Saturday October 19th An Apple Day event at Maybush Copse
A free event at Maybush Copse organised by Maybush Copse Friends, Chidham and Hambrook Sustainability Network and the Chidham Community Cider Club.
Lost & Found. I still have a pair of over trousers left after the event.
Phone me on 572059
or email . (Black & Decker WorkBox now claimed)
What do you need to make apple juice? A whole lot of apples, some basic equipment, a bunch of keen volunteers, and somewhere to do it.

Diana's audio report

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we had two big piles of picked and windfall apples, must have been around a tonne,

.... and a good mix of types, all local, all donated.

Where? Maybush Copse seemed a good place to do it

Volunteers: well you just hope they turn up .... They did!
Coffee tea and biscuits, and a pork bap with apple sauce at lunchtime, sustained the workers. An enjoyable and sociable time was had by all.
What do you do with the apple juice - drink some, fresh applejuice is a great taste. What you don't drink turns into cider ...

.... oh, and there were some rain showers, but it didn't dampen our enthusiasm.
The whole area of Chidham was once widely known for its apple orchards.
Hopefully there will be enough apples around next year to do it again.