Sunday Oct 12th Village Garage Sale

The first of its kind, and with the advantage of blue skies and warm sunshine, sitting outside and talking to your neighbours and passers-by was no hardship. Over twenty households had joined the event which had been advertised locally with two leaflet drops and by email and the website.
This was a joint Sustainability Network and Website event.
Comments received by e mail to the Postmaster
The afternoon went very well for us.  We managed to sell a lot of items.  I hope you look good in your new suits and shirts!!  It is always surprising to see the things people buy.  However, several people said they did not know it was on, and came across it by accident.   Perhaps an item in the Chi Observer would be a good idea in future.  It was also an opportunity to meet 'old' friends and make new ones.  The atmosphere was very good and everyone seemed to be having a good time.
I think it was a very good idea which we could repeat, perhaps once a year.  

Thank you for organising this event. I think it went very well for a first try. I made some money, which was good seeing as that was the aim of the day and sold some surprising items!
Although there were several visitors to my own sale, I wonder if there could have been more. A few people who were passing didn't know about the event and would have been interested, and that would be my only criticism. It was really nice to chat to people from around the villages and it was definitely a good community event. Even the children who came without parents were great to talk to and were no bother.
It may also have been on for longer perhaps, since the weather was so good. It would have been nice to have had more participants on Scant Rd West as there were only 2 of us but that of course depends on people wanting to take part.
So, I would definitely do it again (except I have to start collecting items since my husband told me I was not allowed to put anything back in the garage!! I was supposed to get rid of it all!! (I had to sneak a couple of things back in otherwise they would get ruined and I may advertise those on the website) I had to have a major clearout and this was a great excuse to sort it.
Thanks again.