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Annual Parish Meeting 2014
WSCC Mineral Plan for the period 2014-2031
New Bus Shelter on A259 at Drift Lane posted 27 Feb 2015
The Parish Council has installed a new Bus Shelter on the Main Road at Drift Lane. The photographs show the delivery lorry at the site, John and Dave Castle at work and finally the Shelter in place. The installation holes in the base will be backfilled with concrete. The Bus Stop sign will be relocated nearer the Shelter in its new position. The Parish Council provides and maintains the three bus shelters on the A259 and will now repair the other two – at Broad Road and Chidham Lane. Cliff Archer Chairman, Chidham & Hambrook Parish Council

Number of Parish Councillors to increase? see notice
Chichester District Council is to undertake a community governance review of the parish arrangements. After the recent review of parish boundaries the number of parish electors has increased. There are 9 Members. This may increase to 10. Deadline for comments - Dec 19th
Dec 2
Possible Severe Weather event Oct 21 2014
Preparation for a Possible Severe Weather Event - Preparing for a power cut
Read this before the power goes off…
July 15

St Wilfrid's,
Broad Rd
All residents are invited to A PUBLIC MEETING
(see notice)
called by the
Chidham and Hambrook
Parish Council
- Sunley Estates Ltd -
Application No: 14/02138/OUT

Planning Applications for 153 houses in the Parish are now in progress. This year, Planning Permissions for 78 houses have already been granted. A further 26 houses are subject to an ongoing Appeal
26 Jul

St Wilfrid's
Broad Rd

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation event
Chidham & Hambrook Neighbourhood Plan

Come and learn more about the plan. Its about the future development of the Parish. See and discuss the policies, and have your say.
Jul 8
At the meeting on May 19 2014
Cliff Archer was re-elected Chairman of the Parish Council
Andy Collins was re-elected Vice Chairman
Composition of Working Groups 2014 - 2015
Finance & General Purposes: C. Archer (Convenor), Miss S. James
Planning : C. Archer (Convenor), B.Clarke, M. Penny, Mrs. L. Wilkinson
Footpaths & Ditches : Mrs. I Littlefield, M. Penny, A. Collins, Miss S. James, R. Yeld (Co-opted Advisor) A Convenor would be identified as soon as possible.
Parish Plan Implementation (In abeyance until May 2015): C.Archer (Convenor), A. Collins
Neighbourhood Plan : A. Collins (Convenor), Miss S. James, Mrs. I. Littlefield, M. Penny, Mrs. L. Wilkinson. The Working Group also has members who are not Paris h Councillors.
Ditch Flow Management Working Group : C. Archer (Convenor), A. Collins, Miss S. James, M. Penny, R. Yeld (Co-opted Advisor)

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are ex-officio members of any working group of which they are not already a member.

24 April, 2014

Village Hall
Chidham and Hambrook Parish Council - a chance to quiz your Parish Councillors.
2014 Annual Parish Meeting - see poster
Guest Speaker: Richard Austin
AONB Manager, Chichester Harbour Conservancy. Richard Austin will give a talk on the management of Chichester Harbour and will then take questions from the audience. He very much wishes to interact with residents to learn about their interests, concerns and wishes as far as the Harbour is concerned.
  1. 1st April 2014 is the key date regarding PLANNING and the PRECEPT .  The 229 Nutbourne properties involved in the Boundary Change will come under Chidham & Hambrook Parish Council (C&H PC) for Planning Applications and their occupants will bear their share of the C&H PC Precept from that date.
  2. 1 April 2015 is the key date regarding ELECTORAL MATTERS.   The occupants of the 229 properties will take part in the election of C&H Parish Councillors and Bosham Ward District Councillors in the 2015 Elections.
  3. If there is a Bye-Election before 1 April 2015, the current Electoral Register will apply for voting purposes.
Chidham & Hambrook Parish Council is consulting on its Neighbourhood Plan as far as the 229 properties that will be transferring to the Chidham & Hambrook Parish are concerned.  The outcome of this consultation will be announced as soon as possible. Cliff Archer
Chairman, Chidham & Hambrook Parish Council
Boundary Change agreed: On July 23rd the Council agreed to implement the boundary change, transferring 229 properties from the parish of Southbourne to the Parish of Chidham & Hambrook. This will be implemented on the 1st October 2013,with the Re-organisation order to be made on the 1st April 2014 . (ie the change comes into effect)
July 25
25 Apr
7 for 7.30pm
Village Hall
Chidham and Hambrook Parish Council
2013 Annual Parish Meeting
Guest speaker Mr. Geoff May spoke about
"The History of Ordnance Survey"
Chidham and Hambrook &
Southbourne Parish Councils

