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Maybush Copse Friends is a residents group set up to manage the Maybush Copse site
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Thanks to Mark O'Dell for the camera trap photos and for other photos. If you take a nice photo, please send it in
Chipper Work Party
On Tuesday Dec 3rd there was a work party to clear up fallen branches from the large tree that came down in the storm organised by the Harbour Conservancy with the help of Friends of Chichester Harbour and local residents.

Ranger Keith and Ed Rowsell managed the chipper, and the chippings were used to replenish the wood chip paths. A good quantity of woodchips was produced but some paths need further replenishment. We will need more chips to spread, but that will be for another work party in the New Year.

A kestrel, often seen perching in the west end of the Copse

Autumn leaves still hanging on into December.
The St Jude storm

Over Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning (Oct 26/27/28 2013) we had violent storms which caused widespread damage in Southern England with some damage in Maybush Copse.
Several trees were brought down, others had branches broken off. A large poplar tree on the south west corner of the site came down blocking the path and crushing one of the oak benches positioned at a viewpoint.
The site is covered by an all embracing Tree Preservation Order so approval for clearing away the fallen branches has to be sought and obtained from the District Council Tree Officer.
This is in hand.

As you can see, one of the wooden benches has been comprehensively smashed. These Oak benches are expensive, but the quality is worth it, and we will replace the bench with one of comparable quality.
This camera trap photo shows a Fox with a pigeon in its mouth

Thanks to Mark O'Dell .

A rabbit enters its burrow.
A Common Blue Butterfly on the grassy area - the favourite foodpant for its caterpillars is Birdsfoot Trefoil - see below
A new approach to aerial photography and mapping - a helium balloon/kite with a camera underneath it was recently trialled at Maybush Copse.
As with any new technology there were teething troubles but although it was the first time out the project got off the ground.
Posing for the camera - a fox with a rat from the look of the tail
Below, a badger - hard to see it, but identified by experts
June 20 - The Birds Foot Trefoil (aka Eggs and bacon) has expanded in the grassy areas and is now a real picture
A Cinnabar Moth
Picnic on the Grass!
a lovely old fashioned community event - June 2, 2013
see the pictures

Saturday April 6th. 2013

John Arnott (left) led a morning Bird/wildlife walk round Maybush Copse. Almost immediately we were treated to a Buzzard flying low over the site (and subsequently two of them). It was nice to see the sun, and besides a variety of birds and plants, we came across this small tortoiseshell butterfly that had successfully overwintered and was out, like us, enjoying the sunshine

Roe deer
Green Woodpecker

January 2013

An Owl box has been installed.

Weasel (or Stoat?)

Entrance and wheelchair path improvementsand have now been completed.

Greater Spotted Woodpecker

Grass snake sloughing its skin in October
a Chiffchaff
A pair iof Goldfinches
Busy bees ...
slow worms
Grass snake and slow worms
Comma Butterfly
Red Admiral butterfly
Migrant Hawker Dragonfly
Peacock butterfly
Grass Snake
Green Woodpecker
Juvenile Green Woodpecker
The birdboxes were made and decorated by the children of Chidham school. Several are now in use.
There is a Green Woodpecker in this photo. Good Camouflage?
Big Ears
Bluebells and wild garlic in flower
A slow worm
Common Toad