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The Hambrook & District Residents Association is funded by its members. Without their support we could not act on your behalf in matters that concern our community and environment. All the social events, the hiring of the hall, the expenses incurred to fight some of the local issues and the printing of this News Letter could not happen without the subscriptions from our members.if you would like to join our current subscription rates are as follows:

For membership applications from 1st October 2015 (for approval at HDRA AGM or refund given for excess) I/we enclose my household membership subscription of
( ) £10 (1 Year)
( ) £20 (3 years)

For membership applications up to 30th September 2015
( ) £5 (1 Year)
( ) £10 (3 years)
( ) £5 (3 Years senior citizens)

Please download a membership application (Pdf) form from the link and forward the completed form, with payment, to the address shown on the form. If unable to print off the form from this link, Contact us and we will be delighted to provide a hard copy for you.


We are looking for new committee members to bring fresh ideas and new energy to the committee and the village. If you have a small amount of spare time , are willing to spend it as part of a team helping out with some or all of the following, please let us know! 

        Activities for general committee members:-   Attend and contribute at 11 committee meetings during the year.   Bring ideas and concerns of your own and your neighbours to the team   Help organise social events   Use skills you have to help out with analysing planning applications to define the best way to voice our objections   Drum up village interest in social and planning objection activities.
If you have an interest in joining the committee please let us know. 

        Does joining the committee sound like something you could be persuade to do?
Do you want to know more before making a decision?

Please contact any of the committee members listed in the contacts section for further information or to come along to a HDRA meeting before deciding how you can help. If joining the committee is not for you but you have any questions, thoughts or ideas that you want to share, please contact us with information that we can consider at up and coming committee meetings or in preparation for the AGM in September.
Let's hope we can build and expand on the existing committee members' hard work and prolonged support of HDRA!

Hambrook District Residents' Association - What We Do


The residents' association, HDRA as it is usually called, was originally formed in 1989 to fight the development of the Showmen's site in Priors Lease Lane and later the gravel extraction proposals to the North of the parish which would have substantially increased the volume of heavy goods traffic on local roads, especially the A259, Cheesemans Lane and Broad Road. It has been involved in other fights against inappropriate development proposals and over time developed other roles such as staging social events and producing a newsletter.

Our parish consists of three villages; Chidham, Hambrook and Nutbourne. HDRA represents the residents of these villages, but, where appropriate, the organisation acts outside the parish boundaries to further residents' interests.

We currently have 13 committee members and the committee meets for 11 monthly meetings each year. HDRA also hold an Annual General Meeting (September) and General Meeting (March) open to the public each year.

Additional public meetings are held when there is considered to be a need to consult with the local population for example, pressing planning matters that we need to get guidance from and provide information to local residents.



The prime purpose of the association is to assess planning proposals and, where these are considered disadvantageous to the interests of local residents. We do this by making representations, in writing and by attending planning decision meeting, to the local planning authority (Chichester District Council) and the Planning Inspectorate. Where appropriate we buy in professional advice to help write our submissions to the planning authorities.

We aim to keep residents informed on planning matters affecting the community, thus giving them the opportunity to make their own personal representations.


HDRA runs social events through the year including a skittles evening and a summer family event. We currently manage the children's play area on the West side of Broad Road to the North of the railway station, maintaining the equipment and providing the artwork on the fencing (with the help of some wonderful young artists at the local school).

Non-Planning Campaigns

The association can act as a focus for and represent residents' views and aspirations for local projects that are not related to planning.


HDRA produces and distributes to all residents (some 850 homes) a quarterly newsletter. It also communicates more frequently to members on pressing local issues and social events.

Other organisations

There are a number of other organisations within the parish that are not directly associated with HDRA, although many HDRA members are involved with them. HDRA has close links with some of these organisations and when appropriate we work with them. Some of their representatives regularly attend our committee meetings.

A brief outline of these organisations and their function is provided below, more detail is available on the parish website.

Chidham and Hambrook Parish Council.

The Parish Council has a wide variety of powers and duties, all of which impact directly on the community. It is a legally-constituted public body managed by elected councillors and operates at a level below the District and County Councils. Examples of work that the Parish Council has done over the years are the pedestrian crossing and the three bus shelters on the Main Road, ditch maintenance schemes, tree planting, street and footway lighting. The Parish Council is a statutory body that must be consulted when other public bodies are making decisions that affect the Parish, such as planning applications, highway improvements and gravel extraction.

The Parish Council's legal powers are restricted to the geographical Parish and only residents of the Parish can elect its Councillors. However, the Council can and does work with neighbouring parishes on issues of common interest. HDRA is not restricted by geography and can work on issues affecting local residents whatever the location and its members can include people living outside the Parish. Both HDRA and the Parish Council can and have campaigned on local issues and have worked well together over many years. In addition, HDRA organises social events and has the important function of bringing the community together.

Voluntary Organisations

A full list of voluntary organisations is available in the parish website at

Among these are:

Parish Website

The parish website is run, managed, updated and pretty much everything else by Stephen Johnson. Courtesy of Stephen we have a single source of information about what is happening in the parish, including a list of current planning applications and links to the individual applications Chichester District Council planning website, as well as social activities and other news.

Look on the website for information and current news about HDRA.

Chidham and Hambrook Village Hall

The village hall is run by a committee of trustees. It is located at the junction of the A259 and Chidham Lane. It has two halls on two floors, a modern kitchen, a patio and car park. It is the venue for clubs, classes and social events and is available for private hire.


Chidham C of E parish has two churches, one on the Chidham peninsula and St Wilfrid's on Broad Road which also has a hall which is available for hire.

Film Society

Shows films to members and the public in the village hall and, during the summer, in the open air opposite the Old House at Home pub in Chidham.

Maybush Copse

Maybush Copse is an 8 acre nature reserve purchased in 2009 by the Chichester Harbour Trust, with support from the Chichester Harbour Conservancy, the Parish Councils of Southbourne and Chidham & Hambrook, and donations from over 180 local residents.

It is run by volunteers who both administer the site and put in the physical work needed to maintain it in good condition. The entrance is in Cot lane, about 200m south of The Barleycorn, or about 50m past the Maybush Drive turning on the right hand side as you go south.


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