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Our church youth group meets once each month and provides an opportunity for the children and young people of our congregation to met on a social basis. Children from our congregation may join the group from the beginning of the term in which they are 8 years old.

Contacts Carol Vigor., Steve Clark
Oct 2015 - Chidham youth go on strike.
October youth group were bowled over as Angus and Georgia ended top dogs. Well done to all, and better luck next time Mat in your attempt to hack into the computer scoring system....

May 3,4,5, 2014 : The Youth Group - off to Lulworth Cove, Dorset.

a stop on the way at Hengistbury Head
Dec 1st. 2013 The Youth group put on Tea and Entertainment as a thank you to the congregation who had supported their activities.
Our wonderful young people showed they have many talents.
The Youth Group - Off on their annual trip, to Beer in Devon
Trip to Beer Caves, the only group that had to pay to go in
and then pay again to be let out!
At the Beer Youth Hostel
May 12
Excellent Mexican Chilli evening at St Wilfrid's raises funds for the youth group.
See photos
Youth Group May 2011 Trip to Weymouth
- photos
posted May 21
Chidham Churches Youth Group Table Tennis Marathon
19/20 March 2011
£600 raised for Stone Pillow and the Youth Group Summer Trip
posted Mar 22
The Youth Group Trip to the Isle of Wight
The photos they took and the post cards they wrote home (but did they get round to posting them.)
Youth group Quiz Evening Jan 23rd , 2010

Seven teams, packed with the finest minds in Chidham and Hambrook, plus a few ringers, gathered in St. Wilfrid's to battle it out to be crowned 2010 youth group quiz champions and help raise a few towards this years Isle of Wight trip.

Quiz master Carol 'Bamber' Vigor hosted the evening and kept the ‘jokers' under control wonderfully.

The woods took an early lead after round one, but the Tee Bees had a strong second round and went into a 1 point lead, only to let things slip next time around with 1 point in round 3.

By half time the Naph team had come up to second on the rails of the Red Squirrels who were starting to dominate with top marks in rounds 4, 5 and 6. Team AA were anonymous at this stage, a position they were to hold onto!
Following a break for tea and some wonderful cake, thanks to all for helping increase my waste line, battle recommenced with a flurry of jokers. The Woods dominated rounds 7 and 8, the wheels were coming off the Naph team , City Slickers were inconsistent through out and as we entered the final round the Squirrels lead by 4 points.

That team over there final got their act together with top marks in the final round, but they were equalled by the Red Squirrels who took the title from the woods by a 6 point margin! Well done to all.

Thank to ‘That Team Over There' for showing up and not spitting out their dummies!

January Youth group report.

Traditionally at the first youth group of the New Year we all bring in our Christmas games to show and play.

As well as our usual table tennis going on in the back ground we had Mathew and William spending millions of $ on Simpson's Monopoly, while Joe gave Gary a lesson in Ker-plunk.
Steve tried to make the evening a little educational, teaching the older ones about probabilities and finance! Well, roulette and black jack. Josh nearly broke the bank landing two consecutive 38-1 shots. Steve is now looking for a new shirt.

Maddy, Charlotte and Holly entertained Father David with the ‘Who dun'it' game Cluedo-surly it couldn't have been the vicar in the vestry with the wine bottle!

Carol was left stacking chairs!

Next event will be our quiz evening, when we will be raising money for our trip to the Isle of White!

Kingley Vale
This years expedition report!.....................

On the evening of Friday 24 th July 09 the Church Youth Group met at West Stoke car park for their annual trek to Kingley Vale, Fortunately the weather was fine.

The group set out along the path heading to the nature reserve and the first yew tree to climb. 

A few trees later we reached the clearing, where we were joined by a latecomer Steve Clark, who had cycled from the car park to catch up, and arived just in time to arrange the rounders match.

A snack and drink courtesy of Carol, some kite flying, further tree climbing and the now customary run down the hill, were all completed prior to our return back to the car park.

May Youth Group Report  
St.Wilf's was closed for refurbishment, the rain cancelled our scavenger hunt, St. Mary's was booked up-did we cancel? No way!
Thanks to Diana at Cobnor for use of her wonderful  barn, and what a great time we had.

Indoor netball, cricket, table football and a keenly fought skittles competition kept us amused and a little worn out by the end of it-well the adults anyway.

Despite a wonderful shooting performance by Holly D, playing netball for the boys, the big girls probably won. We'll turn a blind eye to the cheating girls (very sharp elbows).

Kiera, Jasmine and Edward won the killer skittles game with some hawk eye bowling, and well done for sharing the prizes with us all.

See you all next time..  

April youth group report

St. Wilfrid's smelt more like Charlie's Chocolate factory this month as we measured mixed and moulded Coconut-ice, fudge and choc. chipped cookies for sale after the Sunday service.


