Wednesday Dec 12th - The Website Party held in the Barleycorn

Lots of people came! (Don't look so surprised)
Your support for the website is much appreciated. Or are you just a cake addict like me?

Tricia had made another wonderful cake for us to raffle. A Madeira? As always when it came to the draw all sorts of passions were aroused.

A great night.
Another website party we will have difficulty remembering.

Thanks to Coral and Granville for looking after us.

You are not going to find that photo on this website

Top Calendar salesman David hears about this year's top Calendar Salesman's bonus

Have some Madeira, m'dear

If you don't win the cake, you could still buy a calendar

Just give me a moment - it's not easy - I am going to pick just the one ticket out and I have to get it right.

Last years winner expresses his pleasure that someone else won it this year.

If I read out my own number do you think I'll get away with it?

Richard came to the pub by car in order to give the dog some exercise

...and promptly carried away the main prize ... well, the only prize. He was escorted back to his car, but he wouldn't let go of the cake.