hills, Maggie Haynes, and Jackie Russell showing Chidmere Farm Apple Juice and vegetables at the Emsworth Food Fair.
There was a good and enthusiastic crowd.
May 20th,
Chidmere Gardens Presentation to Ken Hills see photos
Chichester Observer magazine (May 17th) has an article on Chidmere and Ken Hills

Chidmere House

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