•  405g can Carnation Light Condensed Milk

•  300g desiccated coconut

•  300g icing sugar, sifted

•  ½ tsp vanilla extract

•  2-3 drops scarlet food colouring

•  Line a 24cm square tin with baking paper. Mix the milk with the coconut, icing sugar and vanilla extract until thoroughly combined. Spoon half the mixture in the base of the tin and spread out evenly with the back of a spoon.

•  Add the food colouring to the remaining mixture and blend well until it is an even pink colour. Spread over the first layer and smooth out.

•  Leave overnight in a cool place (or at least 3-4 hours), before cutting into squares.

Apart from having fun we were raising funds for our Bank Holiday trip to the New Forest next month.

If you bought some of our goodies we hope you enjoyed them!


March report - Red noses, shamrocks and beetles.
It was a very busy evening this month with youth group raising £100 for comic relief by holding a cake sale. Well done to Joe for entering into the spirit with his red nose/head! Thanks to Nicky for organising it and all those who tucked in.
It was St. Patrick's weekend as well, so the 'odd' fancy dress outfit were on show. Silly hats and Steve Foye's potato farmers get up were a sight to behold. Harry took the top prize in the raffle, mushy pea's and a potato, while all the other winners had to settle for chocolate or a small green thing in the case of Shannon's prize!
We also held our annual beetle drive with the usually competitive Latter/Vigor partnership taking first prize-how they managed to run so fast in those hats I will never know. The evening was finished off with an impromptu version of Riverdance on the stage - don't give up the day job Steve! Thanks to all who came and joined in the fun.
February Youth Group Report
This month saw youth group at it's competitive best with a trip to the Lakeside Superbowl ally in Chichester.
In lane 3
Molz 88 points - with one strike
K8 69 points
Socks 124 points - with an impressive 3 strikes
Steveth Clarkef 117 points - and 2 strikes

In lane 5
Holly 89 points
Maddy 93 points
Katy 86 points
Becky 92 points
Amy 91 points-with one strike

In lane 7
Chris 96 points
Bent 153 points - with two strikes
Tom 103 points - with one strikes
Josh 90 points
Steve (aka Edward) 103 points

In lane 4
Carol 105 points - one strike
Joe 78 points
Matt 62 points
Kay 79 points
Yaz 87 points

In lane 6
Lucy C 61 points
Lottie 70 points
Ana 71 points
Lucy H 68 points
Shirley 86 points
The overall winner and big respect to Ben H for his impressive 153 points-despite Tom spelling his name wrong on the score card. Ben played a blinder!!
January Youth Group report. The first meeting after Christmas give us all an opportunity to bring one of our presents to play with. Father David was on hand to help Matthew and Iona with Simpsons Monopoly and Abigail completed the High School Musical 3 jigsaw (with a little help from Steve).
We also did some art work. St. Wilfrid's now has a fine display of colourful cow pictures which will be used to advertise a coffee morning in aid of 'Send a Cow' on Saturday 31st January 10.30-12.30. The older boys chilled out with their technology and for her first visit to youth group Anna had her tongue turned blue !
See you all next month when maybe, if were lucky, we could be going bowling!
Trek to Kingley Vale
On Friday 25th July 08, various members of the Church Youth Group met at West Stoke car park for their now annual trek to Kingley Vale. 18 members of the group along with 8 parents, walked along the track until we reached the first suitable yew tree for the kids to climb for a group photo. A few trees later and we reached the clearing for some light refreshment (thanks Carol); a game of rounders (thanks Steve), a couple of quick runs or rolls down the hill then back along the path then home. All in all a really nice few hours in a lovely location with perfect weather with no broken limbs (including the trees). 
Covert Bandstand
Does anybody know what's going on?
Our picture shows a covert construction (well it was dark), at a secret location (it's a secret only if you don't know where in the village it is). We have checked with the parish councillors who state that no permanent structures of this type have been approved.
It has been rumoured that those assembling this project were overheard saying how temporary this structure actually was. And they hoped it would last long enough! Long enough for what? Those involved were said to have carnival attitude, and this band seemed to be making a stand but, what for?
Ed. Someone trying to jump on the carnival band(stand)wagon?

FA Cup Final - The Air (well everything, really) was Blue At St Wilfrid's
Saturday the 17 th May saw a distinctly blue hue at the church hall, when a group of around 40 children, parents and friends from the church Youth Group, all Pompey supporters (well at least for the day), gathered to watch the FA Cup Final between Cardiff and Portsmouth.
People brought all manner of flags, banners, face paint, scarves, balloons, and foam hands, not forgetting the nibbles, drinks and cake to help with the party atmosphere.
When in the 37 th minute Portsmouth's Kanu scored the matches only goal, the crowd were ecstatic.

