About this website.

One underlying theme that came from the responses to the parish plan questionnaire was that there was a perceived need for better communication within Chidham and Hambrook. There are many aspects to the theme of communication. With quite high levels of internet access within the village, it was felt that a village website could make an important contribution to better communication, and that this would enhance village life. It was hoped that it would also be useful, informative, and entertaining.

In order to implement the Parish Action plan, the Parish Council made the commitment to support the creation of a village website.

Although supported by the Parish Council, it was felt that the website should be editorially and organisationally independent of the Parish Council, or, for that matter, any other organisation.

As a consequence, in the summer of 2005, Parish councillor Steve Clark gathered a team together to build a website for the people of the village. The website was launched at the beginning of October 2005.

A small committee was formed to manage the website. It was felt that the website should look for support across the village, and it was decided to form a website association and ask people who lived locally or were active in village affairs to sign up as members. The first general meeting of members of the association was held in March 2006. Read more about the website association.

If you have ideas, comments or criticisms about the site, or would like to make suggestions for style, design or content, please contact us.