Does this affect you? Maps, Leaflet, and how to 'Have Your Say'
posted Jan 11
New Chairman elected.
At the May Parish Council Meeting Alastair Woolley was elected by fellow councillors as Chairman with Linda Wilkinson as Vice Chairman.
New Council working groups were also organised. For all the Councillors and makeup of the working groups, see Your Councillors.

2012 Annual Parish Meeting
held on Thursday April 26 in the Village Hall
There were very interesting presentations on Broadband Difficulties and Developments by John Peart (hopefully an improved service in 3 years or so.) - Refurbishment of the Village Hall by Rod Isted ( exciting plans to improve the building and facilities) - Chidham & Hambrook Website by Steve Clark (the advertising break) - Plans for a Queen’s Jubilee Picnic Party by Alan Morse(which will be on June 5th)
Linda Wilkinson, Chairman of the Parish Council
l to r: Cllrs Mike Penny, Danni Novell, Alastair Woolley
l to r: Clls Alastair Woolley, Andy Collins, Linda Wilkinson
l to r: Cllrs Sandra James, Bernard Clarke, Arthur Cooper
April 26

Village Hall
Annual Parish Meeting

Minutes (2011)
Presentations to the meeting (see agenda):
Broadband Difficulties and Developments - Refurbishment of the Village Hall - Chidham & Hambrook Website - The Queen’s Jubilee Party
posted April 25
Hamstead Meadow gets commemorative oak trees
The Parish Council has planted two Oak trees on Hamstead Meadow to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Chichester Harbour Conservancy. The commemoration oaks were planted on the meadow with the guidance of Georgie, a Chichester Harbour Conservancy Ranger and the assistance of , Parish Councillor Bernard Clarke, who is also Chairman of the Friends of Chichester Harbour, Jane and Tim Towers, and David Rodgers.

Planning and housing development in our rural environment

The Government have put forward some important changes to the planning system that includes the requirement for local Councils to set their own new housing numbers in conjunction with their local community but within an overall policy direction for growth. It is also the Governments intention to put applications for development in favour of the developer

Chichester District Council has introduced a Core Strategy: Housing Numbers and Locations Consultation that will run from 26 August to 23 September to help make these two key decisions. Within the consultative document it gives the options, amongst many other things, of setting a target within the CDC Southern District, which lies south of the new National Park boundary , of 305 new homes per year across a total of five options up to 415 new homes per year (6225 over the period) .

The document states that our district attracts high levels of in-migration with an increase of 11,000 residents from 1992 to 2008. Chichester District Council currently wishes to support and encourage this trend with the need therefore to increase housing development and availability. There are very similar pressures arising on the Hampshire side of the Harbour and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), in particular Havant.

I personally will complete the on-line consultative document putting my emphasis on the lowest new house build option given and the highest emphasis given to preserving the existing character and environment of our rural district. I firmly believe that we should keep reminding our council representatives and officers that Chichester Harbour , the surrounding villages and Chichester town has landscape of national importance, is home to wildlife of international significance, and an attractive rural environment that we should protect for future generations. And, new housing levels and therefore development should be at an appropriate scale. I therefore encourage everyone to take advantage of this consultative process and help influence the Core Strategy that will be with us until 2028.

