Saturday September 26th - An Apple Day event at Maybush Copse
A free event at Maybush Copse organised by Maybush Copse Friends,
What is it all about? Making apple juice and having fun!. Basic ingredients - a whole lot of apples, some basic equipment, a bunch of keen volunteers, and somewhere to do it, plus a very acceptable Pork Bap
Many of you kindly donated apples for the event, and Stephen Morley heroically collected them, and delivered them to Maybush Copse almost single handed. We also had volunteers to cook the Pork loin joints to fill the baps (purchased from Westbourne Bakery). Thanks Jim, Sally, Clare, Stephen, Bob. Diana and Robin lent the scratters and presses.Thanks to everyone who helped. Lots of people worked very hard to make the event a success. To cap it all we were blessed with a lovely day.
The thing about making apple juice is that it is very physical - it's hard work, whether cutting up apples, scratting, or pressing them. It's also very sociable - it's amazing how many people you find yourself talking to even though you are waving a knife around. Incidentally, you might also think it was incredibly dangerous - all those knives..., but no one cut themselves.
The reward was some wonderful fresh apple juice, and at lunchtime, a pork bap with apple sauce.. (or mustard) and there was also a veg alternative..
More photos to come.