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Photos taken in Chidham and Hambrook
Calendar 2011
Calendar 2010
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Calendar 2011


Calendar 2010

January : Geese over Nutbourne Channel

February : 'North to Nutbourne and the Downs beyond'

March : Mothering Sunday at St Mary's
April: 'Duck Race at the Dell'

May: 'White Bridge'

June : 'Golden harbour evening'

July : 'Bosham channel morning'

August : 'The Old house at Home'

September : 'Tranquility - Hambrook'

October : 'Pumpkin harvest'

November : 'Cutmill swans'

December : 'Cobnor snows'
Contrasting pictures of the harbour in midwinter - contributed by Philip MacDougall
Bob Ashwood sent in this dramatic sunset.
If you have a photo taken in the area, please send it in for inclusion on the site.

Aerial photo looking west showing the Chidham peninsula and Bosham Channel
Looking towards Cutmill, Bosham on the right.
Looking north towards Nutbourne and Hambrook
Thanks to Barry Davis
New Aerial photo showing Marshalls, Broad Road, Flatt Road, and the Pottery Lane area
Aerial photos - looking north over Chidham towards Hambrook, from Cobnor

Four seasons photos
The idea is to get photos taken at particular points in the village showing the change with the seasons.
Chidham Oak Tree - Winter
Spring - May 9th
Chidham Oak tree - Spring
Summer (Last year)
Chidham Oak Tree - Summer
Autumn? well, October
An Oak tree on the north side of the Main Road -

Photo Library  
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