The Great Dell Duck Race - Easter Saturday, March 2008
Who would be crazy enough to go down to the Dell, with a biting wind, threat of showers and snow forecast, just to race plastic ducks and raise funds for Chidham School PTFA? Well there are clearly a lot of crazy people around here.
The 2008 Chidham School PTFA Duck Race raised around £800.
Congratulations to the adult race winner Fred Davey. Tracy Covell's duck was second and PTFA activist Carla Allan was third.
First past the post in the children's race was Isaac L's entry followed by Frankie W. with Joshua S. coming a close third. A big thanks to Steve Hambry of Marshalls for judging the best turned out ducks; the winners were..
Corporate - Hilton Engineering
Adult - Father David's self portrait (with a lot of help from Katy Clark)
All of our corporate sponsors deserve a huge vote of thanks for their support;
D B Associates
Hilton Engineering
Bosham Dental Laboratories
Selling Works
D Ball Plumbing and Heating
S Foye Photography
Admiral Catering
Ray Dyer
Canute Cottages
The Old House at Home
J L O'Rourke
Children's - 1 st Sophie L
2nd William A
3 rd Katy C
The race winner Ely All-stars were presented with an engraved trophy.
As usual events like these would not be possible without a lot of help and good will. The organisers would particularly like to thank those who came to litter pick and tidy The Dell on Friday, Mark and Tracy C for the loan of their garden, Keith and Sandra for the refreshments and Sharon and Mark C for running the cake raffle at short notice-another work of art by Trish! Mollie and Sophie also did a fine job with the egg tombola.

Thanks to Mandy and Nicky for the orange shortbread ducks!

Orange Shortbread recipe (for Duck shaped biscuits)
Thanks to Steve Clark and Carla Allen for making the whole thing happen.
Finally, for the idea - David Rodgers. We got there in the end!
Link to the Duck Jokes
The winners of the Easter Bonnet parade,
and the winner of the best bowl of tulips in the show
The Cake Raffle....Oh! I wanted that cake.
Under starters orders
An impressive line up of corporate sponsored ducks
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its..... Super Duck
The going was shallow to damp
A bit of a snarl up
The corporate winner was ....
The best dressed ducks
Best dressed in the adult section was Father David's Duck
The raffle winners
A great time had by all. And as far as I know, not a single duck escaped into Chichester Harbour.
Thanks to Philip MacDougall and David Rodgers for their photos

A duck walks into a chemist, and asks for Chapstick. The cashier says, "Cash or cheque?" and the duck says, "Just put it on my bill."
What time does a duck wake up?
At the quack of dawn!
Why do ducks fly south for the winter?
Because it's too far to walk.
Customer: How much is that duck?
Shopkeeper: Ten pounds.
Customer: Okay, could you please send me the bill?
Shopkeeper: I'm sorry, but you'll have to take the whole bird.
How do you get down from a duck?
A ladder!