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1st Funtington and West Stoke Guides

We meet on Tuesday evenings between 6 - 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. We are a growing group of Guides who are girls between 10-14.5 .  We welcome girls who wish to learn more in a safe and relaxed environment. We earn badges and Go for it's ( which is like half a badge) and go on camps and do lots of activities away from the meeting place.
Bourne Senior Section.  
The senior Section/ Rangers meet at the same time, as the Guides. These are a group between the ages of 14.5 and 25. We are a new Unit and have been running since September 2105.    In this group the members challenge themselves to learn more about the world around them and about themselves as they develop new skills.
 If you are interested in finding out more about either age group within Girl guiding than please give me a call on 07779 264342. Debbie Thomson.

Broad Road Tree and driver behaviour
Last night (29/11/11) a very large tree came down across Broad Rd virtually blocking traffic at 5.20pm. Gareth had got there as it happened outside Kings Meadow and once they had parked up at our house the rest came down damaging an oncoming vehicle.
We flagged the traffic down  with torches and  wearing High viz clothing, but a lot of drivers speeding doing far more than the 30mph set limit were  causing problems ensuring a pile up could be imminent. On a 999 call the police took at least 20 minutes to arrive but our knight in shining armour was Mr Montgomery from the Avenue, a former tree surgeon whose wife was coming home and offered to phone him for help. Even then people were trying to pass him as well. He came out and cleared as much as possible with a chainsaw.
It is time drivers stopped using Broad Rd as a rat run all the time and realise when it is dark, no street lights and with  this sort of hazard someone could have been killed or seriously injured. Most drivers thanked us but some ignorant ones drove up the grass verge to get through. PCSO's please note more speed traps needed .
How would they feel if they had one of their family killed before Christmas or maybe they do not care about anyone else!
Think about it…………..

‘Dealing with your debt ‘ campaign
- Know where you can obtain free debt advice
- Understand the options available to you if the level of your debt is unmanageable.

Post Christmas is a stressful time for many people who are struggling with their debts. Citizens Advice Bureaux are seeing more and more people every year who have trouble making ends meet and covering the most essential household bills. Money troubles don't go away by themselves, as the shocking increase in the number of people seeking bankruptcy shows.

The good news is that free help and advice is available on the website and trained advisers in Citizens Advice Bureaux and other money advice agencies can help you prioritise your debts, negotiate with creditors and provide advice on a range of debt remedies. The key is to get advice early. If you are at all worried about your finances, don't delay, get help.”

Dear Sir.
On a recent visit to West Sussex my wife and I were very taken with the lovely arrangement do daffodils on the green leading into Chidham Lane. I thought a panoramic view would be more presentable for your viewers. And on Sunday 11th April we were surprised to see a small group of CND protesters walking from Chichester to Portsmouth. I think they were to be applauded for their efforts as that was one long trek, hope they were received in Portsmouth for their efforts.
Once again we enjoyed our stay in Chidham and the weather was very good too.
Best Regards to your website which we look at regularly.
Mr & Mrs B.E.Pearce Tredegar South Wales.

Saturday 24 Oct 2009 - Classical Music recital in St Paul's Church, Church Side, Chichester to celebrate 40th anniversary of the Parkinson's Disease Society

The Chichester and Bognor Regis Support Group of the Parkinson's Disease Society are holding a Classical Music recital in St Paul's Church, Church Side, Chichester, on the 24 th October starting at 7:30pm to celebrate the 40 th anniversary of the society, and to raise awareness of the support we can offer .

Our artists Margaret Lloyd – Piano, Gordon Egerton – Clarinet and Jane Hoskins – Soprano, will play and sing pieces from, Edward German, C H Lloyd, William Lloyd Webber, Claude Debussy, Thomas Arne, R. Vaughan Williams, W A Mozart, Paul Reade, Caccini, Parisotti, G F Handel, Germaine Tailleferre, and Gabriel Groviez.

Wine and soft drinks will be served during the interval, and are included in the ticket price.

Tickets are £7 each, and all monies raised will go to the Society's Research fund.

Tickets are obtainable either at the door, or from Alan Colenutt 01243 781704, and Robert Ashwood on 01243 574228, and Roger Yardley 01243 543967.

From Mr & Mrs B.E.Pearce Tredegar Gwent.

Good day to you once again. We have just returned from a recent trip to West Sussex and made our way down to Southsea, It was a lovely day again and I managed to take a few interesting shots of a nautical nature. I have added a couple of headlines to make it a little more interesting and hope that your readers will get some enjoyment from them. Once again we thank you for the lovely county of West Sussex and the wide variety of interests it offers.
From Sandra James
Google Steet View
I was alerted by one of the parishioners in our village to a Google Street View car, about to take images of people's homes in Steeles Lane, Chidham, presumably having already taken images in Chidham Lane. I share this parishioners concern in that it could be a 'gross invasion of one's privacy'. So I requested the driver of this Google Street view car to stop filming and asked him a few questions. These might be of interest to the parish as a whole via the website.
Firstly, if you're a fan of Google Street View, then you have no reason to even continue to read this, as the image will appear in about two weeks from today. If however you have concerns over 'invasion of privacy et al', then the following may be of interest:

The driver of the Google car has a unique number which in this instance is 20042 (16th June 2009) and the driver's name is James O'Leary. He gave me a number to call in London to ask for any house to be removed from Street view, the number to call is  0207 3462295. You will either get Deborah Brooks or her voice message. I had to leave a message. The driver also gave me an email: . I have sent my request via this E-Mail account.
I have been unable to find an alternative 'easy to use'  internet means of reporting my wish not to have my address/home published on this Street view network, so if anyone has any experience of this please share it for those who don't want to be part of this Google practice.
Hope you will give this an airing and also look out for anyone who may be elderly et al, who may want others to act on their behalf. It was interesting to note how the driver responded, whilst polite he wasn't concerned about what he was being paid to do. He remarked that he felt that he wasn't causing any problems as 'no one was about'. I pointed out that didn't he think that this was 'a burglars charter', he was less able to defend this question and indeed ignored it! Thanks Sandra.
From Mr & Mrs B.E.Pearce Tredegar Gwent.

When we were visiting Wesr Sussex some time ago we decided to take a short trip to Southsea which we found very interesting with such a variety of activity in the Channel.

By a stroke of good fortune we were parked up near the point where the Hover Service regularly departs for the Isle Of Wight. And I was in the right place at the right time to record this memorable photograph which I thought would be of interest to your viewers.

Southsea was such an interesting place to visit and, yes, we did go up Spinnaker Tower, what a fantastic view that was.

From Lynda Bailey
Hi there. Just to say, the area where the village parrot hangs out mostly to feed and sleep etc over Trevors was breached by a fox which killed 19 of Trev's chickens, he just has one chicken and one cockrel left and the parrot has not been seen or heard since. It has not been over to me for its breakfast or lunch, Trev cannot find it and we cannot hear it! It is looking like the fox got it.
Also a pack of seven foxes killed 5 lambs at cobnor. We started the year with 45 chickens and now have only 20 because of foxes. They have become such a problem now that we are not going to carry on keeping chickens or geese. We can't go through the distress or the expense any more.
The fox problem here has become untenable since the hunting ban (YES it has made that much difference!) But they are such sweet and lovable creatures (NOT) that special laws were brought in to protect them. Now their numbers are so out of control that they are forming packs which we always feared they would, which means of course they can go for bigger pickings so look out!
Our only hope for the parrot is that it managed to fly off and has gone somewhere else, so if anyone out there has seen or heard it in the last few days we would be greatly relieved to hear from them.
  Links to previous parrot coverage (Link 1 - Link 2)
Old Cottages, Hambrook Hello,   I wonder if any of your older readers could recognise this photograph as being part of Hambrook village.  All I know is that the original is marked 'Old cottages, Hambrook'. The photograph was purchased in the belief that it depicted Hambrook, near Bristol, which is local to me, but extensive enquiries in the area have proved fruitless.  Any help would be appreciated. Please e mail the Postmaster
David Williams, Stoke Gifford Bristol
Images of Chichester Harbour I am a local creative photographer who has just completed a collection of images based in and around Chichester Harbour.
Grantly Lynch, The Harbour Company

New Yoga Class

From Sept 28 -

Run by Kathryn Bingham:
Thursday evenings from 7pm to 9pm
New Chidham School Hall -
The Country Diary team The Country Diary team meet once a month, usually over a glass of wine and talk about wildlife and environmental issues that affect the Parish. If anyone wishes to attend, either to join the group or if they feel they may have something to talk about with the group then please get in touch via the website.
  As climate change becomes more and more of a burning (no pun intended ) issue, particularly for those who live so close to the sea, we feel that the Country Diary group would also like to discuss sustainability issues. Items such as waste management and alternative heating/energy sources and transport seem the most pressing. if anyone in the Parish has any expertise on the subject we would welcome the contact. We could then set up a very simple resource list for people to use and maybe offer talks on this very vital issue.
Frank Snow,
lived in Brighstone, Main Rd Chidham, died 1945
Hi,       my name is Diane Snow. My husband's G.Grandfather Frank Snow lived at Chidham up to his death 1945 age 84. Frank was born Brighstone the Isle of Wight 1861 and served 20 years in the navy. Frank married his cousin Elizabeth 1985 at Portsmouth. Elizabeth died 1930 and Frank remarried 1932 to a Alice J Burtenshaw.
 His grandson William Thomas Snow BEM died in a little known battle between a requisttioned Chinese river boat HMS Li Wo and a Japanese convoy in 1942 aged 19, the Li Wo being the most decorated small ship of WWII. The BEM after Williams name having been achieved when he was 18 on HMS Glasgow. William came from South Bersted. I am writing a book on William at the moment.
 Frank named his house Brighstone and I was wondering if it still exists and whether any of the family are buried at Chidham, as Elizabeth's mother Mary also lived there and family friend Henry Waldron. We have been unable to trace anything of Frank's son/Williams father, Victor Osborn Snow who walked out on his family around 1930. Any help would be much appreciated, Please email the Postmaster
Do you know Jackie Shaw a.k.a. Jackie Fitzimmons?

My name is Paul Spendel and I live and work in The Netherlands. I’m trying to trace an old acquaintance from Chichester. Maybe you know about her whereabouts.

She was called Jackie Shaw, but she was also known as Jackie/Joan Fitzimmons. She lived in the Chichester area around 1969 and was born around 1940. Maybe you have a clue for me.

Paul Spendel


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