Bernard Clarke
On behalf of Chidham and Hambrook Parish Council

Follow Your Parish Council on Twitter

Chidham and Hambrook Parish Council can now be followed on Twitter at @ChidhamHambrook For all your latest, up-to-the-minute information relating to the villages follow our tweets.

posted June 21

Mike Penny and Anthony Lister were co-opted at the June council meeting
Chidham and Hambrook Parish Council - vacancies for two Councillors see notice
'So you would like to become a Local Councillor'

Free Seminar
at Birdham Village Hall
Thur Jan 20th at 6pm

More info David Siggs on 01243 790402

Chaired by Clllr Richard Meynell
Philip Coleman - Member Services Manager Chichester DC
Trevor Leggo - Director Sussex Assoc of Local Councils
Cllr Peter Jones - Chichester DC
Cllr Roger Tilbury - Immediate past Chairman of Birdham Parish Council

The Parish Council work to raise the Tidebank opposite the Catchpond is progressing well. The photo shows the new 2/3 courses of concrete bagwork on top of the bank that will give additional protection against high tides. The other job of repointing the seaward face of the concrete blockwork and filling cavities behind the blockwork is nearly finished.
The County Council work of rebuilding/renovating the four culvert headwalls and the highway drainage outlet has just started. The photo shows the exposed ends of both the culvert and the smaller highway drainage pipe at the southern end of the Catchpond.
The present gap at the northern end of the concrete bagwork will be closed during the construction of the County Council's new headwall there.
Cliff Archer Parish Councillor
Parking and Driving Considerations in Chidham and Hambrook

Dear residents,

The rural community we live in has been evolving for many hundreds of years; this year the church is celebrating its 800th birthday. Our forefathers lived in the houses of this parish and probably walked to the farms to do their daily work. How things have changed! Many of us now do not work within walking distance of our homes, and certainly it is very difficult to shop and feed the family by walking to the local shops. The car has set us free - we can travel further and faster in comfort and warmth and choose to live away from urban areas in beautiful countryside without any of the inconveniences our grandparents may have endured.

The car has indeed set us free, but in a rural area such as we live in it also brings challenges. Many of the houses in the parish were built without consideration for even one car, let alone two or three. The roads are narrow, and as this is a rural community there are many tractors pulling all sorts of farming equipment from field to field. Therefore the parish council would like to ask our residents to consider each other when driving through the parish, parking on narrow lanes or lay-bys, dropping off children at school, parking partially or fully on footpaths, parking vehicles on grass verges or greens and parking so as to block or restrict access for other vehicles.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation in this matter and if you have any comments or questions please come along to the monthly parish council meeting which takes place in the parish hall the first Thursday of each month starting at 7.30pm. Alternatively you can contact any of the councillors by phone or email and their details can be found on the Chidham and Hambrook web site under the section titled "The Parish Council".

Chidham and Hambrook Parish Council.
Council Changes
posted 31 Aug 2010
Steve Clark resigns from the Parish Council
Councillors gave a vote of thanks to Mr. Clark for all his efforts whilst serving as a Councillor.
Alastair Woolley elected as Vice Chairman
Danielle Novell co-opted as new Parish Councillor.
Chidham Lane Tidebank see poster
Chidham & Hambrook Parish Council proposes to undertake in Autumn 2010 repair and improvement work on the length of the Tidebank adjacent to Chidham Lane. The work will be in conjunction with repair work by West Sussex County Council on the two Tidebank culverts.

The ownership of this length of the Tidebank is not known. The owner, or any person having information regarding its ownership is asked to contact the Parish Council Clerk or any Parish Councillor as soon as possible.
B W Mann
Clerk to Chidham & Hambrook Parish Council
107 New Brighton Road
Emsworth Hants PO10 7QS
Phone: 01243 375865
27 August 2010

The Avenue, Hambrook
At the Parish council meeting, Thursday 4th February, 2010, Linden Homes' planning supervisors presented a revised layout for The Avenue development. It is their intention to resubmit the scheme without the previous apartments, and is likely to include 14 private homes and 9 affordable homes. For images of the existing scheme which has been granted planning and the latest proposal, as yet to be submitted see below. Martian Hawthorn on behalf of Linden fielded questions from the floor mainly in connection with the site's previous history of poor drainage. The consultants propose a porous paving solution discharging into the existing ditch via a hydrobreak. The application, when lodged, will be considered by the council and local residents will be advised.

