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Community and Social


Community and Social

Dog Mess and plastic bags - take it home!
Most dog owners are responsible about cleaning up after their pets. But there are a few who cheat, hoping not to be found out. These are the people who put the dog mess into a plastic bag, but don't dispose of it responsibly. When they think no one is watching, they put the bag in the hedge. If this is what you do, don't.
It's disgusting, anti social, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Dog ownership has its responsibilities and cleaning up after your dog is one of them
posted by Stephen Johnson

Let’s Make Chidham a Fair Trade Community

Fair Trade products guarantee a better deal for Third World producers. There are now well over 1,500 products and goods that carry the Fair Trade kite mark of which tea, coffee and chocolate are the most popular. If we made Chidham a Fair Trade community, it would mean that these and other Fair Trade products would be more freely available to those who wish to purchase fairly traded items. And there are easy ways to do this.

If there were enough people interested, we could have a number of Fair Trade points of contact throughout the community – maybe a Fair Trade point of sale in every road. At the moment there is a campaign in Chichester to make Chichester a Fair Trade Town . But we could be doing something much more local by making our own Chidham community area a Free Trade community.

If you like the idea, then why not contact me:

see also The Fairtrade Foundation, Onlyfairtrade,

Volunteers - Litter clearance

Experience shows that voluntary effort can keep on top of the litter problem.
Volunteers in Chidham and Hambrook collect litter in their own locality. We just have to pick it up faster than they throw it down! This is not as bad as it sounds because in fact very few people throw down litter. Its just that if we don't pick it up it hangs around for a long time disfiguring our environment .
A 'picking stick' for picking up the litter is an essential tool, and makes an otherwise tiring and distasteful job a practical task that we can all do.
Alastair Woolley, a parish councillor, coordinates the effort and can supply picking sticks for people prepared to make a regular effort to remove litter from their locality.
Contact alastair woolley


Environmental Volunteers

If anyone is interested in joining our winter conservation working parties at Cobnor Estate, then do contact Diana Beale on 572123 or email


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