The big screen event with technical support from Steve and Mitch also had half time burgers and chips courtesy of Gary and carol, with help from Nicki.

more photos

Weymouth 2008 - Church Youth Group Trip

Father David joined 16 members of youth group, Chidham Bear and 6 ‘responsible adults' for the first day of their Bank Holiday weekend in Weymouth .
Youth Group dates
All Youth Group meetings will take place in St Wilfrid's from 6.30-8.00 unless otherwise stated. 

January youth group report  
The first youth group meeting of the year is always a great opportunity to show off your Christmas pressies and have fun. The usual game of table tennis went Hi-tec with a new member on the team, but we also had an old favourite - Darts!
Joe F excelled on the hocky with this magnetic set, top scoring with 123! Top arrows!
A new PSP and DS (?) kept Matthew and Holly quiet for a short time and the usual competitive edge was maintained with a Christmas card jig saw race to finish.
See you all next month for lots more fun!

November Youth Group report
Preparations are well under way for Christmas, with this month's session taken over with the painting of decorations for the church christmas tree and making peg doll nativity figures-plus a few random characters! Last month's mug transfer decorations were completed just in time to serve hot chocolate, and the table tennis tournament continued apace! 
Abby and Lucy C cleaning up
Father David decorating salt dough
Maddy's Angel
Lucy H and Charlotte
Mollie's Jesus
Shirley's sheep
James with random creature
Carol's shepherd

October Youth Group Report
This month saw the introduction of a table tennis tournament. The match of the evening had a challenge by Kate T B accepted by Ben H, and after a wonderfully close game Ben came out on top and storms to the head of the table! Incidentally, any one wishing to donate more balls please contact Thomas R!!
As well as the physical activities the mind was exercised on the draughts board, with some not so Grand Masters also having a go. Preparations are well under way for Christmas with the children, and farther David, making salt dough decorations, which will be fired off for painting next month. See you all in November for another fun packed evening!

Sunday Club

      On the 4th Sunday of the month Clare, Shirley, Lynne and Maggie take over the vicarage for the children's Sunday Club, and throughout the year, work produced has been displayed in St. Cuthman's chapel. Work on display includes a stained glass window which rivals any on show at York Minster and a number of self portraits. The exhibition also boasts a 'prayer tree' from this year's summer camp.
      A recent addition to the collection is the 'paper chain.' This work came about following Sister Rita Margaret's recent visit to out parish, and is Carole Vigor's practical demonstration of one of Sister
Rita's themes. It represents our Church family and the links that bind us together.


Next time you are in church, take a moment to look at the wonderful work being produced by the children under the guidance and love of all who help and encourage them.
      If anyone is planning to attend a Christmas service pop along to the Christmas eve crib service at 4pm where you will see all the Sunday Club children participating in their own Christmas celebration.

Maggie Haynes
Sunday Club - Why not come along?

Who are we?.............................................. Saint Mary’s Chidham Sunday club
Who can come?.......................................... Anyone under the age of 16
What do we do on a typical Sunday?.....Stories, songs, craft activities, games, prayers and having lots of fun!
Why do we do it? ......................................To try to understand the bible’s teaching and relate it to our lives.
When do we meet? ....................................Every 4 th Sunday of the month
Where? .......................................................Saint Mary’s church, Chidham

We are also involved in the family service at Saint Wilfred’s church, Hambrook, on the 2 nd Sunday of the month, and there is a children’s area with worksheets and quiet activities on other Sundays in Saint Mary’s church.

Anything else? Yes. Examples of things we do throughout the year include:

  • mother’s day service
  • egg hunts in the churchyard on Easter Sunday
  • camping weekend at Cobnor point in the summer
  • fundraising and charity events (e.g. fayre for the Tsunami appeal, Make Poverty History party and Christmas shoebox appeal
  • Christmas activities

and many more…..

A Sunday Club Prayer


What is Operation Christmas Child?

Since 1990, Operation Christmas Child has brought the joy of Christmas to more than 38 million boys and girls. Last year Samaritan’s Purse in the UK sent out over 1 million gifts to children across Eastern and Central Europe . This annual project enables caring individuals, families, schools, churches, businesses, and other organisations to fill ordinary shoe boxes with small toys, school supplies, sweets, and other gifts for hurting children around the world.

Operation Christmas Child sends a message of hope to children in desperate situations around the world through gift-filled shoe boxes.

The gifts are given regardless of nationality, political background or religious beliefs to children requiring nothing of them, their families or communities in return.

Wherever it is culturally appropriate and in partnership with our local partners, we make a booklet with Bible stories available to children in their own language.

With the help of thousands of volunteers,
Samaritan’s Purse collects and processes these
gift filled shoe boxes in its warehouses across the UK .

Then, working with national churches and charities, Samaritan’s Purse delivers the gifts to children in hospitals, orphanages, refugee camps, homeless shelters, and impoverished neighbourhoods.

For more information visit

Sunday Club prayer

Dear God,
Please help us to
Obey You
Listen to You
Follow You

We will think about You
Talk to You
Look after each other
Know You’re here
Put You first
others next
and ourselves last




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