New Puffin Pedestrian Crossing now in Operation

Completed early Nov 2009
Nov 12
At last, we have our new pedestrian crossing on the A259! When I .......
Read the Full Article
Hate Litter? You can do something about it..
Join the Litter Blitz Team
If you think you have what it takes to wield a litter picking stick let me know.


The long-promised Puffin Crossing outside Chidham Garage is one big step nearer. The County Council contractors are scheduled to start work on Monday 5 October and the crossing should be completed within 4 weeks.
Everybody in the parish will benefit from this significant improvement in road safety, especially the many children from Hambrook who attend Chidham School. As a result of the installation of the crossing, it is hoped that there will be fewer cars outside the School at the start and end of the school day, resulting in a reduction in the traffic congestion there.

Chidham Garage
Chidham & Hambrook Parish Council has funded the majority of the cost of the crossing and there have also been generous grants and donations from the County Council and local businesses and individuals. In addition, we all remember the very enjoyable and successful fund-raising, sunny Fun Day at Marshalls, in which everybody organisation participated.

Cliff Archer
Parish Councillor
Residents Formal Notice of Works
(English Heritage) Phonebox K6 in Chidham Lane

Use it, lose it, or buy it?

BT have decided that the red telephone box in Chidham Lane is not being used sufficiently (three times in the last twelve months - all thought it was out of service for some of this time) to justify continuing the service.

The K6 Heritage box was designed to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George the Fifth in 1935 by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. This model, with its cast iron frame and teak door, was the first to be installed nationwide.

The Parish Council have been offered two options;
to buy the kiosk for £1-, without the telephone. They will then be responsible for the maintenance and lighting charges
to sponsor the continued use of the apparatus, for £300 per year

The Parish Council are minded to keep the box for it's historical value as well as maintaining the service for emergency use, and as a facility for younger members of our community to have access to, for example, Childline.
This will cost us £300 a year, or to put it another way; an average of 40p per year for each household in the parish!

We would be interested in your views.
The Phone box in Chidham Lane,
(and the King George Post Box)
At its January meeting, the South Chichester County Local Committee awarded a grant of £2500 towards the proposed light-controlled Puffin pedestrian crossing on the A259. This brings the total of grants, donations, Fun Day proceeds and pledges to £8900 and reduces the net cost of the crossing to the Parish Council to £49100. All being well, the crossing will be built sometime in 2009. Cliff Archer
Nov 7
Village Centre Project put on Hold
Current economic situation forces decision

The Village Centre Working Group has reluctantly decided to put the project on hold for the time being. However, it will undertake periodic reviews of the situation. Cliff Archer, Chairman of the Feasibility Study Working Group, explained to the Parish Council at its meeting on Thursday 6 November that the decision was taken in light of the current availability of funding, in turn affected by the general economic situation. The Parish Council will hold a full discussion of the Village Centre project at its next meeting on Thursday 4 December. All residents are welcome to attend.

A Big Fun Day Thank You!

We would like to thank those many people who contributed to the success of Saturday's Fun Day. Every organisation in Chidham & Hambrook took part and members of each organisation gave significant time, effort and money to help make the Day a very enjoyable experience. The good weather - sunshine, comfortable temperature and a slight wind certainly helped as well.

There were two objectives in holding the event - to provide a focus for a happy community afternoon and to raise funds for the Pedestrian Crossing on the A259. The Crossing will help the whole parish, but will especially benefit the 40+ children from Hambrook who go to Chidham School and have to cross the busy, fast Main Road. The Parish Council felt that it had pressed for a crossing for so many years, to no avail, and could not wait for 15 years, or so, for the County to find the necessary money. It therefore took the plunge and increased its portion of the total income from your Council Tax to meet some of the cost of a crossing.

The amount of money raised will be reported on our Village Website as soon as the accounts have been finalised.

