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Chidham and Hambrook - The Parish Plan 2005 and update

These pages deal with the Parish Plan 2005 and update, and
The Neighbourhood Plan 2013

This is the page for the Parish Plan 2005 and latest update
The Parish Plan and Parish Plan 2013 update


The 2013 Parish Plan Update should be read in conjunction with the 2005 Parish Plan as the latter contains the Questionnaire results and much background information still relevant today.  Although the Update formally is a Parish Council document, 19 people, the majority of whom are not Parish Councillors, have been involved in its evolution. The updated Chidham & Hambrook Parish Plan is intended to be a guide to the Parish Council as to positive actions that the people in the Parish want to be taken.  The Parish Council would like to record its gratitude to the Parish Plan Steering Group for its sterling work in producing the 2005 Parish Plan and for its contribution to the Parish Plan Update 2013.
Cliff Archer – Chidham & Hambrook Parish Plan Co-ordinator
Alastair Woolley – Chairman, Chidham & Hambrook Parish Council


Our Parish Plan was published in June 2005 and delivered to every household in Chidham, Hambrook and part of Nutbourne.

The Parish Plan contains 30 Action Points indicating what the people of Chidham and Hambrook want to happen, or not to happen in the parish over the next 5 to 10 years.

The Parish Plan is the outcome of 18 months of hard work by many people and is based on what residents told the Parish Plan Steering Group in a detailed Questionnaire in May 2004. Questionnaires were returned by 82% of households, so we are confident that the Parish Action Plan represents residents’ wishes accurately.

Most of the Action Points refer to recommended actions that would need to be taken by the Parish Council. The Steering Group will continue in operation in order to assist implementation and monitor progress.

See the Parish Plan (a large file - 1.6mb )
Go to
the Action Points
the Questionnaire (a large file - 2.7mb so this will take a time to load)
To load the Questionnaire and Parish Plan you will need 'Acrobat Reader' software.

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- but the battle will go on

Big Lottery has decided not to invite us to submit a Stage Two application for funding. We had been heartened by a letter received from Big Lottery in August this year, telling us that, of 1600 applications for community buildings, only 545 had survived an initial sieving process in the Stage One part of the application process – and we were one of the 545. Big Lottery told us then that they had received more than three times as many applications as they had expected.

We always knew that the competition would be fierce and that Big Lottery funds were rapidly disappearing in the direction of the Olympic Games. However, the rejection is certainly a disappointing setback.

The Village Centre Working Group has resolved that, despite the Big Lottery Fund’s decision not to invite the submission of a Stage Two application, it will continue its efforts to obtain funding for the Village Centre project.

see the Big Lottery letter.

The consultation that we have undertaken indicates that there is much enthusiasm and general support for the Village Centre proposal; we are determined to continue - and will redouble our efforts in what will now be a longer process.

In the New Year, we will be in touch with you again to let you know what we plan to do and what you could do to help progress this important village project as rapidly as possible.

Meanwhile, have a good Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Cliff Archer
Chairman, Village Centre Feasibility Study Working Group

An Update
28 September 2007

The Working Group is quietly beavering away at much necessary, but not exciting work in preparation for starting Stage Two of the Big Lottery application process. This work is in the hope that we will hear good news about the Stage One application, made in April this year.

We have received both good and bad news from Big Lottery:

The bad news is that we will not get a decision regarding Stage One until December; we had been expecting to hear in August.
The good news is that, of the 1600 applications received by Big Lottery, only 545 have succeeded in getting through an initial assessment stage – and we are over this latter hurdle!

Apparently, Big Lottery has been overwhelmed with the number of applications – hence the delay – but at least we are still in the Stage One part of the process. Fingers crossed until December.

What you want to do in the new Village Centre

Click here to find out what the 467 people who responded to the Village Centre Questionnaire want to do in the Centre. We think that you will be impressed with the range of activities and the numbers of people who want to take part in the activities. In addition, many people volunteered to help progress the Village Centre Project or help run the various activities.

A detailed Information Sheet on the Village Centre Proposal was distributed with the Questionnaire to all households in the parish.

Cliff Archer
On behalf of the Village Centre Working Group


Every household received a Questionnaire and a Freepost return envelope. Completed Questionnaires were returned by 30% of households. This is a very good return rate for questionnaires that are not collected.
Question 1 asked: “On the whole, do the members of your household support this plan for a new hall?”
94% of the individuals who completed a Questionnaire said YES to Question 1. This response to the outline Village Centre proposal justifies applying for a Big Lottery Fund Grant. The application deadline is 30 April 2007 .
The responses to the other questions in the Questionnaire are being entered into a computer program for analysis

Barbara Penny of Broad Road, Hambrook, won a splendid hamper!

The Event on 17 March 2007 attracted 140 people. This compares very well with the 100 people attending the corresponding Parish Plan event.

25 Feedback Sheets were completed and submitted at the Consultation Event.
These are being typed up.

Steve Holdich of Steels Lane, Chidham, won another splendid hamper!

There is much enthusiasm for the Village Centre proposal. However, please note that we will be in direct competition with all the other villages in the country making Big Lottery Fund Grant applications.

Cliff Archer
On behalf of the Village Centre Working Group

Parish Plan News in brief


Saturday 17 March 2007 St Wilfrid's Hall, Broad Road

For some details of the proposals, see the Information Sheet


Chidham and Hambrook Housing Needs Survey


The Parish Council would like to thank those who took part in the June 2006 survey of housing needs in the parish. The main objective of the survey was to determine t he extent for the need for affordable homes for local people; the aim being that such homes would be affordable in perpetuity. However, much useful information about other aspects of housing needs was gained.

Here is a summary of the results of the analysis of the returned questionnaires, undertaken by District Council experts.
No. of Questionnaires delivered
No. of Questionnaires completed
Questionnaire return rate
No. of households requiring affordable housing within five years
No. of households supporting a small development of affordable housing
Proportion of responding households supporting a small development

When the number of households on the District Council Housing Register with a local connection to Chidham and Hambrook is added to the additional need identified in the survey, the total number of affordable housing units required within the parish is 25. Now that a significant need has been demonstrated, the difficult task of finding an appropriate site for a small development of affordable housing will be pursued. We will do our best in this, but there is no guarantee that we will be successful.


See the Progress Summary for details on progress to date on each of the Action Points.

This link takes you to a report of the meeting of the Parish Plan Steering Group with the Parish Council. The next Review Meeting will be held in September 2006. Date to be advised.

We always welcome help with implementing the Parish Plan. If you would like to become involved or make suggestions on any aspect of the Plan or on this part of the website, please contact the Parish Plan Coordinator - Cliff Archer

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