June 2nd, 2013 - Sunday Lunch - A 'Picnic on the Grass'
in Maybush Copse - celebrating opening the grassy areas. The project has been going 5 years, and Maybush Copse is now fully open with mature trees, planted woodland, footpaths, a wheelchairpath and grassy areas,
A wonderful amenity for the local community, space for children to play, inherent protection for the Chichester harbour landscape and varied habitat to support biodiversity and a wonderful variety of birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles.
A great turnout with picnics of every variety, some lovely acoustic music (including a double base!) and games for all - boules, french cricket, jenga, parachute games and tractor trailer rides. We were delighted to have John Nelson attending his first official engagement as the new Chairman of the Harbour Trust, taking over from Sir Jeremy Thomas, to whom we will always be grateful for the support he gave the project..
Thanks to all who have helped with the project, that's a lot of people. Special thanks to Chichester Harbour Trust and the Chichester Harbour Conservancy and you, the residents without whom we would not have Maybush Copse.
For more photos of Maybush Copse see here
For photos of Maybush Orchard see here
We did have a few words of welcome before the tape was cut. Most of you didn't turn up until after that was all over..... (But you came!)
Special thanks to Diana Beale for providing the Tractor and doing the driving. Bravely, John Nelson was up for the first ride in the Tumbril with Stephen Johnson and David Randall..
Yes, two guitars and a double bass! Thanks to Pete, Netty, Mike and Clare.
Alyzn brought a wonderful parachute - decorated with all the planets! A universal success.
French Cricket was very popular. The wicket was described as giving some encouragement to the bowlers.
Thanks to all who came - a lovely old fashioned community event clearly enjoyed by all