We thank Steve Hambry, of Marshalls, who put in much time, work and cash to help make the event go with a swing, our generous raffle donors and, of course, the many people who came along and spent their money.

The parish has now had two Fun Days – in 2006 and 2008. If we made the Fun Days biennial, the 2010 one would fit in with two anniversary celebrations that year – 100 years of Chidham School and 800 years of St Mary's, Chidham. Let's do it!

Cliff Archer and Steve Clark
On behalf of Chidham & Hambrook Parish Council

Chidham and Hambrook Parish Council!

The name of the Parish Council will change to Chidham and Hambrook Parish Council on 1 August this year. The name change was proposed by Cllr Cliff Archer and wholeheartedly supported by the Parish Council at its January meeting this year.

I refer to Chidham Parish Council's request to change its name to Chidham and Hambrook Parish.
At the District Council's Executive Board meeting on 3 June 2008 the decision to change the Parish name to the Parish of Chidham and Hambrook was taken and an Order is to be made under Section 75 of the Local Government Act 1972 implementing this change with effect from 1 August.  However, this change will not appear on the printed Register of Electors until it is next re-published in December 2008.
Peter Buglass , Electoral Services , Chichester District Council

£2000 towards the A259 Pedestrian Crossing!

The South Chichester County Local Committee of the County Council resolved last week to grant the Parish Council £2000 towards the cost of a new light-controlled Pedestrian Crossing on the A259, between Broad Road and Chidham Lane.

Cliff Archer, representing the Parish Council at a meeting of the Committee, spoke of the vital importance of providing such a crossing and presented a petition with 68 signatures from Chidham School. The crossing will help many local people and will be of particular benefit to children at the School, because 43 live north of the Main Road in Hambrook and could potentially walk or cycle to school.

The Parish Council will fund the majority of the cost, between £35000 and £40000, but is looking for support. To date, two local residents have each made a useful donation and a sizeable village business has promised to contribute.

A major Parish Event in September, supported by the Chidham School PTFA and other village organisations is being planned to raise more funds for the Crossing.

June 2008

Pedestrian Crossing on the Main Road planned .
This will be a Light-Controlled Pedestrian Crossing on the A259 between Broad Road and Chidham Lane.

The Parish Council has resolved to take the lead on the installation of a light-controlled pedestrian crossing on the A259. The cost will be met from the parish precept, augmented from other sources such as charitable trusts, funding bodies, fund-raising events and donations.

  • Traffic speed on the wide A259 between Broad Road and Chidham Lane means that pedestrians find the road difficult to cross safely.
  • Pedestrian refuges are provided, but not infrequently cars see the bollards too late when overtaking and pass them on the wrong side.
  • The Parish Council and Chidham School Governors have discussed the lack of a proper A259 crossing for many years. The project is on WSCC Highways' list of schemes, but it will be many years before installation by WSCC could become a reality.
  • Parents and carers of children at Chidham School are reluctant to allow their children to cross the A259 alone because of its dangers. 43 of the pupils live north of the Main Road and could potentially walk or cycle. Pedestrians and cyclists alike would benefit from a proper crossing.
  • The objectives of the School's 2006 formal Travel Plan are in accordance with the Local Transport Plan. The objectives are:
    • To improve road safety
    • Reduce car use
    • Raise awareness of transport-related environmental issues

In the Travel Plan, the School expressed its concern specifically regarding the lack of a proper crossing on the Main Road and reported that a significant number of children would prefer to walk or cycle to school.

  • A light-controlled crossing could also act as a useful traffic-calming device.

Public Meeting to Discuss the Development of Marshalls Yard

The Parish Council of Chidham and Hambrook called a public meeting to discuss the proposed development of Marshalls Yard on Broad Road in Hambrook. The Chairman of the council, Mike Penny, explained the three main options for the site; for it to remain industrial, for it to be developed as housing or for it to be a mixed development of housing and light industrial or commercial units. A proposal that Marshalls have drawn up was presented to the meeting which consists of 85 houses of which 35 would be affordable housing along with 5 units that could be used for light industrial or commercial ventures.

