Thursday April 21st 2011, Maybush Copse Prize Draw - in 'The Old House at Home'.
First - Thanks to John and Jane Huetson for hosting the events and putting up some splendid prizes including two giant Easter Eggs. Thanks also to Steve Clark for organising things and selling a lot of tickets, and thanks to everyone who supported the event in advance or on the night. A good number of people came into the pub and bought tickets. Thanks also to Vicky Gladwin, Netty and Peter, David George and a young lady who joined in on the night, for entertaining us with a variety of songs. It made for a great evening. The event raised £500 for the development of the Maybush Copse Community woodland.
John and Jane were working hard all evening
A lucky winner
Steve Clark organised the Draw
Vicky Gladwin
Netty and Peter Hart
David George
Netty in full voice
John and Jane still at it.