The Chairman then explained that this meeting was a chance for the local residents to express opinions and concerns so that the Parish Council could listen and take forward suggestions as to what the parish would like to see happen to the site to the District Planning Authority.

A packed village hall produced lots of comments and debate, many subjects were touched on but a large consensus were particularly concerned with increased levels of traffic and the problems of parking and speeding that come with extra vehicle movements, another issue is the current over subscription of the local school, any development would see this problem exacerbated.

Suggestions were put forward about how the local community could benefit from any development and amongst the many ideas ones that proved particularly popular were for car parking to be provided for users of the rail station, a recreational facility in the form of a sports field or some type of community focal point, a need for a level of sustainability within the community, be that employment opportunities through the development of offices or industrial businesses or by providing retail outlets to enable local residents to shop without travelling out of the village. Allotments also met with some approval.

The meeting was closed with an invitation to all those present to attend the next Parish Council meeting on Thursday 4 th June, at which an agenda item will be the discussion of what was said at the meeting with a view to approaching the District Planning Officer with the Parish's views on what the development at Marshalls yard should include.


Parish councils will continue to play an influential part in local planning decisions, a committee of Chichester District Councillors has decided.

A joint meeting of the North and South Area Development Committees came to the conclusion after reviewing procedures for dealing with planning applications at committee level.

Domestic planning applications cannot be approved by district council officers acting under delegated powers if the parish council objects. This means the matter has to be decided at an area development committee, made up of district councillors and allows the opportunity for a parish council representative to state its case.

“Parish councils have an important role to play in the planning process, and we felt this procedure should be retained,” said Councillor John Ridd, chairman of the joint meeting.

Current planning procedures have been in place for five years, and in that time, the number of applications being considered by area development committees has risen. Therefore, to speed up the decision-making process at meetings, the maximum number of speakers will be reduced from 12 to eight, but speakers will continue to be allowed to state their case for up to three minutes.

Planning applications will also be heard at the beginning of meetings, leaving the standard items until the end.

“There is a lot of public interest in planning applications, and it is not fair to ask people to wait around from the morning until mid afternoon for their particular application to be heard. This change is about managing the meeting better and speeding up the democratic process,” said Councillor Ridd.

“To reduce the cost of running the committees, we will also end the practice of sending out letters to interested parties inviting them to speak at committee meetings. If members of the public are interested in a particular case, we know they will follow it from start to finish, and will already be aware of the committee dates, so we are reducing duplication of work for our officers as well.

“It is right that we should be reviewing our procedures in light of various changes over the past five years, and we hope that everyone involved in the planning process will see the benefits of the changes and support them.”

The changes will come into force from 1 February 2008.

Parish Council statement on Bonfires

The nuisance of bonfires has been brought to the attention of the Parish Council. As a matter of record there is no District bye law on the making of bonfires, however your Parish Councillors would urge people not to conduct this activity without having thought of their neighbours first. Bonfires can be unreasonable to light at certain times of the day and the associated wind direction so please be reasonable and above all considerate to others when undertaking this activity.

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Reporting Problems
The following are a list of useful contact details that can be used to report potholes, failed street lights, overgrown verges and footpaths, fly tipping, flooding, abandoned cars, etc. If you have any difficulties reporting items or poor response do not hesitate to contact a Parish Councillor.

Southern Crimestoppers
If you have any information about crime, please contact CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111. All calls are treated in the strictest confidence.

Non urgent Police matters- 0845 6070999

Abandoned/unwanted vehicles- 01243 534610

Dog control (strays/mess)-01243 534618

Flooding, Info.line-0645881188

Footpaths -01243777928

Social Services -01243 752999

Childline- 0800 11111

Citizens Advice Bureau -01243 784231

-Traffic Signal Faults 01489 571422
-Damaged surfaces, uneven or overgrown footpaths/roads 01243 836900

Noise complaints -01243 534601

Pollution -Air, sea water, noise 01243 534601

Pothole repairs -01243 836900

Roads and Pavements -01243 836900

Street Lighting -Faults 0845 7581622

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